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Table Manners: Turning Restaurant Stationery into Art

When New York-based artist Jay Batlle dines out, he’s still on the clock. Of course, he’s at the restaurant to feast and imbibe and commune with friends. Upon the meal’s consummation, however, he poses a question he’s been regularly asking restaurant staffers for the past decade. They oblige, and a blank sheet of the venue’s stationary is carefully placed in his hands. He’ll return home, and on it, in watercolor and pen and wine and coffee grounds, he’ll express his thoughts – on the evening, the atmosphere, the idea of decadence and societal consumption and what fine dining has become.

Batlle (pronounced “Battle”) chronicles this gastronomic collection, The Stationery Series, on his tumblr, Restaurant Restaurant. He eventually plans to turn it into a three-volume book, but he’s not stopping anytime soon. Here, we talk to the artist about New York cuisine, Balthazar, and pouring wine down the drain. 

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OC in some radical 90’s clothes

Oh no. oh NO. xD Also bonus Anders in a crop top. You’re welcome. ^u^ (See I lived my first ten years as a human being in the 90′s and still I had no idea what 90′s fashion actually entailed. Google may have made me laugh several times oh gods people really wore this stuff???)

Thank you, this was a blast xD


Tumblr of the day: Jay Batlle’s “Restaurant, Restaurant”

I met Brooklyn-based artist Jay Batlle a hundred years ago through writer Lesley M. M. Blume, at one of her over-the-top-insane house parties (if you’re ever invited, clear your schedule). Jay’s a phenomenal character, a fabulous cook, a greyhound owner, a spectacled genius. He creates many kinds of art, but one of my favorite projects is “Restaurant, Restaurant,” a long-running series of works painted on restaurant menus and hotel stationary. Some of them are real dirty. They’re all real fun. Check ‘em out.