jax grandmaster at arms


Concept and facial work for a Temple Jax blog I am hopefully soon releasing. The idea around it is that Jax accidentally finds himself in Ionia in the starting days of the Noxian invasion, forcing him to literally cut through Noxian forces to the capital. Word of his deeds grow, and the people come to see him as a hero of sorts, destroying battalions of soldiers that would have easily slaughtered the countless isolated communities jotting the countryside.

Eventually, he is found by monks of the Hinara monastery, and asked to become the second guardian of Pallas, since the original guardian went wayward, he mainly said yes for the sake of being able to fight those who wanted its power, and possibly anything from Pallas itself, though as time drew on he took his job more seriously, actually understanding the gravity of his duty.

Anyway, I wanted to draw some Jax, he’s fun to draw and I like his clothing style, so hopefully I get to do much more of him.

Also, the unmasked Jax (albiet looking like Yasuo), was inspired by @lampstrike and their Jax :^)

Yesterday i finished watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Hoooly shit boi, this is one of the best anime i ever watched. Being influenced by it i drew the cutscene, trying to make it in style closest to TTGL, with my League of Legends main - Jax, as my mecha :D. Strongly recommend to watch it cause WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!!!
P.S: The music is juicy as magma too.