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Youtubers opinion about Jay Park.

So I asked the famous youtubers you all probably know, BapMokja and Haeppy,-who I really adore- in their live about “How is Jay Park in Real Life?” And they said something like he seems cold at the beginning but he is funny and very sarcastic, which is normal because he is American,and that he treats women better than men.. Haha♡
I was so excited, please check them out if you don’t know them, their channel on YouTube is Called “We Fancy, BapMokja and Haeppy”

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You're seducing him (kiss, touching.. or more) to make him agree to something he'd never want/do and he sees through you! Reaction with Simon D, Zico and Jay Park!

Simon D: Supposing you guys have been together long enough to know just what you’re doing, he’d mentally be cursing; “ah fuck, I know what she wants. But fuck I want it.” He’d be weak and give in but would be pissed at himself for giving in to your advances. He’d warn you next it wouldn’t be so easy.

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Zico: Would try his hardest to be rational. He’d start calculating what’s at stake and remind himself that at the end he would regret if he gave in. But as soon as you start kissing down his neck and whispering sweet nothings in to his ears as you start feeling him, it would be game over for Zico.

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Jay: Would smirk as you start kissing him, straddling him between your legs. He’d let you go on caressing him. He’d play along and feel you up and let you get your guard down. At the end Jay would flip the tables on you and put you in the mood to have “him”. He’d make you both come to compromise for each others interests. There is a reason why he’s a boss, he knows how to do business ;)

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Hello, darling! If you're still doing reactions, I was wondering what Jay Park's reaction be to his 5 year old daughter having her first crush on Simon D?

Jay is the type of dad that turns into a “Daughter’s fool” and would be over the top with his little girl having her first crush. He would always playfully be comparing himself to Simon D in front of his daughter like, “Isn’t Appa more handsome than uncle Samm D?” Ect.

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i’m just gonna say .. thank you 

Come to bed

“Babe, come to bed.” Jay called out from the bedroom. You were in the kitchen still cleaning up from the night. You had invited AOMG over for a little get together since you will be heading back home in a few days. You hate these last few days. You won’t be coming back to Seoul in another month because you live in Sydney. 

“If you would come and help me I’ll come to bed faster!” you replied as you set the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. “But I’m tired, baby. I promise I’ll do the rest tomorrow. Just come to bed.” 

You looked around and saw the place was tidied and cleaned enough. You figured you take the trash out now instead of leaving it till the morning. “I’m almost done. I’m just going to take the trash out and I’m leaving the door unlocked,” you tell Jay.

You were done for the night and figured Jay should do the rest tomorrow. “Ok, I’m done. Let me take off my face and changed,” you tell Jay as you walked to the bathroom. “Ugh, you’re so slow. Hurry up, I’m cold.” You closed the bathroom door before giving him your death stare, “Whatever, you lazy bum.”

Once you took off your make up and got into your pjs, you were ready for bed. You opened the door and you saw a big lump of Jay’ chest. The lump was Oscar. “What are you doing to poor Oscar?” Jay didn’t look at you but at the ceiling. “I’m upset. You called me a lazy bum and plus it’s fucking cold in this room.” 

“Are you serious? What a baby,” you call Jay as you slipped into bed. Jay let Oscar go. “What did you call me?” he asked. “A. big. baby.” 

“Well then this baby is hungry and wants milk from his mama.” 

“Ugh babe. Way to ruin the moment. You know I hate that word.” 

“Well when can I call you mama??”

“Only when we have kids. It only makes sense then.”

“Really? Then we should put on Aquaman and do our thing. What do you say?” 

You looked into his eyes. They were filled with lust. You grabbed the blanket and was about to pull it off him, but instead you yanked it off and covered yourself.

“Hey, what the fuck?!”

“You said you were tired remember and you better wake up early tomorrow. You’re on mopping duty? Good night, lazy bum.”

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What would Jay Park's reaction when his girlfriend isn't a huge fan of partying but she still goes to his parties to support him?

Jay would be immensely grateful that his girl would step out of her comfort zone to support him. But he would remind her that, it’s okay if she doesn’t like partying and he doesn’t want her to feel uncomfortable doing or going to something she doesn’t fully enjoy; and remind her that he knows she’s got his back. Having her support and encourage him from behind the scenes would be more than enough for him.

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Jay Park Imagine...

This was requested a while ago we just never got it in our requests…Hope you guys like it :)….

  You were on the couch flicking the channels for something to watch when loud lightning struck and the tv went out seconds later. You groaned in annoyance until Jay came around the corner into the living room. “I told you it was going to rain”, Jay said.
“Yeah, I know but—” Suddenly loud thunder cuts off your words making you jump and cover your face quickly. Jay giggles at your reaction but reassures that you’re okay. “We can build a blanket fort if you want babe.” Jay offers after feeling guilty for laughing.
You go to gather blankets and pillows while Jay arranges the fort. After a few minutes of placing and moving pillows, and deciding which layout to use, you both finally finish. You decided to use the fluffy blanket for the roof, and the softer thicker blanket to cover the floor. Jay stepped inside and finally accepted that your plan was right. You smiled at him and went to go get snacks. You opened the pantry to a wide selection of food. Reaching for the small bags, you were taken off guard by the strikingly, loud lightning that caused a power outage. You shriek running in the dark, back to the living room into the fort. You topple on Jay, startling him slightly. “Babe are you okay?” He asks.
“Um, I’m fine. It was just unexpected”, you mumble still on his chest.
“The way you ran in here was unexpected”, he snickers back. You nudge him.
“I just wish it wasn’t so loud, why can’t time go by faster?” you sigh. Jay looks you in the eye and captures his lips with yours. While passionately kissing you, he runs his hands through your shirt and over your bra taking both off swiftly. You were going to ask what he was doing, but you didn’t question it. Taking off his shirt, Jay slips off your panties and shorts. Reconnecting his lips with yours, you pulled his shorts off. Not waiting for anything, you positioned yourself onto his length and lowered yourself. You gasped while Jay threw his head back in pleasure. You began bouncing up and down and picking up your pace. “F-fuck”, he groaned. The sound of skin slapping filled the room. Jay held onto your hips guiding you. “I’m near” Jay moaned. He grasped onto your hips tighter when he released. You felt your climax and came after Jay. Lying next to Jay, he pulled the extra blanket over both of you. He kissed your forehead and pulled you closer. “I love you babe” he whispered.
“I love you too”, you whispered back smiling.

Enjoy! If you have a request for a reaction, imagine, and/or confession; feel free to let us know <3