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Hi, I’m new to Mystic Messenger!

Sooo, I found a let’s play sort of thing and I’ve just watched the first chatroom and thought I’d share my first impressions on the characters with you.

If you’re a Mystic Messenger fan, you’ll probably find it kinda funny since I’ll probably get a lot wrong.

So read on…


‌• Kinda has this facial expression that’s like your grandparents when you try to explain to them how to use their smartphones but they aren’t getting it.

‌• Dresses classy as heck

‌• Looks like he stepped out of an old black and white film.

‌• He’s clearly rich.

‌• Crazy cat lady alert

‌• Probably had tea with the queen of England once


‌• Kinda scary with those red eyes

‌• I wouldn’t want to leave him alone with anything important, I don’t trust him.

‌• Smug little smile there

‌• Ponytail

‌• If he went outside while it was snowing, you’d never see him again, he’d just camouflage and you’d lose him.


‌• If a hipster and a gamer drank a crapton of carrot juice and then had a kid, it would look like 707.

‌• Abuses the term ‘lol’. I’m not even joking, he uses it like 50xs in 3 sentences, there needs to be an intervention.

‌• Internet troll/hacker

‌• Laughs at his own jokes even when no one else does

‌• Probably lives in like one room with the blinds closed.

‌• Coolest looking out of them all tho

‌• Secretly wants to steal Jumin’s cat

‌• I bet he likes memes


‌• Does he ever take those sunglasses off? Has anyone ever seen his eyes? Does he even have eyes?

‌• Dan Howell pastel edit.

‌• Too cool for school

‌• Still got teen angst

‌• So dang skinny


‌• 100% sure Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul is his evil twin.

‌• He’s definitely the happy optimist

‌• Precious cinnamon roll

‌• I bet he has a tragic past he doesn’t deserve

‌• I didn’t know guys even wore barrettes


‌• I thought she was a guy at first?

‌• How do you pronounce her name? Jay-hee? Jah-hee? Yay-hee? Yah-hee? Yahoo search?

‌• The smart one that wears glasses

‌• No messing around or beating around the bush kind of lady

‌• Bet you 50 bucks she has a briefcase

‌• I bet you another 50 bucks she’s smacked Zen over the head with said briefcase

Aaaaand those are the only characters I’ve met so far. Will update if you guys think my interpretations are funny and want more of this. XD

Jaylos Fanfic (Because I Love You)

Hey guys! This fic is long overdue, sorry about that… But it’s finally up and I really hope you like and enjoy it! Comments and suggestions are highly encouraged! Sorry if anyone’s ooc or if anything is wrong… The whole festival thing is based off the Descendants Mobile Game and Wicked World by the way. So here we go! Enjoy!!

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I call this post: left facing Jay… just standing there 
This post is also called “IF ASTERIA WONT DO IT THEN I WILL”

As a final note, I’m pretty sure that Troll Jay is my favorite thing I’ve ever drawn in my entire life

You ever Just Want to Hug Someone Through a Computer Screen, But You Can’t?!?!?

Well I’m going to virtual hug these people for being awesome human beings who deserve much freaking love and happiness in life.

Thank you for just existing! If you were tagged in this you obviously are an awesome person with some serious talent, and a friggin huge heart! I will say it your kindness is an inspiration for all. Again Thank you!!!

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Virtual Hug Time:

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you do a cute q & a video with jai

requested by: anonymous

You were sitting on the bed next to Jai, the camera on a tripod in front of you and the capture open on Luke’s laptop at the foot of the bed. With a small countdown, he turned on the camera, then clapped so that he could sync up the audio in post.

“Hey guys. So I’ve gotten a lot of tweets about you guys wanting me to make a video with Y/N.” He said, bumping his shoulder into yours, and you nudged back with a smile. “And I asked you all to tweet questions at both me and her, so we’ll be answering them right now.”

“I’ll start!” You chimed in cheerily, unlocking your phone to where it was already open on Twitter. You scanned through questions until one caught your eye. After snorting at the inappropriate handle and showing it to your boyfriend so that he could have a laugh as well, you read out the question. “What are your biggest pet peeves about one another?”

Jai hummed in thought, leaning against you and nearly knocking you over. “She likes to play with my hair a lot.” He answered after a moment.

“Shut up.” You teased, poking him in the bicep. “You love it when I play with your hair.”

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but not when you mess it up.”

You huffed, frowning. “Jai leaves the toilet seat up.” You stage-whispered to the camera, and Jai laughed.

“I hate you.” He murmured, looking down at his phone to pick the next question. “Y/N, who’s your least favorite in the Janoskians?” He read before looking up at you.

“You.” You said immediately, then laughed as Jai nearly pushed you off the bed.

“I’m your boyfriend, you’re supposed to like me.” He hissed, but there was a cheerful glint in his eye.

“I do like you.” You replied. “You’re my favorite boyfriend.”

He frowned. “That doesn’t count. Other than me.”

You took a second to think. “Beau.” You answered slowly. “He always tries to prank me when I come over.”

As you went through question after question, you ended up closer to him, one of your hands held in his and you leaning fully against his side, your head on his shoulder. You yawned against his shoulder, doing your best to stifle it in the fabric of his shirt. “You tired?” He murmured, and you shrugged, glancing at the clock to see that it was midnight.

“Why did we do this so late?” You asked quietly.

“You’re the one who wanted to do it tonight.” He said back, and you let out a soft groan and turned farther into his body.

“Do we have enough footage?” You asked.

“Probably, we’ve been at this for more than an hour. Why? You wanna stop?” He gently pushed hair from your face and you hummed in confirmation.

“Are you gonna edit this part out?”

He chuckled before answering “No.”

“Jai,” You whined.

“I’m keeping this in.” He told you with a fond grin. “You’re cute.”

You let out a noise of discontent and he chuckled, facing the camera, thanking everyone for watching, and hinting that you would do more videos like it with the two of you in the future. Then he reached up to turn off the camera.

“You better edit that out.” You huffed, flopping down on the bed.

“But you know I’m not going to.” He said, lying next to you and wrapping his arms around you.

You tried to wiggle out of his grasp but to no avail. When he laughed at your attempts to be stubborn, you glared up at him. “You’re an asshole. Everyone’s going to think I’m a whiny baby.”

“No they’re not.” He assured you. Holding you tighter. “I promise.”

Even though you were still a little upset, you melted into his touch and buried your head in his chest. You hoped what he said was true, and the next day, that was proven, as your mentions were being blown up by cooing fans fawning over “their otp.”


{a/n: this is a little shorty but i was able to finish this one!! yay!! also feel free to tell me if this sucks because i don’t know if this seems rushed and i’m kind of worried about it :-/]