Day 7: Miscellaneous French Quarter.

This was my last night to explore New Orleans (the French Quarter, really), just to take in its beauty.

The first pic is Jackson Square from across the street. It almost look like that place in Disneyland (Magic Kingdom?). The second is of a street performer (devil?) in Jackson Square. Very quirky. The third pic is of the Jax Brewery building. It is no longer a brewery but is filled with shops. There’s a fabulous one there that sells sports gear and is owned by a nice Korean man who (like me) is a fan of both the Red Sox and Yankees (woo hoo!). He was also the one who informed me that the Miami Heat has unfortunately beaten the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA play-offs (boo!).

The next two pictures are of the steamboat (don’t know its name) that offers a river cruise of the Mississippi. The last three pics are fabulous musicians and houses in the French Quarter.