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Car Wash For Charming

Hey everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve written a Juice fic, but here’s the first of three I’ve been working on! I wrote it this after and it’s not perfect, but hope you all enjoy it :)

“I’ve called this meeting with everyone because we’re running out of ideas.” Jax said, sitting on a bar stool before everyone in the clubhouse.
“As you know, we’re going completely legit. Redwoody is going well, but it’s still new and the profit isn’t enough to pay everyone. And the garage really isn’t bringing in much anymore. I’ve spoken to the boys, and we need help. So, let’s hear it.”
Penny, Lyla, Tara and Gemma sat in thought. As much as the club was for the guys, the women loved the Sons, and Teller Morrow, and were keen to help out however they could.
“What if we… Oh this is silly.” Penny began.
“No, babe, tell us! Can’t be any worse than anything else we’ve tried.” Penny’s Old Man, Juice, replied.
“Well, I was thinking, and I mean this without disrespect, but the Sons and Teller Morrow have kind of a bad reputation in Charming.”
“Exactly what we’re tryin’ to change, doll.” Tig replied, quickly shutting up as Juice gave him a threatening look.
“Right, so what if you guys did something for Charming? Give back, show them you’re working towards being the club you should be.”
“And how would we do tha’ lass?” Chibs asked.
“There’s a fair coming up, right? We could get a booth and do a car wash. Charge ten bucks or something, do a really good job, but then donate all the money back to Charming.”
Murmurs rippled through the group, everyone nodding.
“That’s a great idea, Pen, but how do we get people in? They’d just turn up their noses and walk passed.” Happy added.
“You could offer a free tune up or detailing for anyone who gets their car washed. They’d have to present a voucher or something, so you’d know they were legit, but that’s easy done.”
As everyone pondered the idea, Penny leant over to her best friend, Lyla, and whispered in her ear.
Lyla passed it on to Tara and Gemma, who smirked and nodded.
“What are you girls up to?” Jax asked.
“Another way to promote and get people in - sex sells.” Lyla said.
The guys all looked confused, wondering what exactly was involved in a sexy car wash.
“We’ve got some of the best looking guys in Charming, right?”
The guys all looked smug, agreeing.
“Wait, what the hell do you want us to do?” Chibs asked, not seeming to really want the answer.
“Not anything you don’t already do. You just need to wash the cars topless. Maaaybe pantless.” Penny replied.
An outrage sounded as the guys objected. Tig seemed to be the only one unphased.
“Guys, guys, hold up! Now, that would bring the ladies in, but what about the men of Charming?” He asked.
“Oh, well, you know the men of Charming, very patriotic and the like, always wanting to do what’s needed to make Charming the amazing small town it is…” Penny tried.
“No, no, no, if we gotta do this, you do too.” Jax said.
“Need I remind you that all this mess was the men’s fault??” Tara added.
“Look, it’s only fair. Plus, you’ll want to keep an eye out on all those flirty women out there. They won’t be able to keep their hands off this.” Opie said, pulling up his shirt to reveal his muscular stomach.
“Ope!” Lyla laughed, swatting her hand at him.
“See? These randy women! If that’s what happens to our ladies, what’s gonna happen when the whole of Charming lay eyes on us?”
“Alright, alright, we’ll do it!” Penny conceded.
“We’ll have to promote the crap out of it, though. Make sure people know. And not just flyers, we’re gonna need to go online. Set up a Facebook page. Gemma, can you organise a booth?”
“Sure thing, sweetheart, I’ll call today.” Gemma replied.
“Great, Juice and I can sort out Facebook. Maybe us girls can do some promo handing out flyers.”
“Just one thing,” Jax began.
“There’s a lot of money going out for this, when does it come back in again?”
“You gotta spend money to make it. We got a lot of reputation to repair, it’s gonna cost.” Chibs replied.
“I’ll look at what cash we got. Can probably move some stuff around from the club funds, make it stretch, cover what T-M can’t.” Bobby said.
“Redwoody can probably pitch in, our sales are picking up now we’ve added merchandise.”
“So, we all good with this?” Jax called.
Everyone let out a resounding “aye!”
“Penny, you might have just saved T-M.” Juice said, kissing her.
“And that deserves a drink!” Chibs called, and everyone headed towards the bar.

The fair was two weeks away, and the girls had been out promoting Teller Morrow and their booth. Penny knew it was a cheap shot, but they all dressed up in their shortest shorts and crop tops, getting as many people to take a flyer.
Thank God it’s summer, Penny thought to herself.
“The comments and snide looks from girlfriends will be so worth it when it gets T-M in the good books.” Penny reminded them as they headed back to the garage.
“You’re both free for the video shoot tomorrow, yeah?”
Both Tara and Lyla nodded.
“I’ve got one of my camera guys coming out tomorrow to shoot it, so it’ll be professional.” Lyla replied.
“Awesome! Don’t forget, bikinis and tans only.” Penny grinned and the girls walked into the clubhouse.
“What’s this about bikinis and tans?” Juice asked.
“We’re shooting the video for the car wash tomorrow, remember? You guys have to bring your swimming shorts.” Tara replied.
“Babe, I dunno if I can do this.” Juice said, pulling Penny aside.
“What are you talking about? You’re a total stud, and, just between you and me, the hottest one out of all this lot.”
Juice chuckled.
“No, I mean, you being on display for all the guys to see. I just don’t want guys to think they can just make a move on you just because you’re washing their car. It’s not worth it.”
“Aw, babe, it’ll be fine. No one is gonna a lay a hand on me. They might look, but you’re the only one that gets to touch.”
“Damn right I am.” Juice said, kissing Penny and grabbing her backside.
Penny smacked him playfully on the shoulder, and they rejoined the group.

“Aaaand, ACTION!”
“We here at Teller Morrow are proud to call Charming home. We want to give back to this town, so if you wanna help out, come down to the fair on Saturday. We’ll be washing your cars all day, with all proceeds going back to Charming. Make sure you grab your voucher for a free tune up or detailing, we’ll see you there!” Jax ended his spiel and the group smiled at the camera.
“Cut! Great job guys!” The cameraman said.
“Not so hard, was it?” Penny said.
“I’m pretty hard.” Tig replied, to the groans of everyone.
“How’s our numbers looking?” Jax asked Penny.
“Honestly, pretty good, considering. Facebook is getting a lot of likes, and I’ve had some of our friends giving good reviews. I’ve been promoting the crap out of the fair, on our page and Charming’s.”
Jax smiled and headed over to Tara.
“I’m gonna put the video up as soon as it’s been edited, hopefully that helps even more.” Penny said to Juice.
“Have I told you yet how proud I am? We needed you, and you stepped up.”
“You have, but you can tell me again.” Penny smiled.
An alarm sounded, and she checked her phone.
“Damn, I gotta get back to work, I’ll see you at home after my shift?”
“Sure thing, babe.”


The video had gone viral around Charming, and the Facebook page had exploded. A lot of comments came from men and women alike, all keen for the “hot bikers” and “sexy biker chicks” to “service their cars.”
At least that’s what Penny hoped they’d meant, and not the innuendo that she’d read into the comments.
The guys were loading up all the gear for the car wash into the back of the garage truck.
“Okay, everyone! Tomorrow is going to be a long, hot day, but remember to have fun, and we’ll all hang out after at the fair. Gemma and the prospects will man the booth, and prospects and crows will take over for the guys on lunch breaks. Now get some rest and we’ll see you all bright and early tomorrow!” Penny said, excusing everyone to get to bed.
Nearly everyone was on time the next morning. Happy and Tig got to the fair a little after everyone else, Tig sporting a red mark on his head.
“Dude ate the last of my cereal.”
“That didn’t call for you throwing a full jug of milk at my head!” Tig exclaimed, scowling at Happy.
“Sure it did. I didn’t have any cereal, what else would I have done with the milk?”
“Tig, maybe head back to T-M, give Bobby a hand if he needs it.” Gemma said, and Tig did as he was told.
“Really? A whole jug of milk at his head? Couldn’t you have just made him buy you more cereal?” Juice asked.
“Yeah, but the punishment had to fit the crime.” Happy replied, smile on his face.
Once the booth and supplies had been set up, people slowly started trickling through the gates.
“Time to de-robe, people.” Opie said.
Everyone had suddenly become shy.
“Come on guys, it’s for the club!” Lyla encouraged, and they all started to remove their shirts.
Their confidence was boosted as a group of young people walked through, whooping and cheering.

The day was going well, they were backed up with the cars waiting to be washed. Everyone had to go in pairs for lunch, and Gemma brought around sunscreen for everyone to apply.
“How are we doing?” Penny asked, applying more cream.
“Great! We’ve made over five hundred dollars, and we’re halfway through.”
They all high-fived, getting back to washing.
Penny and Juice had a lot of fun flirting while washing the cars, and the guys and girls challenged each other to see who could wash more cars. The smack talk and wet sponges flew back and forth between the groups.
By mid-afternoon, they had taken their last clients for the day, still plenty of cars left to go.
“Hey, has anyone moved the cash box?” A prospect asked.
“No, only you guys and Gemma have been around it.” Lyla replied.
“Juice and I are about to get our lunch, we’ll look for it.” Penny said, pulling her shirt over her head.
“I hope it’s not far, we got two hours before we gotta hand everything over to the mayor, and if we don’t have it, it’s not looking good for us.” Juice said.
“Keep thinking positive, babe, we’ll find it.”
They looked in the garage truck, got Gemma to check her car again, and searched the booth multiples times over.
“Ok, don’t worry, we can give them the books to show what we brought in today. Get Bobby to write a check from T-M. We can take some money from our savings and give them that. If we find the cash box, then we can put it back.” Juice said to Penny.
“That’s the best plan, at least T-M still looks good.” Penny said.
“No way, that’s way too much. I’m sure if we explain-“ Jax started.
“Charming is already suspicious of us. If they know the money is missing, they won’t believe a word we say, truth or lie.” Happy replied.
“Alright, we got twenty minutes before handover time, someone call Bobby and get that cheque down here.” Jax said.
“I’ll be back in a sec, babe, I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” Penny said to Juice, heading to the toilets with a heavy heart.
The club had worked so hard to make this happen, to turn their image around.
Walking into a cubicle, Penny spotted a pair of lacy underwear that had been left near the U-bend of the toilet.
“Classy.” She said, about to turn and find another toilet to use when she spotted something wedged in behind the bend.
The group turned and Penny held up the cash box over her head, dancing around in excitement.
They all came in and hugged, breathing a collective sigh of relief that the day had been a complete win for the club before heading over to the booth.
The handover was success, the club having raised over a thousand dollars. The mayor accepted the money in front of a crowd who congratulated them.
“So where was the box, exactly?” Gemma asked.
Penny told them about finding the underwear, and then seeing the box.
“That box has seen unspeakable things.” Happy said.
“What do you two look so sheepish for?” Chibs asked a crow eater and prospect.
“Well, Gemma put me in charge of the cash box, while she was on lunch. I had to go to the bathroom, so I took it with me to keep an eye on it.” The crow eater replied.
“I might have followed her in and…” the prospect began, stopping as everyone caught on.
“Seriously guys? Come on.”
Everyone was laughing and shaking their heads.
“Well, you’re both on toilet duties, for a month. If there’s a blocked toilet, you’re on call.” Jax said.
“And we get a lot of blocked toilets at mine and Tig’s.” Happy added.
The crow and prospect shuddered.
“I think it’s time we went and had a little fun, don’t ya think?” Penny whispered to Juice.
“Agreed. Don’t know how I managed to wash any cars with you walking around in that bikini and shorts.” Juice replied.
“I could say the same to you. Make out on the haunted house ride?” Penny grinned.
“You got it, babe.”

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Request: We got you

Request: How about a story where Y/N is a new girl in Charming, working as a waitress at the club’s favourite dinner. You start to get close to them and they ask you to help serve at some parties and at one a prospect, or hangaround, gets a little too handsy and they have to step in?

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: harassment

Originally posted by karladahmer

They got divorced. After years of happy marriage, my parents got divorced. I guess it wasn’t such a happy conjugal life after all. I was in college and my last summer break was close, I had no idea where I should go. My father was still living in our house, but mom had moved to California. My only plan was to work during the summer, save money, and when mom called, telling me her friend had a job for me, I made my decision. I packed and hopped on a plane to California.

The job was as a waitress in a Charming’s diner downtown and I just glad to have my own money and that experience. I had been doing fine, getting good tips, especially from the Sons. The Samcro bikers were regulars at the diner, coming over from breakfast or lunch after a run to somewhere out of town. I liked them, despite all the things I had heard around town. They were always nice to me.

That morning, they were talking about a party and it would be a big one apparently. They sounded so excited that I thought I had become invisible as I poured coffee on their cups, but then Bobby talked to me.

“How about making some extra cash sweetheart?”, he looking at me over his glasses, “This is gonna be a huge party and Gemma could use some help. You have experience, should help serve at the party”

Gemma Teller. I had heard a lot about her and, to be honest, she was the one who scared me among the Samcro family. I bit my lip, “I don’t know Bobby”

“I know you heard about our parties and that we’re savages”, Tig smirked, “But we will keep you safe. I promise”

They were looking at me, waiting for an answer, “I’ll think about it. I promise”

I did thought about it and realized, looking at my plans for next semester, that the extra cash would be great. I knew my mother wouldn’t like it, but I said yes anyway. Boys showed up at the diner on the next day and Jax gave me his mother’s number, I had to deal with Gemma now. I was so nervous when I called her, but she was gentle and said the boys had said good things about me. She needed me at the clubhouse on Friday night, but if I could be there earlier it would be even better. By the end afternoon I met Gemma at her office and she introduced me to the other girls helping at the party. They were used to those parties and I felt a bit intimidated, worried about doing a good job.

I had been helping Chuck all day and was seated outside, on a break, when the boys arrived. They hopped off their bikes and Chibs was the first one to see me, wrapping ar arm around my shoulders, “Hi darling. How are you doing?”

“Good”, I smiled, “Gemma is great, she told me to help Chucky, stay close to him”

“Don’t worry sweetheart”, Bobby entered the clubhouse as we all followed him, “And tells us if anybody bother you”

“Okay”, I nervously nodded.

“We mean it”, Tig emphasized and kissed the top of my head. They were being nice, but I was still nervous. I decided to find Chucky and go back to work. 

Boys were right, it was a big party indeed. I saw kuttes from at least two different places and many hangarounds too, people who knew the Sons and were friends of the club. Chucky wanted me to stay behind the bar since I was new around there, said he didn’t want anyone taking me for a sweet butt or crow eater. I did what he told, but that didn’t stop men from hitting on me. I had said no a dozen times already and it had worked so far. 

I just had opened a new bottle of whisky when this young Son leaned over the counter, asking for a drink. I served him, but he didn’t let me go, grabbing my wrist. 

“Let go”, I calmly said, but he just smirked. 

“You do know that you’re here to please, don’t you babe?”, he licked his lips and I only felt disgusted. He was drunk and couldn’t hold my wrist when I pulled back.

“I’m not your babe”, I hissed. I knew I should tell one of the boys, but I also wanted to handle it on my own, “Get lost”

He glared at me for a second and then shrugged, walking away from the bar. I rolled my eyes when I saw the prospect patch on his back. I breathed deeply as I looked around and noticed Gemma staring at me across the room. She just raised an eyebrow; I nodded that everything was fine and continued to work. At some point, people started to leave, find rooms or just fall on the couches or floor. Gemma told me I could go, paid me and kissed my cheeks, saying I had done a good job and she hoped to see me again soon. I grabbed my car keys and walked outside. I just had closed the door behind me when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me to his chest.

“Leaving without saying goodbye to me?”, his drunk giggle was enough for me to recognize the man as the idiot that was hitting on me later. 

“Let me go”, I clenched my jaw and was ready to hit him if I had too. My father had insisted on self-defense classes before I leave for college. He laughed but it got choked on his throat when someone else held him in a lock. Chibs kept me from falling, holding me by my waist.

“Are you okay?”, he asked. I nodded, watching Tig and Happy hold the prospect as Jax approached him. Samcro president had a smirk on his lips and I couldn’t listen him, but he clearly was threatening my stalker, whose eyes widened. 

“Do. You. Understand?”, Jax asked louder, the prospect nodded and he told Tig and Happy to let the boy go. He ran as the devil himself was after him and Jax finally turned to look at me.

“Are you okay darling?”, he asked.

“Yes”, I nodded, “Thanks… What did you just say to him? You scared the shit out of that boy”

“Don’t worry about that darling”, Jax winked as him and Chibs walked me to my car, “We got you”

Vikings / Sons of Anarchy Crossover Fic

So here it is! I didn’t come up with a fitting title so far but maybe next chapter. I already got the feeling that this will turn into a monster. I’m dying to throw an OC into this and see what happens, so this can be seen as a prologue. I really hope you guys like the idea because the next chapter is already in the making.

Naturally this is a bit off canon for both shows. Out of practical reasons the timelines are a bit different, also in this Ivar can walk and is a bit older then he currently is on the show. Later chapters might require more changes (I totally want Opie to be alive) but we will see.

I’m a bit nervous because this is so different from everything I have written before. I hope you guys like it.

@belle-scarre @nekodalolita


„Have you heared the news from Oaktown?“ Juice came running towards him as soon as he had pulled into the TM lot.

Jax took off this helmet and sunglasses. “Calm down, Juicy. What news are you talking about?”

“There’s a new crew in Oakland. They’ve taken over Lin’s territory.”

Jax narrowed his eyes. “Really? I suppose Lin’s not all too happy about that?”

“He was found dead yesterday morning.”

“Not too much of a loss for the world” Jax stated as they joined Chibs, who was sitting at the picnic table in front of the club house. “So what do we know about this new crew?”

“It’s an MC. They call themselves Vikings. No one knows where they came from, they seem to have appeared out of thin air.” Chibs said taking a long swig from his beer.

“They pop up out of nowhere, kill Lin and take over his territory? They must be more than bold to pull of such a thing. And smart if they’ve found a way of doing that without having to fear the retaliation of the Chinese.”

Chibs gave a shrug. “Or maybe they’re not so smart and the problem will solve itself soon.”

“There’s more. About Lin, how he was found.” Juice added.

Jax looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

“It’s just rumors so far but they say that his back was cut open and his lungs were pulled out. Then he was left like that to bleed out or suffocate or whatever. That is really brutal shit, man.”

“And it changes the whole dynamic in Oaktown. What does that mean for us, Jackieboy?” Chibs asked.

Jax rubbed his chin. “I don’t know yet. We’ll have to wait and see. But in the meantime I want you guys to find out everything you can about this MC. We’ll deal with this later. Nero is waiting for me in Stockton to talk about that Diosa expansion.”

On his way to Stockton the news about this new MC were going round and round in Jax’ head. The road was long and straight and there was not much to see besides slight hills and low bushes. Deep in his thoughts, he noticed the dark van that suddenly appeared next to him seconds too late. The side door slid open and Jax hit the brakes, just in time to fall behind as three masked men started to shoot. He managed to get behind the van and out of their sight but relief only lasted two seconds as the driver of the van hit the brakes and he had to take a fast swing to the left in order not to crash into the vehicle in front of him. He looked around for anything that could be helpful, but there was only the straight road ahead and the desert around him. That meant there was only one chance to get out of this alive. He turned the gas lever and accelerated his bike to maximum speed. By pure luck he dodged a few more bullets that came flying past him, but soon the shooters realized that at this speed their chances to hit their target were going towards zero and settled for just following him. For now.

Jax let out a relieved breath as the outskirts of Stockton came into sight. He barely slowed down his bike as he passed the first buildings, desperately trying to come up with a plan to get rid of his followers. Obviously he couldn’t show up at Diosa with them still in tow. He spotted a deserted looking factory hall to his right and managed to drift into the gateway at a deadly tempo, wheels smoking and brakes shrieking. A small smirk appeared on his face as he looked over his shoulder and saw that the van hadn’t made it and had to stop and reverse. He drove around the building and hid his bike behind a pile of scrap metal, although he knew it probably made no difference. Looking for a way in, he found a small dirty window just above his head. He smashed it with the handle of his gun and managed to pull himself up and inside.

Jax heard the van pull up outside and soon after there was a rattle on one of the doors. He found cover behind a rusting dumpster just next to that door. If they came through it and marched right in, he would be in their backs, maybe that would give him the advantage he needed.  A single shot echoed through the hall, followed by a loud crack as the door was kicked open. His plan seemed to work out, for the three men stepped in, totally unaware that he was that close. He waited until they had passed him before he left his covert, gun pointing straight at them as he flicked the safety off.

“Don’t move. Guns down. Don’t turn around. You can try and shoot me if you want but then at least one of you dies here.” He was almost surprised as they obeyed immediately, slowly bending down to place their guns on the ground. “Good. Now slowly turn around.”

The men did das they were told and slowly turned to face him. The moment he realized that all three were grinning through their masks it was already too late. He heard the metallic klick of a gun lock behind his back.

“Drop our weapon and raise your hands.” A voice commanded from behind him.

He had seen three men shooting from the van, of course there had to be at least one more. He cursed himself for his stupidity. He was screwed now. There was no way out of this one.

“What the hell do you want?” He asked as his gun landed on the floor with a clatter.

There was no answer, instead a shot rang out. Jax was startled and for a moment he was sure that this was the end. Surprisingly he didn’t feel anything. Then he heard the dull thud of a body hitting the ground.

The three men in front of him grabbed their guns from the ground and ran for cover. As more gunshots echoed through the factory, Jax decided that it probably was the smart move and followed suit. He found a place where he had good cover but was also able to see what was going on.

Three more men had entered the hall, unlike the first ones they weren’t masked. Two of them had bold heads and thick beards, the third one was dark haired and seemed to be younger than the others and even though they all were wearing cuts, he didn’t recognize any of them.

They were going to work expertly, giving each other cover while moving in on the masked men. It seemed as if the bullets flying towards them didn’t concern them in the slightest. Jax had to admit that he was impressed with their combat skills. He fired a few bullets as well but from his position he had a shitty angle at his former capturers and from what he saw these new arrivals weren’t in need for his aid. As soon as they were close enough one of the two bolds made a hand sign and the dark haired man started to move around the old truck the masked men had found cover behind. As he circled the truck, Jax could see the back of his cut. Vikings MC it said over some strange sign. The conversation with Chibs and Juice this morning came back to his mind. He obviously had found the new Oakland crew. The other two Vikings were keeping the men behind the truck down with steady fire and soon the dark haired one had reached them. No questions were being asked. Three quick shots and then in got quiet.

This was probably the time to get out of here, but to reach any possible entrance he had to get past them. He wasn’t sure if they knew that he was still here until the dark haired one gestured into his direction, addressing the others in a strange sounding language.

Jax tightened his grip around his gun as they approached him. “Who are you?” He asked, raising his gun.

A split second later he was staring into the muzzles of two hand guns. Only the bold guy in the middle hadn’t raised his gun and Jax spotted a President’s patch on his chest.

The President clicked his tongue in disapproval. “Is that the way to treat the guys that just saved your ass?” He was talking with a slight accent Jax had never heard before. “You can put that gun away, we have no quarrel with you.” He gestured for his companions to do the same.

The other bold man slowly lowered his gun but the younger one didn’t move. He was watching Jax through narrowed eyes, his finger tense around the trigger.

The President nudged him with an elbow. “Ivar.”

Jax could see the hesitation in the other man’s eyes and slowly let his gun sink in de-escalation. Ivar followed suit, but he made sure to move just a little bit slower than Jax did and unlike everyone else he did not shove the weapon back into pants but kept it his hand, radiating an air of silent threat.

The President nodded. “Now that that’s settled, my name is Ragnar and this is Ivar, my VP and Floki, my Sergeant.” He said, introducing the group. “And you’re Jax Teller, President of the Sons of Anarchy.”

Jax narrowed his eyes. “You know who I am?”

The Sergeant gave a strange giggle. “Of course we do. We always do our homework, otherwise we wouldn’t be around anymore.”

“Then maybe you also know who these guys were.” Jax said, gesturing towards the four dead men. “And what they did want from me, because I seriously got no clue.”

“A crew of drug dealers from Oakland.” Ragnar explained. “Shitheads mainly, but they thought now that Lin is gone they could become all big and influential. And they don’t seem to like competition, killed one of my guys two day ago. I had someone following them around ever since then and this place seemed perfect to make our move.” He dramatically waved his hand around. “This is how we ended up here.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense. My club isn’t selling drugs.” Jax argued.

“Well then, maybe they just didn’t like your hair.” Floki said with another giggle.

Jax ignored him. “We are trying to keep drug out of Charming.”

“Ah.” Ivar made, tapping his temple with two fingers  and Jax knew what he meant, maybe that was the point.

“Well, maybe we should continue this conversation elsewhere.” Ragnar suggested. “If the people of Stockton aren’t deaf, the cops should be here soon.” He looked at Jax. “There’s a little party tonight at our clubhouse. Why don’t you and your crew show up? Maybe we can work together in some way to both of our benefit.”

Family Matters

A/N: Drabble request for anon​. Imagine in which the reader is Piney’s daughter, who has taken on more than she can handle between looking after her dad, studying, helping with the club and babysitting for Jax and Opie. She breaks down and cries, and Chibs finds her like that. I changed it slightly, just to fit the story, but here it is, I hope you enjoy!

You didn’t dare hit snooze. While you were desperate for more than four hours sleep at night, your studies needed the time more. And the club. And babysitting for Jax and Opie. Cleaning for you and Piney.
Your eyes were itchy from lack of sleep, and if they could, they’d have screamed at you to roll over and sleep all day.
Heaving yourself up, you got out of bed, grabbing a shower before dressing and eating a quick breakfast. You had a couple of hours before you had to get over to the clubhouse to help Gemma and the croweaters with prep for the club party. You would study until then, head over to TM to help, before you went to Jax’s place to babysit.
Tara was working that night, and yours and Opie’s mum had gone AWOL again, so you offered to babysit the kids for Ope and Jax. They wanted you to come to the party as well, but you knew they would want the kids at home in bed at a decent hour, and you could use the extra time to study while they were asleep.
“Just gotta get through finals. When finals are done, it’ll be better.” You said to yourself, sitting at your dining table, your textbooks and notes creating a sort of tablecloth.
Just as you positioned your pen over your paper to pick up where you’d left off the night before, your phone rang.
“Y/N, it’s Gemma.”
“Gem, hi.”
“Can you go to the store and pick up some things for me before you come over, and could you get here a little earlier? A couple of the crows are sick and can’t make it.”
You looked down at your studies, sighing quietly at the time you’d lose.
“Sure thing, just text me what you need, I’ll be there soon.”
“Thanks baby, I know I can always count on you.”
You ended the call, packing up your books and putting them in your bag. Perhaps if you’d worked quickly at the clubhouse, you could head to Jax’s sooner and get a head start while the kids watched a movie.

“Y/N, how are yeh? Yeh look exhausted!” Chibs greeted you as you were coming out of the clubhouse.
You’d been cleaning and prepping food all day, staying longer than you’d hoped.
“Hey, Chibs. Just a busy day.”
“Comin’ to the party tonight?”
You shook your head. “Babysitting for Jax and Ope tonight, gonna study.”
“Don’t forget to take a break every now and again. Your da’s been tellin’ me he’s worried about yeh.”
“Thanks, I will.” You replied, knowing that a break wouldn’t be on the horizon for a long while.
Even if you’d finished school, you still had your place to look after, helping out with the kids, and with the admin work at the garage.
Your dad’s health hadn’t been great for a while and you worried about him, looking after him the best you could by cooking and cleaning for him.
So many things to do, so few hours.
You got to Jax’s just after five. You walked in, Kenny and Ellie playing with a chuckling Abel. As exhausted as you were, they were so sweet playing together.
You loved time with your niece and nephews, Abel pretty much family to you.
“Hey guys.” You set your backpack on the dining table.
“Thanks again for doing this, Y/N.” Jax said, coming over and giving you a hug.
“My pleasure.”
“You guys be good for your aunt, we’ll see you later.” Opie said, giving you a hug on his way out, Jax following behind him.
“Alright guys, we’re gonna have a quiet night, ok?”


“Please watch it with us!” Ellie said, tugging on your arm.
Abel had gone down to sleep an hour ago and you’d set Kenny and Ellie up with popcorn and a movie after you’d finished dinner.
“I really need to study, guys. You watch it and if you let me study, I’ll come watch the next one with you.”
You’d hoped that the kids would fall asleep on the couch through the first movie, so you’d have the night to catch up.
Ellie left you at the dining table, but it wasn’t long before they both came back and asked you to watch with them.
They were such sweet kids, you doted on them, and you caved. You settled on the cozy couch, Ellie cuddled up to you on one side, Kenny on the other.
The movie began, and as the kids dozed off, you started to feel groggy. Focussing on the movie became harder and harder, and before you knew it, Tara was shaking your shoulder, waking you.
You wriggled out from under the kids, following her into the kitchen.
“Thanks so much for watching them. I can take over.”
“No problems, see you tomorrow.”
It was nearly 1am, and you decided to go home and sleep rather than keep going.

The alarm didn’t wake you, because you’d forgotten to set it. The phone call from Gemma did, at 9am.
“Sorry sweetheart, I know you’re busy, but I was wondering if you’d mind helping out at the garage today?”
“Oh, yeah, I’ll be there in half an hour, tops.”
You’d unpacked your bag after getting home from babysitting the night before, in hopes of getting up and studying first thing that morning. Packing it again, you headed out, driving over to TM.
Between taking calls for the garage and the paperwork, you tried to study.
You’d misplaced your pen countless times, been interrupted just as often, and you were looking through your bag for a set of notes you needed.
Checking the desk, you couldn’t find them. You got up and walked out to your car, thinking you might have left them there. Rummaging about, they were no where to be found.
Frustrated, you slammed your car door, walking back to the office, looking through your bag once more before accepting that you’d left them at home.
“GOD DAMN IT!!” You yelled, throwing one of your textbooks at the wall of the office.
Slumping down in the chair, you put your head on the desk, tears streaming down your face. Your shoulders heaved as you sobbed, your breaking point reached. You didn’t even care that anyone saw you, you were just so tired and worn thin.
The door to the office opened and you didn’t bother to look up.
“What?” You said, your voice flat and thick with emotion.
The door shut again and you felt someone sit on the desk next to you. 
“Yeh okay, Y/N?”
You looked up to a blurry Chibs, his arms crossed. Wiping your eyes, you sat back in the chair.
“So great.” Chibs hugged out a laugh, scooting over and pulling open a draw, taking out a bottle of whiskey and two glasses.
He poured the drinks and handed one to you. You drank it in one gulp, feeling the burn in your chest.
“Maybe not so great.” You answered again.
“So, what are we gon t'do t'make it better?” Chibs asked, setting his glass down on the desk.
“There’s just so much to do Chibs. I got all this,” you gestured to your notes. “I got Dad to look after, I’m helping out with the kids, the clubhouse. It’s not that I don’t wanna do it, I love doing all these things, it’s just…”
“You’ve taken on too much, lass. Look, everyone appreciates what yeh doin’, but it’s time t'step back.”
You nodded, knowing he was right, but you just wanted to help your family. The club was always there for you, and you wanted to be there for it.
“Focus on your studies. There’s others who can watch the kids. Crows can help out at your da’s or even Gem will help. Prospect’s can cover office stuff. Won’t be for long, you’re nearly done?”
You nodded again, only a few weeks out from finishing school.
“But what about-” You started, but Chibs stopped you.
“We’ll figure this out. Yeh gotta get yourself a good job, earn the real money, set us all up for retirement.”
You chuckled, wiping away stray tears.
“Been a while since we’ve seen tha’ smile, lass. Now, get home and eat a decent meal, get some sleep and look after yehself.” Chibs said.
You stood, and Chibs pulled you in for a hug, kissing the top of your head.
“Thanks, Chibs.” You said.
“Anytime, Y/N. Family looks out for one another.”

🖤 SOA-Preference:“Pet names for their girlfriends” 🖤

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Jax: He would call his girlfriend Darlin’.

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Tig: You would always be his Baby.

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Chibs: You would hear him call you Love, unless his Scottish mood comes on and he mutters something like Mo chroí (my heart).

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Opie: Hun would be the term.

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Kozik: Ready to be his Kitty?

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Happy: He would proudly call you Babe!

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Juice: He loves to call you Sunshine.

Number one//Chibs Telford

Info: Trying to announce to the club that you’re pregnant, but no one will let her finish her sentence. Eventually she just blurts it out.

Warnings: swearing

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Y/n always watched Chibs with Jax’s kids, it warmed her heart. What made her even happier was knowing she was pregnant and knowing that one day, he’d have his own kid to play with and love. Chibs had one daughter, but she was an ocean away, but having one here with him could be good. Y/n and Chibs hadn’t had much talk about children but she assumed he’d be happy.

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Request: Deal breaker

Request: Can you do an imagine where you and happy are married with 2 toddlers and you find out he cheats on you so take the kids and leave and he can’t find you the ending fluffy?

I named the kids, I hope you don’t mind. Another sad imagine, please don’t hate the writer.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: cheating

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I began to hang around Samcro in one of those rare calm phases, when club was doing good and just working hard. Despite all the warnings about his nickname, reputation and the fact he didn’t do romance, I fell for Happy Lowman. I couldn’t help it, there was just something about him that attracted me like a magnet. No, it hadn’t been love at first sight though, and we weren’t that close in the beginning. Happy wasn’t looking for romance and I wasn’t expecting flowers and serenades. We were looking for a partner, just someone to walk by our side after disappointments and getting tired of solitude.

We were in the same page, and when we realized it, our relationship evolved. We began to date, open up to each other and Happy showed me a new side of him. I understood then; he was capable of romance, but his own kind and shown by his actions. We were in love and got married in a beautiful spring night. A year later, our son, Gabriel, was born to become his dad’s proud and a while later Penelope came to be Happy’s joy.

Our life was simple and good, and we were happy; but nothing can remain untouched or not affected by the Samcro life forever. Happy tried to keep me in the dark for a while, but an old lady just know, on her heart, when something is going wrong. My husband spending less time at home wasn’t helping either. I had never put my feet at Redwoody, but there I was, looking for my husband after two nights that he hadn’t come back home. I also had nothing against Lyla, but as the person running the place and the first one I saw, she was an inevitable target. Her eyes, big as plates, told I wasn’t supposed to be there and something would hurt me if I kept walking inside the studio.

“Where is he Lyla?”, I kept my voice down. One thing I had learnt from Happy Lowman was that a low and monotonous tone not always means calm. She begged and tried to stop me, but I ignored Lyla. I found them. The girl, asleep on a couch, wearing his shirt and my husband’s clothes on the floor as I heard the shower in the bathroom next door.

“Y/N”, Lyla followed me as I turned around and marched out of that place. She was talking, but I wasn’t listening. All I wanted to do was go back home, pack my things and take my kids with me to far from that town. As I said, nothing was perfect around Samcro and neither was my plan, because I bumped into Jax and Chibs on my way out.

“What is going on?”, the MC President creased his brow as he noticed the angry me and the desperate Lyla. I took off my weeding band and put it on Jax’s hand.

“Please, give it back to Happy”

Happy’s POV

“What is this?”, Happy asked as Jax put a ring on his hand.

“She told me to give it back to you”, his brother grimaced as he recognized the ring as Y/N’s wedding band. Happy looked around, confused and met Lyla’s sad eyes.

“She wouldn’t listen to me or stop”, the girl whispered, “Y/N saw you and…”

He didn’t listen the rest of it, Happy stormed out the studio and hopped onto his bike. Jax and Chibs followed him as he rode toward his house. This wasn’t him, Happy had let things get under his skin and he couldn’t regret it more. Club always had come first and it had been overwhelming lately, he had been hiding his clothes covered in blood from Y/N, not wanting to bring it inside his house, close to his kids. However, he had done it, in his attempt to stay away from home to protect his family, he had made a mistake that could make him lose everything.

“Y/N!”, Happy yelled as walked upstairs. He haven’t heard his children’s voices and the rooms were a mess. She had packed in a hurry. He went downstairs again; Jax and Chibs were standing on his living room and watching as Happy dialed Juice’s number, “Track down Y/N’s phone. NOW!”

“What do you wanna do brother?”, Jax asked, watching Happy closely.

“Mom”, he barked and stormed outside. They rode, as fast as they could, to Happy mother’s house. Y/N was close to his mom and kids absolutely loved their abuela. He just had parked his bike when Juice called back.

“No sign of her man”, the boy said, “I’ll keep trying for the phone and her credit card”

Happy didn’t answer and his mother was already coming to meet him, followed by a worried caretaker, trying to get her inside again. He had no choice but to tell her what had happened. As much as his mother loved him, she wasn’t blind to her son’s mistakes and scolded Happy as he was a little boy.

“You bring mis nietos back!”, she just barked and went back inside. Happy, Jax and Chibs tried everywhere; Venus’ and Donna’s houses and even Gemma’s. Y/N was nowhere to be found. He was getting desperate as the night fell, wondering if his kids where asking for daddy and if their mother already had taken them miles away.

Happy haven’t slept and Gemma was sadly looking at him as she poured a cup of coffee. Juice hadn’t had success in tracking Y/N and he was out of ideas where she might have gone. Happy opened his wallet and looked at the pictures; one of his family, Y/N, Gabriel and Penelope, and another one of him and Y/N in front of their house. They just had moved from her first apartment to a bigger house to start their family. Y/N still had the apartment though, she had rent it, but nobody had been living there in months. Suddenly, Happy had an idea and without telling it to anybody, he hopped onto his bike again.


My old apartment was a good place to hide. Happy had moved in as soon as we got married and the place was perfect for us, but our family would grow with Gabriel and we needed a bigger house. Happy wanted a yard for his son to play and maybe a dog too. I had insisted in keeping the apartment though, it had been a present from my father and I didn’t want to sell it. I rent it, but it had been empty for months. It only had a bed with an old mattress, but it would be enough for us until I decide what to do.

I had thrown my phone away, so Juice couldn’t track it and I had money, I wouldn’t have to use my credit card so soon. I bought food and kids were still sleeping. I had been staring at my new burner phone, thinking if it was a good idea to call my mother, who lived in Nevada. I was about to get up and wake up the kids when someone opened the front door. I looked around for my purse and the gun inside it, but I stopped when I saw my husband standing there.

“Y/N”, Happy let out a relieved sigh and walked toward me. I held out a hand to stop him.

“Kids are sleeping”, I whispered and he nodded. We never had been the kind of couple that would argue for the neighborhood to listen. Actually, we weren’t the kind of couple that argued at all.

“You worried me, I had been looking for you”, Yes, I could see the signs of a sleepless night on his eyes. I wanted to hug him, feel those arms around me again, but Happy had hurt me.

“I saw you with that girl”, I crossed my arms and walked backwards, putting distance between us. I saw his jaw twitch, Happy had said once that he never wanted to scare me, make me run from him.

“Y/N”, he begged, letting me know how desperate he was. Happy Lowman never begged.

“Were you drunk?”, I cut him off.

“No”, he answered. I had to ask, it wouldn’t make me forgive him, but I need a reason, anything to help me understand, “I have no excuse for what I did. Club business had been taking the best of me, I didn’t want to bring it inside our house, to our children lives, so I stayed away. It had been a tough day again, I was pissed off and then she was there, pushing me and I… I…”

“I’ve never thought you would do something like this to me Hap”, my voice was breaking, I hadn’t cried yet, I had to be strong for my children, “Trust is so damn important to you”

“You have no idea how sorry I am”, Happy grimaced and he looked almost in pain, “I would give anything to go back in time and undo this”

I couldn’t hold back anymore, I let the tears flow. Happy pulled me to his embrace, held me close and tight. I felt his lips brushing mine. In the past, it would have been enough to lead us to our bedroom. In the present, it just made me feel a lump on my throat and I pulled back, “You know I can’t forgive you Hap”

“Babe”, he whispered, still holding me, “We always have been able to talk and work things out”

“Not in this case Hap”, I opened my hands over his chest, feeling his heart beating fast and I gently pushed him away, “I can’t, cheating is a deal breaker”

“The kids”, I heard Happy’s voice break for the first time since I had met him.

“I’m not taking them away from you”, I assured him. I couldn’t do it, my children need their father. It would be a mistake to run away with them, I realized it when I saw Happy’s misery, “I just need time”

“You can go back to our house”, he swallowed, “I’m going to the clubhouse”

“Hap…”, I started.

“No, no arguing about this babe”, he sadly smiled, “I won’t let you or the kids here. You deserve a good place. I’d be damned if I not provide for my family”

We looked at each other for a moment, both breathing deeply. Happy pulled me to him and hugged me tight again. Our children woke up and we took them back to our house. Happy told them he had to work. We had decided to wait and explain to them what was actually happening later. He packed as I distracted Gabriel and Penelope on the living room. He kissed both goodbye and I walked him to the door.

“You can come over to see them anytime”, I hugged myself, as I was trying to keep me from breaking into a million pieces.

“I will”, Happy reached for my arms and caressed them, “You can call me anytime if you need anything, absolutely anything”

“I know Hap, I know”, I nodded and stood on my tiptoes to kiss his cheek, “I’m still your friend you know, I care about you”

“I care about you a lot too little girl”, he whispered and kissed my forehead, his lips lingering on my skin, “I’m still your best friend and I will always be here for you. Always”