Here comes your man

Imagine you take a shower in Happy’s dorm, so when he hugs you, you smell like a man, and he gets jealous. 

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Working at TM was so fun you sometimes forgot it was supposed to be your job. You were a mechanic at your hometown, and currently, apart from Gemma on the office the only woman working there. 

Born and raised in Charming, growing up a tomboy, you loved riding your bikes around with Opie and Jax, going to Gemma’s Sunday dinner and getting your title along with everyone else. Two months after you graduated, Clay called you, asking you to work for him at TM. You immediately said yes. 

Later on, you met your old man, Happy Lowman. Both of you clicked right away, you being attracted due to all of his mistery and lovely persona, him being dragged towards you by how you still let your tomboy show and how you didn’t needed a knight in shinning armor to come at your rescue. You’ve been together as a couple for 3 years and were currently engaged. 

That afternoon was a particular hot one, making you put down the top of your grey suit, showing your white tank top now stained with oil and dirt from the bike you were working on, along with Chibs. You got up, taking off your gloves and lighting up a cigarette for your break. Chibs was coming back from the bar, holding two beers on his hand, handing you one when he got to the picnic table. You nodded and smiled at him, toasting to a good life and sipped on your beer. Happy was on the run along with Jax and Bobby, and he promised to be back at night for you guys date night. Tonight you were going to Little Annie’s Steak House, down at main street. You’ve been begging Happy to take you there since the night of the inauguration and tonight was the night. 

“Don’t worry, lass.” The Scotsman said, drinking from his beer and smirking, teasing you. “I’m sure Hap loves an oily and dirty babe on the spot.” You frowned when you noticed he was right. Happy was going to be at TM soon and you couldn’t show up at the Steak house looking the way you were. 

“Oh shit.” You bit your thumb nail and chugged down the rest of your beer. “Happy’s dorm is open, right?”

“Of course not.” Chib scoffed. “You really think your old man would leave his room open?” You sighed, running your hands on your face, only smearing the oil around your cheeks. “Gemma must have the key, though. She’s at the office.” You smiled and kissed the grey hair man scarred cheek. 

“Thank you!” you said, running around to the office to get the keys of Happy’s room. 

Once you were there, you got rid of your grey suit, white tank top and heavy work black boots, leaving you in the white lace lingerie you loved so much. You folded your clothes and placed them on the sink, closing the bathroom door and letting the warm water pour out. You loved how the shower smelled so manly. Aftershave, plain soap, and cologne. Just like Happy. You worked on yourself, getting you all bubbly, and most important clean. 

After a relaxing hot shower, you stepped out in your panties, not bothering to wear a bra. You slipped on your baggy olive green pants and got into your converse, one of Happy’s old SAMCRO white t-shirt over you and you were almost ready to go. Standing in front of the mirror, you started to work on your hair, styling for it to look cute. Adding a light make up and you were ready to go, but stepped back with a smile as you saw your old man walk into his room with a bloody white t-shirt. 

You were used to this by now. You’ve became an expert in removing blood off clothes but Happy always managed to make you worry. You stared at him.


“Nah, little girl. Never.” He said removing his shirt and throwing it away into the bin. You bit your lips at the sight of his eight pack and those crazy v lines that drived you crazy.  You walked over to him, wrapping your arms around his torso, looking up at him, delighted with the view. He smirked down at you, licking hips lips. “Hey, you.” 

“Hey yourself.” You said pressing hard against him. He grabbed your ass cheeks, lifting you up, you taking the hint and wrapping your legs around his waist. He pinned you against the wall, kissing around your neck and, open mouth kisses, his ears being filled with your sharp breaths. “Hap…” you groaned, your nipples already poking out of the white shirt. You sucked in a breath when he got off you, obviously stopping and looking at you, eyebrows furrowed. You looked back at him, confusing in your eyes as he put you down

“What’s wrong?” You asked, your hands going to his cheek, only to be pulled down by him. “Hap!”

“Where is he?” He said lifting his eyebrow and grabbing his gun out of his waist. He started to pace around the room, lifting everything, turning all the things upside down. “Where the fuck is he?” 

“What the fuck are you talking about?” you said following him around the room. “You really think i would cheat on you?” catching the hint you leaned against the wall you were making out 5 minutes ago. “On your fucking clubhouse?” 

“You smell like a fucking men.” He said. “I want to know who he is, where he is and if he has any last words.” Happy stated as he looked around the room and out of the window. You rolled your eyes, a smirk on your face. “Now what’s so fucking funny? Lover boy’s gonna suffer a painful and slow death.” 

“Crazy old man” You said pointing at your clothes on the ground. “I took a shower in your bathroom, idiot.” You said, shaking your head. “I smell like a man, because i took a bath and i used all your shit, paranoid freak.” 

Realization hitted Happy Lowman like a ton of bricks. He scrunched up his nose and put the gun back in his waist, looking at you with a calm face now, as you smirked at him, arms crossed. 

“Okay, i freaked out.” He admitted. You nodded and smiled at him, finding it cute how he was so worried about loosing you. You licked your lips out of habit and walked over to him, pulling him down until your lips were in front of each other. 

“I would be an idiot if i cheated on you, old man.” He nodded, smirking down at you again, running his hands inside your t-shirt. 

“I’m an idiot for believing you would” He said, pecking your lips, slowly deepening the kiss. “On my defense…” he said in between hot kisses. “I love you too much, the mere thought of another man laying hands on you drives me fucking insane…” 

“That’s a good thing.” You said grabbing both of his hands and pulling him towards you. “You’re only one laying hands on me.” You smirked lusty at him as you got rid of the shirt on your body. He licked his lips, nodding, loving the view. 

“Damn right, little girl.” 

Face straight off a magazine

Imagine where you’re a VS angel/singer that used to date Juice, and the club needs your help. 

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“Girls! Girls, on your places” They were all screaming and you were still trying to figure out how to work the angel wings VS wanted you to wear that night over your baby pink lace.  Five years in the business and you still weren’t used to people taking extra care of your face and hair. “(Y/N), please stop eating. You’ll mess up the lingerie”

Being a Victoria Secret Angel was never on your plans. You were discovered the way everyone were, while you were fooling around on Instagram with some friends of College; a few tags, a few calls and two months later you had your first important photo shoot. Your hairdresser was, ironically, someone that almost had no hair on him, just a bushy pink mohawk, that took you far, far away when you saw him. 

It took you back to Charming, while you were still as fresh as a daisy. It took you back to dating Juan Carlos Ortiz. 

You were young and naive, a simple 17 year old with a crush on an older biker and an undying love for the leather and speed of the road. In that time, you gave everything to the Puerto rican kid; Juice was your first kiss, your first time, your first love; and like they say, first love dies hard. That’s why Juice killed it when he cheated on you with a dirty crow eater.

Thinking of it as a flash back, it still hurts a little. It actually hurted a lot, so much that you could still remember every single detail of that night. Jax trying to distract you from entering the room, the moans of the girl, the closed eyes-lip biting, sweaty face Juice had on, The sweet smell of her cheap perfume and the way you walked away, throwing him the promise ring he gave you, two months before going at the little tart. 

There was something you couldn’t throw, though. 

You reached down, under the soft lace of your baby pink boy short, carefully covered with MAC makeup; a small crow spreading it’s wings along with “JC” under it. You threw your head back and closed your eyes, reminding yourself that it was all in the past and that SAMCRO didn’t runned your life anymore. 

“Okay, (Y/N)…” A member of the cast said. “You’re on. You’re looking beautiful” 

You nodded and winked at him playfully, walking outside and into the runway. The flashes of the cameras didn’t waited at all, the shouting and the name calling too, the self consciousnesses of you wearing only cute lingerie, but your face stood smiling, having fun watching all your coworkers and friends walk past you. You reached the top of the runway, striking a playful  pose, snapping some dorky thumbs up and walking away. The place roared with excitement and they too another 1000 pictures of you. 

“Yeah!” You heard a familiar voice in the distance. “You go, girl” You frowned but couldn’t turn around, but once you were backstage, you saw Tig’s Tragger crazy hair and the other 3 men with SAMCRO kuttes. 

“What the fuck?” you whispered to yourself as you spot Lenny, the big buff guard fighting with him and a very annoyed Rat-boy. Juice was looking around, as if he were looking for something. Or someone

Rat-boy spotted you, peeking out of the window and pointed at you. Lenny shaking his head and walking towards you, the 4 men staying close behind him. 

“Mrs. (Y/L/N).” Lenny said. “These man claim to know you.” Tig and Jax smiled up at you. You had a good relationship with SAMCRO, and truth to be told, you missed them. You nodded slightly. “They don’t passes and unfortunately, i can’t let them in.” 

Juice was there too, but he couldn’t meet your gaze. You would be lying if you told that you didn’t felt butterflies in your stomach, the shaking knees and the sappy music in your head when you saw your first true love. 

“I can’t believe it.” Tig mentioned, crossing his arms on top of his chest. “You look so different.” 

“Thank you, Alex.” You blushed and crossed your arms, only making your chest pop up more. You cleared your throat and 

“(Y/N), girl, we need you.” Jax started, moving around the let the crew move backstage. “SAMCRO needs you.” You felt your heart flutter. Biting your lip, you put on a pink robe. The show continued but your participation was over. You scrabbled down an address on a small napkin and handed it over to Jax.

“What’s this?”

“My studio address.” You said closing the front of your robe. “Come over tonight. You’ll find me there.” 

“I’ll see you around, sweetheart. Thank you…” the blonde biker said, walking away as everyone waved goodbye. Juice looked at you and that’s when you took notice of his new long hair. You shook your head. He had been in jail. 

“You’re looking good…” he muttered and started to walk away. You put a hand on your chin, and another one on top of your heart. Gulping, you waved goodbye at him too and went over to change into normal clothes. 

Some cut out jeans, red converse sneakers and a “Free Sonny Barger” t-shirt later you were at your recording studio, messing around with Anita and the crew; the girl that helped you record your stuff. You were also best friends. 

“Let me throw this away…” your said picking up the Subway napkins and trash, walking outside where everyone dumped the trash. The roar of half a dozen of motorbikes made you snap your head up, waving at Jax and the boys making sure they saw you. They parked on the back of your studio and hopped off, Juice being the last one. 

Tig walked over to you, arms wide open and you jumped in for a hug; remembering that Tig was your SAMCRO best friend when you used to date Juice.

“Oh, baby.” He said, rubbing the small of your back. “It’s been ages.”

“A few years, yeah.” You smiled brightly at him and fixed your hair. 

“You look gorgeous.” Jax said walking over to you and kissing your cheek once he hugged you. “Tara says Hi.” You nodded taking notice to call her later that night. 

“What is it, boys? I can’t think of many things a model can do to help an MC” You said leaning on the wall, watching Juice smoke a cigarette on the low. Jax licked his lips and looked at Tig. 

“Well…we kind of need 70 thousand…” You bit your lip and nodded. You had the money, and you were willing to helpu your friends. Juice was still staring at you, but you have decided to ignore him, for your own sake. “We’ll pay you back when the steam blows off, and the club will own you a favour.”

“Yeah…” Tig was quick to peek in. “We don’t care how much of your coworkers we have to fuck, we’re willing to do it.” He joked, making you roll your eyes. Jax looked at you, all the charm of a Teller man on his eyes. You rolled your eyes, playing a smirk on your lips and nodded. Everyone smiled.

“Get inside. You’ll find Anita. Tig, she’s married.” You warned the womanizer of the Sons of Anarchy. “Tell her to give you a check. I’ll change it tomorrow morning.” Jax bit his lips and clapped, excited that his plans were now making sense and adding up to the big plan. He grabbed your hands and kissed your cheek. 

“One last night.” He whispered. “Give the kid a chance.” Both of you looked at Juice, talking absently to Rat-Boy. You glared at the Prince of Charming, but promised yourself look for some kind of closure. Rat-Boy and Tig went inside the studio, Jax following them, leaving both of you alone in a parking lot.

You fixed your hair and pinched your cheek, an habit you always had, walking over to the tattooed men, clearing your throat. 

“Hey.” You called his attention. “Can i have one?” motioning to the light cigarette on his hand, he nodded, handing you a fresh one, both of you leaned on the wall. 

“I thought you wanted to quit.”

“Yeah, well…” taking a drag, you smirked to yourself. “Job made me quit quitting.” 

“A Victoria Secret Angel.” He trailed off, shaking his head, for he couldn’t believe it. You smiled, taking another drag. 

“And a singer.” You corrected. “Aspiring singer.”

“Yeah, how’s that going?” He asked. You could see his eternal blush on his face and thought to yourself that if you could add a few pimples and less tattoos, you would be staring at the same Prospecting Juice. 

“It’s going…” You both sighed. The tension in the air could have been cut with a knife. It seemed like both of you had the same idea: to come clean. 

“Listen” both of you said. You both laughed as you hugged yourself and Juice scratched his scalp.

“I’m an idiot. And you knew that.” You listened to every word he said. “And…cheating on you- “ he cleared his throat, his own actions making him nauseous. “Was the worst decision ever. I wrecked the trust of an amazing girl back then, who turned into this beautiful…talented woman and…” he laughed a little. “and i’m still here, being an outlaw, same kid i was back there. Something changed, though.”

“Yeah…?” you barked, curious, blowing off the last drag and stepping on the cigarette. “What?”

“No one was there on my panic attacks at night.” You felt your stomach drop. “No one was there on my birthday and no one was there, letting me place my head on her lap, helping me fall asleep. I’m the same kid i was back then, needs and all. I guess…-” he looked around, confused and a bit flustered. “I guess i’m trying to say that i fucked up and that i miss you.” 


“Look…” he took a step towards you. “I’m not asking you to forget all the shit i did. I’m asking you to forgive…” You bit your lip. “I’ll make you forget.” 

“I’m not that different either…- you said, playing with the hem of your shirt.- Same dorky girl, Superhero lover. same Charming girl.” You both smiled at this. “Still in love with the same stupid mohawk kid.”  

“Can we start again…?” He whispered as you nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck, getting closer and closer, his strong hands in the small of your back, making you stand on your tip toes as your lips crashed against each other, melting into a slow dance you’ve both waited for quite some time.