jay bellerose

… I became a far better drummer the minute I gave up drums and started playing guitar. The moment I had another musical perspective, my drumming became a lot more supportive and a lot more colorful, in my opinion. I don’t play nearly enough these days. I sit down behind them for a few minutes a day, but that’s it. I really miss playing drums in a band. I have a band that’s not made it past the conversational stage yet. I’m playing drums in that. When that happens, it’s gonna be good.
As far as core philosophy? I don’t know. Be creative, be small, be dynamic, be sexy. I like Ringo and Charlie Watts. Simone Pace, Jack Irons, Elvin Jones, Steve Shelly, Jay Bellerose, Meg White, Brian Blade, John Bonham, and of course, Chad Smith are all drummers that made me smile without question. I’m sure I’ll remember more the minute I hit send.
—  Josh Klinghoffer when asked about drumming (DID JOSHUA JUST ADVICE SOMEONE TO BE SEXY)

Jay Bellerose grooving so hard. And with light-years between each beat.

It takes a special player to pull that off with as much soul and groove as he does. Brilliant.