Jaws-ED [An EddEddy Fanfiction]

NOTE: I watched Jaws 2 again the other day and I couldn’t resist. Hope you like it!

“Are you sure about this, Eddy?” Edd asked once more when the boat stopped in the middle of a quiet part of the ocean.

Eddy shut off the motor and dipped to the floor of the boat where Edd was seated. “We’re where nobody can remotely see us. And I’ve hardly seen you this whole vacation.” Eddy whined rubbing his hand soothingly up and down Edd’s arm.

“You saw me this morning, Eddy.”

“Yeah, but could I do this?” Eddy gifted Edd with a long awaited kiss. Before Edd could argue he wrapped his arms around the man. They’d been visiting May’s uncle on Amity Beach for a the week. Edd and Eddy were involved in constant activities. They hardly spent one moment to themselves. That morning when Ed told Eddy they could have a day to themselves Eddy didn’t hesitate to pull Edd on a little ocean adventure.

“Are you sure we had permission to use this boat?” Edd panted long fervent kiss.

“As long as we get it back before we’re missed.”

Eddy made sure Edd was fully distracted so a rant wouldn’t interrupt the moment.

Eddy took the boat so far into the ocean that they could hardly see a spot of land. No other boats or islands were around. Just the ocean bopping up and down causing ripples and waves. Nothing obstructed the deep blue oceans current.

All except a fin swimming towards the lovers.

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