jay and yay

you do a cute q & a video with jai

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You were sitting on the bed next to Jai, the camera on a tripod in front of you and the capture open on Luke’s laptop at the foot of the bed. With a small countdown, he turned on the camera, then clapped so that he could sync up the audio in post.

“Hey guys. So I’ve gotten a lot of tweets about you guys wanting me to make a video with Y/N.” He said, bumping his shoulder into yours, and you nudged back with a smile. “And I asked you all to tweet questions at both me and her, so we’ll be answering them right now.”

“I’ll start!” You chimed in cheerily, unlocking your phone to where it was already open on Twitter. You scanned through questions until one caught your eye. After snorting at the inappropriate handle and showing it to your boyfriend so that he could have a laugh as well, you read out the question. “What are your biggest pet peeves about one another?”

Jai hummed in thought, leaning against you and nearly knocking you over. “She likes to play with my hair a lot.” He answered after a moment.

“Shut up.” You teased, poking him in the bicep. “You love it when I play with your hair.”

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but not when you mess it up.”

You huffed, frowning. “Jai leaves the toilet seat up.” You stage-whispered to the camera, and Jai laughed.

“I hate you.” He murmured, looking down at his phone to pick the next question. “Y/N, who’s your least favorite in the Janoskians?” He read before looking up at you.

“You.” You said immediately, then laughed as Jai nearly pushed you off the bed.

“I’m your boyfriend, you’re supposed to like me.” He hissed, but there was a cheerful glint in his eye.

“I do like you.” You replied. “You’re my favorite boyfriend.”

He frowned. “That doesn’t count. Other than me.”

You took a second to think. “Beau.” You answered slowly. “He always tries to prank me when I come over.”

As you went through question after question, you ended up closer to him, one of your hands held in his and you leaning fully against his side, your head on his shoulder. You yawned against his shoulder, doing your best to stifle it in the fabric of his shirt. “You tired?” He murmured, and you shrugged, glancing at the clock to see that it was midnight.

“Why did we do this so late?” You asked quietly.

“You’re the one who wanted to do it tonight.” He said back, and you let out a soft groan and turned farther into his body.

“Do we have enough footage?” You asked.

“Probably, we’ve been at this for more than an hour. Why? You wanna stop?” He gently pushed hair from your face and you hummed in confirmation.

“Are you gonna edit this part out?”

He chuckled before answering “No.”

“Jai,” You whined.

“I’m keeping this in.” He told you with a fond grin. “You’re cute.”

You let out a noise of discontent and he chuckled, facing the camera, thanking everyone for watching, and hinting that you would do more videos like it with the two of you in the future. Then he reached up to turn off the camera.

“You better edit that out.” You huffed, flopping down on the bed.

“But you know I’m not going to.” He said, lying next to you and wrapping his arms around you.

You tried to wiggle out of his grasp but to no avail. When he laughed at your attempts to be stubborn, you glared up at him. “You’re an asshole. Everyone’s going to think I’m a whiny baby.”

“No they’re not.” He assured you. Holding you tighter. “I promise.”

Even though you were still a little upset, you melted into his touch and buried your head in his chest. You hoped what he said was true, and the next day, that was proven, as your mentions were being blown up by cooing fans fawning over “their otp.”


{a/n: this is a little shorty but i was able to finish this one!! yay!! also feel free to tell me if this sucks because i don’t know if this seems rushed and i’m kind of worried about it :-/]


december in movies

[31/31]: 200 cigarettes

“Everybody’s having fun out here. They drinking, they fighting, they pissing on the streets. It’s New Year’s Eve. They loving the ladies.”

you’re a famous actress, and you secretly have a crush on Jai

requested by: iim-a-gonerr

The first time you met Jai Brooks, you were at the Teen Choice Awards.

It was unreal to be around people that you had grown up idolizing, let alone be competing with them for awards. The overwhelming feeling of excitement was enough to overshadow the fact that the dress you were wearing was kind of uncomfortable.

You were directed to your seat alongside the stage by a friendly security guard. You sat down, anxiously smoothing out the creases in your skirt as others took their own seats. It was your first big awards show, and you were too nervous to look up from your hands in fear of making eye contact with a celebrity that you would then have to make awkward small talk with.

A throat was cleared beside you, and you turned somewhat panicked to be met with a pair of warm eyes. It was Jai, your favorite member of the Janoskians. Your heart nearly stopped when he smiled. “’scuse me,” He said with a kind tone. “Jai Brooks, I’m a big fan.”

“Hi,” You said, and blushed as your voice came out a nervous squeak. It was incredible to you, you could act in movies seen by millions of people, appear at events and talk to groups, but as soon as the guy you’ve been crushing on starts talking to you, you freeze up. “I know who you are; I’m a fan of yours as well.” You admitted, and his eyes grew wide.

“Really?” He asked incredulously, and you laughed at his expression.

“Yes, really. I’ve been watching your videos for quite a long time.” You told him.

“That’s amazing, oh my God!” He laughed, and you did too. He was much cuter in person, and his adorable behavior was only proving your thoughts.

From the aisle behind him came a shout of “Jai, stop flirting and come on!” You looked past Jai to see another familiar face; Beau Brooks. Jai looked back at his brother apologetically.

“Good luck tonight, I know you’ll win,” He smiled, and you grinned back.

“If I do, I’ll make sure to invite you guys to the after party.” You said with a sudden surge of confidence, internally cringing at how forward that sounded.

He only grinned. “I’ll hold you to that, Y/N. I’ll look forward to it.” He winked, and then walked back to the aisle to follow his brother. You were left with butterflies churning in your stomach, and you glanced back down at your slightly shaking hands with a silly grin on your face.

Later that night, you did end up winning in your category, and the walk up to the mic felt like miles. You thanked your friends, family, and everyone who had voted in a brief, heartfelt speech. It was insane to have beat out so many other talented actresses for the award. Your head was spinning with overwhelming happiness.

After the ceremony, you were sure to tell one of your bodyguards to make sure that the Janoskians made it to the celebrations afterward. You weren’t there to hear back from him before you were dragged away to the festivities by one of your costars (who had obviously already done some pre-gaming).

You were surprised not a half hour later when you were tapped on the shoulder by a smiling Jai, who said a quick sorry to the producer of one of your films that you were having a conversation with, and pulled you over to meet the rest of the Janoskians. They were just as nice as you had imagined, and it was amazing to be able to talk to them.

Before the night was over, you exchanged numbers with Jai, promising to meet up again soon. You pretended not to notice the look on his face after you hugged him goodbye.


Since the TCAs, you’d been able to hang out with them a few times, and it was nice, growing close to the people that you wouldn’t have dreamed of even meeting a couple of years prior. Now, you were constantly being questioned about your friendship with them by fans, and they had even began to ship you with them (you were pleased to see that it was mostly with Jai). After a day of  cheeky mentions on twitter and a stupidly goofy text conversation, you had decided that it was time to meet up with Jai again.

That’s where you were, sitting on the couch in their LA flat, swirling the remnants of whatever was left in the bottom of your beer bottle. James and Beau were sitting in front of the couch, playing a very loud match of FIFA, while Daniel repeated that he had winner, over and over.

Luke threw a pillow at him to get him to shut up. Jai snorted a laugh from where he lie across the cushions, his head in your lap. You ran your fingers lazily through his hair as he watched the video game play out on the TV.

You finished off your drink and placed the bottle on the ground, Gently pushing Jai out of your lap, you stood up. “It’s kind of warm, I’m going to stand outside.” You excused yourself, stepping out by the pool and closing the door behind you.

The night was still pretty warm, but cooling down quickly, as the sun had set an hour ago. You took a seat next to the pool, looking down into the water as the light from the rising moon shone over the surface.

You heard the door open and close, and you saw a sleepy-looking Jai walking toward you. “Hey.” You said with a smile.

“Hi.” He replied, pulling a chair up next to you. “Fresh air seemed like a good idea. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t.” You assured him. He nodded, tracing your gaze to the water and stared with you in a comfortable silence.

“Can I talk to you about something?” He asked suddenly, and you nodded.

“Sure, Jai. Anything.”

He took a deep breath, letting it out slow. “What would you say if I told you that I’ve had a crush on you? For like, a long time.”

Your heart dropped into your stomach  as you did all you could to keep from blushing. “How long are we talking here?” You asked quietly.

“Since I saw your first movie.” He admitted with a nervous laugh, looking down at his feet and rubbing at the back of his neck. “It was amazing, and at the TCAs I found out that you’re even nicer and prettier in person.”

This time, you did blush a deep red at his compliment, running a hand nervously through your hair. “I’ve had a crush on you too,” You admitted with a timid giggle. “Since the first challenge video I saw.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t Luke?” He asked with a smirk. He was joking to try to ease the tension between the two of you, and you appreciated it.

“It was definitely you.” You laughed, nudging his arm.

“Then do you want to… try this out? Us?” He sounded more nervous than you felt, which kind of broke your heart. He had no idea that you were as into him as he was into you, if not more.

“I’d really like that.” You answered him, and he nodded, reaching the short distance between you to take your hand and lace your fingers together.

It was a simple touch, but it was all you needed to know that it was going to work out.