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Frank Ocean - Biking (feat. Jay Z & Tyler, The Creator)

Jay Z, his ex-consigliore John Meneilly, and “OG Juan” Perez, photographed while watching a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on July 30, 2013. Hov was still in the city after performing on his and Justin Timberlake’s “Legends of the Summer” tour. Two nights previous they had performed at the sold-out Rose Bowl in Pasadena, grossing over $7 million in revenue. The Roc Nation Sports representatives were specifically there to watch their client Robinson Canó, who was [at the time] playing for the Bronx Bombers; and a friend of Jay’s for at least five years.

What makes this story more interesting is the fact that the famed sports agent Scott Boras was sitting about 15 feet away from the Roc Nation conglomerate. The formidable Boras had previously represented Canó, but on April 2, 2013 the second baseman became the first athlete to sign with the agency Hov had long-dreamed of starting. Four weeks before this game Hov had addressed the 60-year old agent—the only one in the world with more than $2 billion in active player contracts—on “Crown,” famously rapping “Scott Boras, you over baby! Robinson Canó, you coming with me!” Some may have seen the line as reckless, but Hov would soon prove the naysayers wrong [again] as he and RNS soon negotiated their new star a $240 million contract from the Seattle Mariners—the third biggest contract in baseball’s history.

The influential agent would soon fall for the oldest trick in rap’s book, by responding to the shots sent his way by someone far less experienced than himself in the sports representation business. Naïvely he would compare the entrance of the “business, man” into sports agency to “if Steven Spielberg walked into USC Medical Center and said, ‘I want to do neurosurgery,’ they don’t give him a scalpel.” Proving him wrong, RNS would quickly gain a reputation for being a “genuine” agency that puts their clients interests first and “really makes a significant contribution” to athletes across the board. Also, “[Jay] is mega-wealthy and uber-successful,“ as an unnamed prominent baseball agent once said. “He’s probably negotiated his own deals with record executives who are more cut-throat than any GM of a baseball team. You want to talk about big business? That’s big business.” Boras is also notorious for being focused on money and over-controlling with his clients interests, while Jay and his team are more focused on doing the best by their Roc representers: “[We will] form a company where we can help top athletes in various sports the same way we have been helping artists in the music industry for years.” The team at RNS puts the most emphasis on giving future-proofed financial advice to their clients—especially those who are just entering the sporting profession. 


Remake of the white remake of Living SingleFriends’ in the music video for Jay-Z’s ‘Moonlight’ directed by Alan Yang

    • Issa Rae…    Rachel
    • Tessa Thompson…    Monica
    • Tiffany Hadish…    Phoebe
    • Lel Rel Howery…    Joey
    • Lakeith Stanfield…    Chandler
    • Jerrod Carmichael…    Ross

women should not need their stories to be corroborated by men in order for them to be legitimized. amber heard said johnny depp abused her, depp’s manager confirming this months afterwards should not be the reason you finally believe her. bey sung about jay’s infidelity and has previously mentioned other issues in their relationship (so has her mother and sister) if you are shocked only now because jay is singing about it then you need to reflect on the value you assign to women’s voices, we, as a society, need to reflect on the value we assign women’s voices