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  • [Carlos and Jane are on a date]
  • Carlos: You know, just the other day someone asked who was the most beautiful person in the whole world. You know what I said?
  • Jane: What did you say?
  • Carlos: I said… *sees Jay outside the window* Jay?
  • Jane: Jay?!
  • Carlos: No! No, that's not what I was going to say!
  • Jane: Carlos, you're not making any sense.
  • Carlos: I-I mean… sure he's handsome, he's rugged-
Harry Hook - “Make-out and Takeout”

Originally posted by psychopierce

Request: “Can you do a harry x reader where they always have really sarcastic and funny greetings and arguments which sometimes esculate and everyone can feel the sexual tension between them so they get locked in a room on deck and end up in heated making out”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Profanity, Heated Making Out

“Why are you acting like such an idiot! I totally had him!” You exclaimed barging through the doors of Ursula’s Fish and Chips, seething.

“Well excuse me miss, it seemed to me that you were more concerned with flirting with the brute than actually fighting him.” Harry shot back sliding onto a seat on the bar.

“What happened this time?” Gil whispered to Uma as the two continued to argue feverishly.

“Harry and Y/N had a simple mission to steal a few swords from the Scarlet Skulls, but they had a bit of trouble.” She answered with an annoyed sigh.

“It was not any kind of trouble. I was trying to move the theft along with distracting their captain, but the grump over here got all hostile and got us busted.” You argued ignoring Harry mocking you from behind a menu.

“Listen darling, I was just trying to help you. Your charisma skills are below average at best.” He smirked moving the menu from between you, causing you to slap his pirate hat right off his head.

“You’re gonna pay for that, Y/N.” He exclaimed as you skipped away cackling at his blushing face.

Gil turned to Uma with a confused expression.

“Weren’t they just fighting?” He said shoving a handful of fries into his mouth.

“That’s Y/N and Harry.” Uma stated smirking as Harry chased you around the restaurant playfully.

A Few Days Later…

“You’re back again, Harry? Thought me beating you in the sword fight yesterday would damage your pride.” You taunted as a single drip of sweat fell from your forehead.

The past few days were unbearable in terms of Uma training everyone to basically their breaking point. Yesterday was the start of partner “battles”, and you were of course paired with Harry.

“Please, Y/N. I always love a challenge.” He smirked brandishing his sword and pointing it at your neck.

You tried to keep your eyes on his mischievous smile, but Harry had decided to train shirtless today. The sweltering heat seemed to be too much for him, but you knew he was only doing this to distract you.

Turning the tables, you pushed his sword away from you and held your own blade at his torso threateningly.

“Well, you’re definitely in the right place, Hook.” You muttered getting closer to his face. He smiled slightly and hit his sword with yours, causing a loud clash to sound.

This went on for a while, each of you having your short turn to overcome the other. But these were short-lived, as both of you were excellent fighters, not willing to back down.

“Give up yet, princess?” Harry breathed as you stumbled slightly. “Never, princey.” You exclaimed regaining your balance and jabbing at Harry’s leg.

He quickly dodged it though, which was to be expected. What you didn’t expect was for him to put down his sword in surrender and move closer to you.

“What’re you—“ You started glaring into his blue eyes.

“Shh, don’t fight it.” He said placing his index finger on your pouting lips. Harry began to lean in, and being completely stunned, you didn’t move.

He saw your shock and took the opportunity to swipe your legs and pin you on the dock, your wrists held above your head by his hook hand.

“Challenge accomplished.” Harry whispered with an innocent expression.

“Hey, get a room, will you?” Uma said folding her arms over her chest at the sight of the two of you. You glared at Harry’s signature smirk and pushed him off, tossing him his sword from off the ground.

“Fuck off.” You growled as Harry blew you an innocent kiss, winking at you as he did so.

“Gladly, babe.” He chuckled watching your fuming figure exit to your quarters below deck.

“What are you two, anyway?” Uma questioned as she watched the scene in front of her.

“No clue.” Harry stated placing his hat on his head.

Later that Night…

You had avoided Harry since the morning’s “incident” successfully until Gil pulled you to participate in the crew’s discussion on the main deck.

“Gil, I don’t want to play a stupid game.” You groaned whipping your hand away from his grip and beginning to walk away. “What’s wrong, Y/N? Can’t take a challenge?” A Scottish accent teased as he was dragged in at the bicep by Uma, who had a devious look in her eyes.

“Never back away from one.” You mumbled plopping down on the floor hesitantly. “Okay everyone, so me being the gracious captain that I am, I’m having a small game of Seven Minutes in Heaven!” Uma exclaimed cheerily as Harry took a seat next to you.

Your face paled, praying that you didn’t end up embarrassing yourself to any more extent than you had that day already.

Uma’s little game nights were required, and if you refused she made your life a living hell for the next week.

Last time you had boycotted Truth or Dare, toilets were cleaned by only you for five days straight. Shuddering at the thought, you turned your attention back to Uma as she excitedly explained the game.

“Now, any volunteers?” She finished with a bright smile. Crickets were heard for a few seconds before Harry’s hand went up slowly.

“Just to get it over with.” He sighed getting up tentatively. Uma smirked, you had no idea but her plan was going perfectly.

“Alrighty then, Gil, who should join Harry in the basement this evening?” She asked the blonde pirate as he looked up. “Y/N seems to be a bit lonely.” He answered pushing you towards the two of them roughly.

You turned a deep shade of red and stuttered an excuse to not participate. “Uh-uh, Y/N. Toilets are already being cleaned by Gil this week.” Uma sighed pushing both yourself and Harry below deck and locking the door.

“She’s such an…ugh!” You exclaimed pounding on the door violently. “I guess it’s not so bad, at least you’re not down here with Dan, he only has two teeth.” Harry joked sitting down on the ground.

You rolled your eyes and groaned, “At least Dan wouldn’t embarrass me in front of our entire crew.”

You slid down onto the floor next to Harry as you saw his eyes linger on your lips. “Why’d you do it, huh?” You questioned referring to the little stunt he pulled earlier.

“You know why.” He scoffed throwing his hands in the air dramatically. “Maybe I would if you fucking tell me!” You shot back angrily getting in his face to seem menacing.

“Because…” He started quietly. Your face held an adorable confusion that he decided he couldn’t resist any longer.

Placing a gentle hand on your cheek, Harry pulled your face closer and connected your lips with his.

In shock, you didn’t realize what he was doing exactly before he pulled away quickly.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have—“

“Kiss me again.” You breathed interrupting him.

“What?” He asked quickly. “Kiss. Me. Again.” You stated sternly staring into his eyes.

His smirk returned on his face as he leaned forward and placed heated kisses on your lips.

You kissed back feverishly, lacing your hands in his hair as he pulled you onto his lap excitedly.

Giggling into his lips, you hold his jaw in your hands, attempting to deepen the kiss even more. This earns a groan from the pirate and you smirk.

“Looks like they’ve finally got together.” A voice states as the doors open. You don’t jump from Harry, just face the crew at the door in shock.

“Seven minutes was up ten minutes ago.” Gil chuckled as the two of you got up, blush-faced and embarrassed.

“Why don’t we ditch this and order takeout, my treat.” Harry mumbles in your ear once everyone had settled down.

Smiling, you nod and take his awaiting hand.

Later that night, kisses were exchanged and Harry fell asleep on your stomach, a box of noodles in his hand.

mal and jay- descendants 2

its clear they are close 

scales up to her place when she runs away

when hook’s son harry approaches her, jay gets closer too

after group chat, he has a one on one

if she needs an out he will take her

apparently in the books they were close

when shes broken hearted he goes to her side, to get her out of there

guiding her out

this portion really got me

hes like an older brother type in her life

Let Me Help You

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - yes by: @spacebabeofglitterplanet

Could you possibly do one with Harry and the daughter of tinker bell and she’s super short and under 5ft and needs help reaching things in her fix it shop so harry kind of helps her out but not with out fluff of him making her jump for it?? Thanks so much for taking time to read this

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N), the daughter of Tinker Bell, is fixing something and her boyfriend, Harry Hook isn’t being the biggest of help

Warning(s) - teasing and a slight make out session at the end

Originally posted by im-in-every-fandom-cuz-im-alone

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I have a few things to say about ‘Chillin’ Like a Villain’ beside it being the best song in the series.

1) I’m all for the idea of Evie being the leader with Jay, Carlos, and Ben as her pretty-boy back up.

2) Ben had more chemistry with Evie during this song than he had with Mal at any point in either movie.

blown away (harry hook x reader)

a/n : wow! first descendants request! hope you enjoy!

request : Hey, could I get a Harry Hook imagine please. Where the reader is Tinkerbells daughter and comes to the Isle with the others, and had social anxiety and is super shy. And she meets Harry who is impressed by her sword fighting skills. Sorry if this is oddly specific. Thanks.

warnings : none

“Y/N you’ve got to believe me! Ben is really in trouble and Jay and Carlos really are going to rescue him! On the isle!” Lonnie said as you sat on her bed in your guys’ dorm room.

She pulled you so you were standing up. You sighed and said, “Lonnie…you know how I get around people. I’m awful at conversations. Plus, how do you think I would be on the Isle. I wouldn’t survive!” She looked you in the eyes with a very convincing face. “Okay…fine,” you said.

She cheered. “Okay come on!” Lonnie said as she ushered you to the courtyard.

The boys were already getting in the limo, and they tried to get you guys to not come. “Let us go with you, or we tell Fairy Godmother,” Lonnie said with a smirk on her face. Jay gave in and agreed to let you go with them, much to your dismay.

When you got to the Isle, you all made your way to Uma’s ship. “Ready?” Evie asked.

“Let’s do this,” Mal said, and you all walked through the tube into the docks. Mal made her way front and center and let the pirates know she was there. You knew all of them from your History of Villains class at Auradon.

“They’re here!” Gil, son of Gaston said.

“Welcome!” Harry Hook said with his arms wide open. He locked eyes with you and you jumped. He just laughed.

“You good, y/n?” Carlos asked. You nodded.

Uma started to converse with Mal but you were still intrigued with Harry. The way he moved, commanded everyone on the ship, and those arm muscles. But no–you couldn’t like Harry Hook. You were y/n, daughter of Tinker Bell, plus the chances of him falling for you were like the chances of Peter Pan growing up!

You directed your attention to Mal, as she was handing the wand to Uma. You knew it was a fraud and as soon as Uma made her way to the middle of the ship, you started walking away. Uma broke the wand in half, realizing it was fake. “You do not always get to win!” She shouted.

Carlos slingshotted the smoke bombs onto the ship. Colors were flying everywhere, and so were swords. Jay threw you one and you caught it. Most people might think that being shy meant you couldn’t fence, but you learn a thing or two growing up with the Lost Boys.

“You know how to fight, y/n?” Evie asked.

“Yeah, but I’ve never done it against pirates,” you said warily.

She gave you a hug then said, “Duck!” You followed her order and she swung at a pirate coming from behind you. “Look over there!” She said afterwards, pointing at Jay. “Looks like he needs help.”

You followed her finger and looked at Jay, who was struggling to hold off Harry. Your mind told you not to, but you still ran over to help.

“And who might this be?” Harry said in his accent as he turned to face you. You didn’t answer; you were busy fighting. “Who are you?” He shouted.

Your face turned red, much like your mother’s did when she was upset. “Hello Harry…” you swung at him but he blocked it. “I’m y/n, Tinker Bell’s daughter.”

He laughed and tried to take a cheap shot at your legs but you hopped over him and soon had him pinned against a pole. Harry smirked and said, “Looks like our little fairy can fend for herself.”

You kneed him in the groin and when he fell, his hook sprawled across the ground. You quickly snatched it and said, “Hmmm…I see you don’t actually need this?” Then you held it over the edge of the ship.

He stood up and said through a strained voice, “No…please.”

You just walked over and handed it to him. You pecked him on the cheek and whispered, “Since you said please.” You hopped off the ship and quickly ran through the tube before Mal kicked the bridge down.

Lonnie, Carlos, Evie, and Jay were waiting for you. Jay cocked an eyebrow and said, “Harry? Really?”

Carlos and Evie laughed.

Lonnie said, “I did not see that coming.”

You just rolled your eyes and said, “Me either.”

requests are still open!!