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Hi, I’m new to Mystic Messenger!

Sooo, I found a let’s play sort of thing and I’ve just watched the first chatroom and thought I’d share my first impressions on the characters with you.

If you’re a Mystic Messenger fan, you’ll probably find it kinda funny since I’ll probably get a lot wrong.

So read on…


‌• Kinda has this facial expression that’s like your grandparents when you try to explain to them how to use their smartphones but they aren’t getting it.

‌• Dresses classy as heck

‌• Looks like he stepped out of an old black and white film.

‌• He’s clearly rich.

‌• Crazy cat lady alert

‌• Probably had tea with the queen of England once


‌• Kinda scary with those red eyes

‌• I wouldn’t want to leave him alone with anything important, I don’t trust him.

‌• Smug little smile there

‌• Ponytail

‌• If he went outside while it was snowing, you’d never see him again, he’d just camouflage and you’d lose him.


‌• If a hipster and a gamer drank a crapton of carrot juice and then had a kid, it would look like 707.

‌• Abuses the term ‘lol’. I’m not even joking, he uses it like 50xs in 3 sentences, there needs to be an intervention.

‌• Internet troll/hacker

‌• Laughs at his own jokes even when no one else does

‌• Probably lives in like one room with the blinds closed.

‌• Coolest looking out of them all tho

‌• Secretly wants to steal Jumin’s cat

‌• I bet he likes memes


‌• Does he ever take those sunglasses off? Has anyone ever seen his eyes? Does he even have eyes?

‌• Dan Howell pastel edit.

‌• Too cool for school

‌• Still got teen angst

‌• So dang skinny


‌• 100% sure Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul is his evil twin.

‌• He’s definitely the happy optimist

‌• Precious cinnamon roll

‌• I bet he has a tragic past he doesn’t deserve

‌• I didn’t know guys even wore barrettes


‌• I thought she was a guy at first?

‌• How do you pronounce her name? Jay-hee? Jah-hee? Yay-hee? Yah-hee? Yahoo search?

‌• The smart one that wears glasses

‌• No messing around or beating around the bush kind of lady

‌• Bet you 50 bucks she has a briefcase

‌• I bet you another 50 bucks she’s smacked Zen over the head with said briefcase

Aaaaand those are the only characters I’ve met so far. Will update if you guys think my interpretations are funny and want more of this. XD


Day One: Favorite Season? 

Season two any day

Jaylos Fanfic (Because I Love You)

Hey guys! This fic is long overdue, sorry about that… But it’s finally up and I really hope you like and enjoy it! Comments and suggestions are highly encouraged! Sorry if anyone’s ooc or if anything is wrong… The whole festival thing is based off the Descendants Mobile Game and Wicked World by the way. So here we go! Enjoy!!

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I call this post: left facing Jay… just standing there 
This post is also called “IF ASTERIA WONT DO IT THEN I WILL”

As a final note, I’m pretty sure that Troll Jay is my favorite thing I’ve ever drawn in my entire life

So I saw @regaltempo post about this and I decided to post my own. Here are my headcanons (low-key based off of the show) for each ninja’s dominant hand.

(this is just my opinion and I just would like to share and see if anyone else has similar thoughts. Pls enjoy :3)

[Disclaimer too: I am not going to be using ALL of the show considering I got attached to my headcanons before some new content like Wu’s Teas came out so oh well. :3]

Kai is left handed. Kai always liked it as being left handed gave him an advantage in battle when his enemies were expecting his sword in his right, etc. He still learned with his right hand for double battle too.

Jay was born a lefty but when he was younger he broke his hand and taught himself how to write with his right hand. Now he’s ambidextrous but favors his left hand still.

Zane is ambidextrous as Dr. Julien built him to be able to help others to the highest capacity. Still, Zane usually ends up using his right hand more, such as when he’s cooking.

Cole is right handed but learned how to be skilled with his left as well. You never know what kind of trouble you could get into when rock climbing, as well as being a ninja.

Nya is also right handed. She doesn’t think too much about it though as she’d rather focus on more important matters (her inventions, other projects, etc.) but don’t think she can’t weild a sword with both hands.

Lloyd too is right handed. Sort of like Nya, he also doesn’t think about it much. Being the green ninja keeps BOTH hands full most of the time anyways.

In the end I believe all of them trained with both hands in the weapons category as being a ninja you never know the circumstances you’ll be put in. But when it comes to simpler tasks like writing, drawing, cooking, etc. they all have a dominant choice.

((Fun fact: I myself am a lefty. :3))

Stuck On You

“Yes, this will work nicely.” Jay says to himself with a huge grin.

“Fucking terrible idea.” Chacha tells him, shaking his head while working on his computer.

“Potato, potahto.” He replies with a shrug.

Jay had come up with a plan on how to make sure that both of you stay together for more than 30 minutes. It wasn’t like you weren’t hanging out or was always apart but what he found annoying is that even when the two of you were in the same vicinity, he would have a hard time finding you.

The busier the both of you got, the clingier he had become. Plus the fact that not everyone was aware that you were together had caused him to be constantly on his toes. After all, he had managed to get the best girl and there was no way he was going to let you get away.

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december in movies

[31/31]: 200 cigarettes

“Everybody’s having fun out here. They drinking, they fighting, they pissing on the streets. It’s New Year’s Eve. They loving the ladies.”