I really love the Avvar from Stonebear Hold. And playing as a Dalish, it feels like after Trespasser is done, the Inquisitor may not want to ever return to their clan because they know the horrible truth about their religion. I feel like being named kin of Stonebear Hold gives them a place they can belong. The Avvar’s lifestyle isn’t so different from the Dalish and their unique way of handling mages and spirits seems as, if not more, open minded.            


Jacques Cousteau, the world famous oceanographer and undersea explorer who invented the Aqua-Lung, dared to go where no one had gone before. 

He followed his passion to both protect and better understand our world’s oceans and the creatures that inhabited them. Cousteau was 65 at the time of this recording but he was still diving and hungry for more exploration and adventure. Here’s his story.

How to prank Paladin Danse:

Paint a pin-up ghoul onto the back his power armor.

This will assault multiple tenants of his being all at once and cause him to be simultaneously angry and embarrassed. Beware his wrath at this personal invasion but catch him off guard, when he comes bellowing at you, with a tattoo of him as a pinup on your own body.

As for what happens next, his slack jawed confusion should give you time to decide upon the best course of action.

Good luck soldier.

The Last Time

Heartbreak and sadness are of the deadliest poisons, for they kill you slowly in misery. 

Genre: smut and angst

Sehun continued to pound into you. He kept a steady pace and made sure to hit all the right angles. Your head board continuously hit wall, sure to leave a dent. Sweat made stray hairs cling to your forehead. Looking at Sehun’s body above was like a dream. From his chiseled abs, the his arms that were just the right amount of toned, up to his jaw line that was so sharp, you swore it could cut diamonds. You ran your hands over his chest and over his shoulders, playing with the hair at the base of his neck as he brought you closer to your release.

 "You’re so tight, even after all this time.“ He grunted, a sheen of sweat forming on his face as he picked up the pace. You moaned in response, filled with to much pleasure to form sounds besides wanton moans and mewls. You reached up and cupped his cheek in your hand before bringing your lips together. It was a battle of teeth and tongue. Each of you battled for the upper hand, but in the end you let him win, you always did. He pulled on your bottom lip with his teeth as he felt your walls clenching around him.

 "I’m so close Sehun” you breathed. 

 "Cum for me baby" he replied hiking you leg over his hip and angling deeper inside you. Soon you were seeing white as the knot in your stomach came undone. His name fell from your lips as you rode out your high. Sehun soon followed suit, pulling out and releasing his seed onto your stomach. Without wasting a second he was off the bed and pulling his boxers back on. 

 "Here" he mentioned tossing a towel in your direction, “clean yourself up. See you tomorrow.” With that he gathered his remaining clothes and walked out your bedroom door. It had been like this for months, meeting in the middle of the night for a meaningless hookup, only to pretend you were acquaintances the next day. You were one of the many assistants at SM entertainment. You had gotten the position on a fluke, but you were grateful for the job nonetheless. Sehun had immediately noticed the new girl, prancing through the halls in her modest heels, politely greeting various idols and board members that came in. What captivated him the most was how you looked like a shy, girl next door type on the outside, but you held a glint in your eye that said otherwise. He had a feeling you could be quite dirty outside of work, and he was right. He had made you a proposition; to hookup with him and help him relive stress. Although it was a shocking proposition, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you would benefit by sleeping with one of your favorite exo members. It was a win win for both of you, and there were no rules against dating idols in your contract, so you obliged. Not 1 month after you started your job did the secret meet ups start, and when you were almost a year into working there, and the secret was still safe. 


 You heard your front door being opened and silently shut seconds later, signaling he had left. You sighed and moved to clean yourself up before showering, a feeling of sadness washing over you.  

Probably just the gloomy weather. You thought to yourself as rain continued to fall outside. 

With one last look out the bathroom window, you stepped into your hot shower, feeling instantly relaxed. You let the water consume you, running through your hair and then down your body. No matter how hot you made the water, you couldn’t rid yourself of the guilt and shame you felt after every fuck. You knew it was wrong, no matter how much you wanted it to be right. Even though you were able to silence your conscious every time Sehun wanted to come over, you couldn’t keep it quiet forever. Every time he left there was the nagging feeling tugging at you, eating you from the inside out. Self loathing would spread through every corner of your body, making you regret your decision, only for you to make it again the next day. 

One day I will say no to him…. one day


“Ms. ____________, please put this in the storage room for me." 

 "Of course sir” you replied to your supervisor with a light bow. 

 "After you may take your lunch.“ 

 "Thank you sir” was your response to his retreating figure. He was so busy that you hardly ever saw him. When you did, he usually gave you a list of things to do. You rendered yourself lucky this time. As you began taking the supplies to the room like he asked, you felt your phone vibrate. Carefully placing your items down, you read what was on the screen.

 Also, I need for you to organize the file room. The paper work hasn’t been filed away properly, and it’s getting out of hand. Once that is finished, you may go home. 

“Spoke to soon” you mumbled mostly to yourself. Hopefully the file room wasn’t that bad, You wanted nothing more than to go home and just relax. ___________ 

 The file room was pretty destroyed when you had walked in. Someone had obviously been looking for something, but didn’t want to clean their mess up after. Thankfully, after an hour of organizing, you were almost done. You were bending down to put a file in the bottom drawer when someone came up behind you and shut the door. The sound of it locking filled the quiet space. 

 "I found you" 

 You didn’t have to turn around to know who was there. It was none other than Oh Sehun. He walked up behind you and placed his hands on your hips. You felt his hardening member pressing into your ass. 

 "What do you say we have a quickie before I take off for practice?“ He breathed into your ear as you stood. His breath fanned across your neck as he spoke and it sent chills straight to your core. 

 I have to tell him no, my job could be jeopardized for sleeping with an idol on the clock. But he is so tempting… stupid sexy Sehun. 

He interrupted you internal debate by nibbling on the spot below your ear, his hands found their way around your waist and rested right above your womanhood. You wanted to nothing more than to lean into his touch and give into his needs, but your job was on the line. 

 "I can’t” you finally responded, removing his hands from your body and ultimately turning to see him. Disappointment flashed across his features before being replaced with his signature resting bitch face. 

 "Why? Do you suddenly have morals?“ He retorted, crossing his arms over his chest. That was a low blow, you both knew that. 

 "What is that supposed to mean?” Irritation was itching to come out as you spoke, but you held your composure. 

 "Maybe it means that you are such a good slut for me when we meet outside of work, but now you are being a prude.“ His words stabbed through you like a knife. But he wasn’t done. 

 "You do realize I could easily hookup with any one of the assistants in this office right? Who knows, maybe they would be a better fuck than you.” 

Saying you were hurt was an understatement. His words pierced your heart like a dull rusted knife that he kept twisting and twisting as he continued to insult you. You had let your feelings for him go to far, and now you were paying the price as your little charade fell to pieces in front of your eyes. How stupid of you to think that you could be happy with your friend with benefits deal you had with Sehun. What a fool you were for loving this man. Your pride was hurt, and you wanted nothing more than to yell and scream at him, to tell him he was a bastard and didn’t deserve your love. But alas you couldn’t do that. So you heaved a heavy sigh, swallowed your pride and simply stated, 

” I do realize that. Which is why I am ending things here. Last night was the last time Sehun. Have a good life. Exo fighting!“ 

 You walked pat him, brushing your shoulder against him as you did. With unsteady hands you unlocked the door and walked out, leaving a speechless Sehun in your wake.


A week had passed since that day. You had put in your 2 week notice promptly after the incident. Sehun held true to his word of hooking up with another assistant. It was as if you meant nothing to him. But that’s how it works right? A normal girl falls in love with the idol, they have their share of fun together and the idol leaves for bigger and better things. While you tried your hardest to let go of the idea of Sehun, it was proving to be difficult. So hopefully after leaving the company, you would have a better chance at healing, at least that what you desperately hoped for. This was what you wanted for yourself after all. To be more than just an easy fuck to someone. To have meaning to someone. 

You were so lost in your thoughts, you didn’t watch where you were going. Next thing you knew, your documents were on the floor and so were you. 

 "I am so sorry, are you ok?” You looked up to the angelic voice that was currently helping you gather your belongings. It was another member of Sehun’s group, the leader of it actually, Kim Junmyeon, or Suho, as his fans liked to call him.

 "Oh I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I was so lost in my thoughts and I-“ 

 "You don’t have to explain yourself to me” he concluded with a silky laugh. He grabbed your hand and pulled you to a standing position. Trying not to let him see how sheepish you were feeling, you smoothed out the non existent wrinkles in your skirt. 

 "I do have to ask though, what was clouding your thoughts so much that you didn’t look to see where you were walking? You seemed like you were lost since way over there.“ He gestured to the hall you had just came from, which was a good 50 feet away. 

You didn’t realize how long you were immersed in your inner turmoil. Out of nervous habit, you began biting your bottom lip. Answering his question was hard, but you didn’t want to lie to him either. Instead of responding you just looked down. 

 "It’s about Sehun isn’t it” he gently questioned, barely loud enough for you to hear. Cautiously you looked up at him and was met with a sympathetic gaze. 

He has to know what had happened, there was no way he couldn’t

Sehun was his roommate so you were sure that suho knew of everything. Shame overtook you, crashing down upon you in harsh waves. A hurricane of guilt and discomfort filled you, flooding your entirety and looking for an escape through tears. You tried hard to hold them back, to ashamed to make yourself vulnerable to suho, and to cautious to let anyone know how much the whole situation affected you. Silent sobs fought to break through you, making your shoulders shake and your breathing become less than perfect. 

 "Hey, don’t cry" he cooed, gently lifting your chin so he could see your face. He saw how broken you really were. You had loved Sehun. He could see that written all over your face. Sehun had broken your heart into a million pieces and moved on like it was nothing to him. He felt terrible for what the maknae had done to the pretty girl who always had a smile on her face while she worked. 

He gently used the pad of his thumb to wipe the cascade of tears from your cheeks. Your struggle to remain stoic was over as you let go of all the pent up emotions. All the frustration, all the loneliness, and all the heart break. Suho sensed your need to cry and pulled you into his chest, one arm wrapping around your waist while the other soothingly rubbed your back. As if out of instinct, you grabbed onto his shirt and cried your eyes out, destroying the designer material in the process. You didn’t care how red your face got or how much your makeup ran in that moment. All that mattered was that you had finally let your wall down and all the emotions were flooding out and into the arms of someone you felt you could trust, even if you had just barely met a few moments back. Suho continued rubbing your back, pulling you tighter against him as your sons began to quiet down. 

 "It’s going to be all right" he repeated like a mantra as he continued his ministrations, “it’s going to be all right." 


Sehun had just caught word from a few other assistants in the office that you had planned on leaving. Even though he had moved onto another easy lay in the building, it didn’t mean he was ready to let you go. He stormed through the halls, looking in all the places you usually were. When all those places turned out to be dead ends, he decided to ask the front desk of your where abouts. Quickly rounding the corner, he got his answer before even asking, because there before him was you, curled up in the arms of his groups leader suho.


A/N: I found this while cleaning out my computer, and I am debating whether or not to continue it. Let me know if you want another part ^^

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—-First picture pre testosterone and second a year and a year and almost 5 months on testosterone—-

My transition has been going amazingly well. I’ve experienced many changes throughout my journey. I’m more than happy now, this is still only the beginning.

-My face has changed a decent amount, my head is now more boxy, my jaw line is more defined and broad.
-I have gotten a little taller since transitioning. I did start when I was 17 years old so give or take it could of been from the t.
-I’ve gained a lot of muscle, and strength. My shoulders are much more wide.
-My body fat has distributed a lot, pre t I had a much larger butt, and now I don’t really have one at all.
-I’m finally starting to grow facial hair, I’ve been using Minoxidil as well to help with it.

(If anyone has any questions about Minoxidil I’d be more than happy to help, I highly recommend it)

You look amazing! Thank you for all of that information. Good luck with the rest of your transition.
Ladyweek Wrap-Up

A message from me ( @kismetnemesis ), who created and helped to run the event!

To everyone who made art, music, fic, playlists, or anything else for #tazladyweek: THANK YOU!

We’ve ended the week with over 400 submissions on tumblr and nearly 350 on twitter, which is so much more than expected. It really warms my heart that people rose to the challenge of giving our ladies some more love, and in so many jaw-droppingly amazing ways.

I made this event because I love the women of the show so much, and it saddens me that there’s such a lack of content for them. This is the case for a ton of fandoms, which I think is due to a lot of complicated factors (fewer female characters, fewer DEVELOPED female characters, misogyny, lesbophobia, etc). But because YOU participated in the event, you have helped to begin to close this gap in content.

I am writing this because you all have amazed me and given me hope for the future. Going through the tag every day was an incredible experience, even if I did manage to type “Sloane” as “Slaone” approximately a hundred times. It felt great to be flooded with lady-centric content.

The week is over, but if you take one thing from this event, let it be this: keep making lady and femslash content. I guarantee you will make someone happy. Representation matters!

Thank you again for writing, drawing, reblogging, retweeting, and everything. I hope we can do this again sometime soon, and I hope you had as much fun as I did!

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Chychrun #23 :)

Originally posted by ryanhartman

“Babe, I’m sorry.”

“Suck my ass.”

“It was only Stromer,”

“He can suck my ass too,”

“I disagree,”

“I can’t believe you did that, Jakob! I told you not to share that with anyone.”

“But how could I not share it? It’s adorable!”

“I hate you,”

“Ouch, how rude,”

“I told you to delete it after I sent it and what did you do?”

“I took a screenshot-”

“You took a screenshot!”

“Babe,” Jakob looked at you sternly. “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“Oh no,” You shook your head. “I’m not sending you any more pictures when you’re on the road.”

His eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. “What?!”

“Nope,” You crossed your arms. “You’d probably just show ‘em all to Dyl anyway.”

“(Y/n), please,”

“You lost your picture privilege,” 

My Idol: Part Eleven

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 -
Part 10 - Part 11

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I hope you don't mind me asking for a bedtime story? Maybe one about Maxie and Archie on their first date?

I shall try 


A date. It wasn’t what Archie expected to hear Maxie ask of him. Yet by the look of his face he was dead serious with his question.

“Well?” Maxie nearly spat with his usual brand of impatience, “Am I wasting my time or not?”

Archie collected his jaw off the floor, figuratively of course! The question proved to be quite shocking, and he felt he needed a moment to gather his words, “I’m just wondering what spurred this on?”

The redhead frowned, “I thought it was only natural that this be the next step.” He paused and grumbled a bit to himself. Perhaps to try to keep his nervousness at bay, not that he wanted Archie to know how nerve-wracking the whole situation was for him, “You are a constant flirt I’ll have you know and while it was flattering for a while…” His frown deepened, “I won’t tolerate it anymore if you are only playing games with me!”

“No!” Archie quickly replied, “It was never a game I swear!” His face took on a brighter shade, “I’d love to go out with you. You just caught me by surprise is all!”

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Moving For Sale/Trade!

Hey guys! I’m moving within the next month and reallyyy need to destash while also being in need of cash!

Either is helpful!

Please note, I am only able to accept certain trades! (I’m moving lol) So this time around I will have to only accept certain things /: Other than that, here goes!


  • Deer Antlers-Slightly gnawed on due to the (evil) squirrel that abides here
  • Ceramic Oil Burner/Diffuser (Teal)
  • Anitque(d) Metal Key
  • Incomplete/Random Tarot: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Tarot (My favorite!) that was rescued from the monstrous jaws of my dog. Other cards available are from the Necronomicon(?)[Can’t fully remember] Tarot and the Mini Raider Waite Tarot.
  • Beach Sand (I live on the Atlantic Ocean-Literally)
  • Waters: Ocean, Moon, New Year’s Melted snow (First snow from the the day of the year)
  • Dragon’s Blood Incense
  • Teas: Celestial Seasonings “Lemon Zinger” (Take it, I’m allergic to one of it’s ingredients), orange/cinnamon, gunpowder green tea, rooibos, mint
  • Wire Wrapped Pendants: Selenite $10, Citrine Point $10, Tumbled Rose Quartz $10, Pyrite nugget $7.50
  • Jewelry: Lion/Claw Resin Pendant $7.50, Pink and Silver Bracelet, Hematite Necklace $10.50, Hamsa and Bottle Charm Necklace $13.25, Flower Centerpiece Necklace $13.50, Druzy Necklaces: Rainbow Titanium & Silver, $7.50/ea., Sodalite necklace $20, Brass octopus necklace $15
  • Elder Futhark Rune Set, handmade, $10
  • Pewter Figurines: Wizard with Staff $13.50, Wizard & Dragon $22.50
  • Polished Sea Shells


  • Dragons (Detailed stauary/figurines, decor, misc, esc.)
  • Herb Cabinets
  • Crystals: Points, clusters, polished. Natural, freestanding, singular, spheres, eggs, palm stones, cabachons
  • Herbs: Elder, St. John’s Wort, Belladonna
  • Oils: Willow Oil, Dragon’s Blood
  • Dragon’s Blood Ink, Dove’s Blood Ink
  • BOOKS!: I love to read. I am interested in celtic or norse books, alchemy, druidry, “high magick”, green witchcraft, and more “negative/dark” things at the present moment, though.
  • Vulture Culture: Skulls, Vertebrae, claws, teeth, pelts, faces, feet, tails

Feel free to message me if you would like to see something listed (I have too many items to post pictures!) I may have something extra too, if you are looking for certain things in particular! Alsooo feel free to message me if you think you have something I may like!