They jumped off the Jaws bridge!

Do you know what does the Jaws bridge means? First, try to guess.

Well, it’s about all the movies and how it made me dream about visiting the US. I bet everyone wants to see celebrities or movie shootings, but what if you have a chance to see a place where the scary movie was from? I think you’ve guessed that I’m talking about “Jaws”.

“Jaws 1,2,3,4” I’m sure you saw them all because It’s not just about an exciting movie; it’s all about Steven Spielberg! Of course you know this guy and the 11 Oscars that he received! 

So the first shark movie was shown in 1975 and it was on my lovely Martha’s Vineyard island where I spent my summer in 2014.  

The fishing village of Menemsha was the primary film location. Also MV was chosen because the surrounding ocean had a sandy bottom and it’s true! It allowed the mechanical sharks to operate while also being beyond the sight of land.

To jump off from this bridge is totally a must. They even sell a kinda victory t-shirt which says, “I jumped off the Jaws bridge” buuuuut I didn’t do this! It’s not so high but still pretty scary to me. I hope that I’ll do it in the summer of 2015 and will show you my pics instead of my friend’s pics.