Zane is being so salty.


In Wu’s head he’s like “dang it Kai! You messed up my excuse. I was low key trying to get out of coming didn’t you pick up on that? Now if I say no I’ll just sound like a jerk.”

Also “rejiggered”

Also the man who was worried his old bones were too weak just flipped through the air no problem.

Also Nya and Jay working on the Samurai X suit together. It was a date. Totally a date.

No Judging - Descendants (Jay)

Pairing: Jay x Reader (hinted)

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Can I ask for a Jai (Descendents) imagine? YN is the daughter of little red hiding hood (and the werewolf) daugyter and she’s kind of an outcast at the school. but that changes when the villian kids arrive, Jai has an instant interest on her and she’s roomates with Evie and Mal. Just fluffy/romantic stuff and friendship. please?

Warnings: none

A/N: Sorry for the wait! But i hope you like it!

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You were sitting alone as she always did under a tree in the school yard. There weren’t many people around as everyone kept themselves inside since the villain kids had arrived a few hours ago. Which meant that you could have some peace and quiet under your favorite tree, reading your book. 

You had been here since the villain kids had arrived, since apparently two of them were about to be your new roommates. Why they had placed them with you was obvious; you were half villain yourself. 

 You see, your parents weren’t exactly the natural couple. Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf. Everyone had been shocked when it happened, but your mother had always been kind and very naive, and had seen the good part in your father. Because of your father being a werewolf, he was much more different when he was in a human form, although the fairy tale itself failed to mention that of course. 

 So now pretty much everyone shyed away from you, only Prince Ben was kind enough to talk to you from time to time. All of a sudden someone sat down beside you, and you quickly looked up from your book. 

 «What are you reading?» It was a boy. He had long brown hair with a red beanie, and brown kind eyes. He was dressed in dark brownish colors, which was unusual to see around her, as the good kids seemed to love the pastels. He was smiling softly at you. 

«Dracula. May I ask who you are?» The title of your book didn’t seem as important anymore, as you were more interested in who this boy was, since he seemed nothing like a villain so far. 

 «I’m Jay. And your name is?» He held out his hand for you to take, and without thinking you took his hand. 

 «Y/n.» You shook his hand. 

«It’s nice meeting you, Y/n.» You both seemed to have forgotten that you were shaking hands, as just looking at his eyes seemed to be enough distraction for you, and apparently him as well. Without knowing it you had started to smile, which you did rarely. 

 But all spells come to an end, as you both realized your hands were just awkwardly barely shaking and you both let go, nervously chuckling. 

 «There you are, Jay.» A voice interrupted, coming closer. A girl with bright purple hair came towards you two, together with another girl with dark blue and a boy with white hair and black roots.

 «Hi, guys.» Jay answered cheery. 

 «And who do we have here.» The purple haired girl asked, she grinned amused, while crossing her hands over her chest. 

 «This is Y/n.» Jay introduced you before you could react yourself, so you just waved and smiled at them. 

 «Y/n.» The dark blue haired girl sounded thrilled as she said your name. «You must be our roommate then, since I hope there is no one else with your name?» She continued. 

 «That would be me, yeah.» And with that you got the confirmation you needed. These were the villains kids, and so far, they seemed like nothing the teachers had told everyone, not that you really expected them to with your knowledge on how people saw villains no matter what. 

 «How rude of us, I’m Mal.» The purple haired girl said, pointing to herself. «And this is Evie and Carlos.» She posted first to the dark blue haired girl, then the boy, who both gave you a similar wave as the one you had just give them. 

 «It’s very nice meeting you all.» You smiled, hoping they heard the sincerity in your voice. 

 At least with these people you had the chance to be yourself, without being judged by your parents. 

Huge Congratulations to the wonderfully talented director, Kenny Ortega, for rightfully wining a DGA award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Children’s Programs for Disney’s Descendants!
Without this man’s wonderful direction and creativity, the fandom we love so much wouldn’t be complete. He brought the wonderful world of Disney’s Descendants to life.
CONGRATS, KENNY! Thank you for all you’ve done!

(Photo from @KennyOrtegablog on Instagram)


top pic is from august, left is from October, and right is from yesterday.. I think Jay has had fin rot for a while but now I’m just getting educated and I feel so bad. first two pics he was in 2g unheated/unfiltered tanks. recent one he had been in a 13g divided, heated and filtered tank. is there any way I can save him from dying that doesn’t cost too much $$$? 13g had aquarium salt in it as well.