français | the body


  • l’artère (f) | artery
  • l’articulation (f) | joint
  • le capillaire (m) | capillary
  • la chair de poule (f) | pimple
  • les cheveux (m) | hair
  • la graisse (f) | fat
  • la moelle épinière (f) | spinal cord
  • le nerf (m) | nerve
  • l’ongle (m) | nail
  • l’organe (m) | organ
  • l’os (m) | bone
  • les pattes d'oie (f) | crow’s feet (wrinkles)
  • la peau (f) | skin
  • le poil (m) | hair (either a few hairs, or an uncountable mass)
  • la ride (f) | wrinkle
  • le sang (m) | blood
  • le squelette (m) | skeleton
  • la veine (f) | vein

body parts 

head & neck

  • la bouche (f) | mouth
  • le cerveau (m) | brain
  • le cil (m) | eyelash
  • le cou (m) | neck
  • le crâne (m) | skull
  • la dent (f) | teeth
  • la joue (f) | cheek
  • la gencive (f) | gum
  • la gorge (f) | throat
  • la langue (f) | tongue
  • la lèvre (f) | lip
  • la mâchoire (f) | jaw
  • le menton (m) | chin
  • la narine (f) | nostril
  • le nez (m) | nose
  • la nuque (f) | nape (of the neck) 
  • l’œil (m) | eye (plural les yeux)
  • l’oreille (f) | ear
  • la paupière (f) | eyelid
  • la pommette (f) | cheekbone
  • le sourcil (m) | eyebrow
  • la tête (f) | head

lower body

  • la cheville (f) | ankle
  • la cuisse (f) | thigh
  • le doigt de pied (m) | toe
  • le genou (m) | knee
  • la hanche (f) | hip
  • la jambe (f) | leg
  • le mollet (m) | calf
  • le pied (m) | foot
  • le talon (m) | heel
  • le tibia (m) | shin
  • la vessie (f) | bladder

upper body

  • l’annulaire (m) | ring finger
  • le bras (m) | arm
  • le cœur (m) | heart
  • la côte (f) | rib
  • le coude (m) | elbow
  • le doigt (m) | finger
  • le dos (m) | back
  • l’épaule (f) | shoulder
  • l’estomac (m) | stomach
  • le foie (m) | liver
  • les intestins (m) | intestines
  • la main (f) | hand
  • l’œsophage (m) | oesophagus
  • l’omoplate (f) | shoulder blade
  • la paume (f) | palm
  • le poignet (m) | wrist
  • la poitrine (f) | chest
  • le pouce (m) | thumb
  • le poumon (m) | lung
  • le rein (m) | kidney
  • les seins (m) | breasts
  • le ventre (m) | tummy
The Solution To The Problem (Smut)

A/N: Oh my gosh guys! Life feels so hectic at the moment, tomorrow I have my first day off in a while and I hope I can slow down and get back into a rhythm. I can not say thank you enough for being so patient! I hope you enjoy this and I hope to be posting a lot more!

Pairing: Harrison Wells x Reader

Prompt: I need some Harrison Wells love. Like maybe the reader was his assistant and he never noticed how smart she was so one day he’s working on an equation and can’t figure it out so he’s all snippy at her but she solved it and they fight and ends in smut please? – Anonymous

Word Count: 2,511

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT 

Side note I feel hella more comfortable writing smut and actually feel like it is something good. Like I seriously loved how easy and smutty this turned out!

The Solution to the Problem (Smut)

You glanced down at your watch as it ticked later and later. Quickening your step, you made your way to Star Labs. You worked your second job in the mornings and was an assistant for Star Labs in the afternoon. Though you originally were hired in to take care of odds and ends, keeping the place organized and occasionally helping out on a case. It slowly morphed into spending the majority of your time babysitting Harrison Wells. It was a short walk away and when you entered the building you made your way down to the Cortex. As you walked down the hallway Barry, Cisco and Caitlin were heading towards you.

“Hey!” Cisco said as he saw you, “Y/N, how’s it going?”

You smile slightly, “I’m late, that’s how it’s going.”

“Relax, he’s caught up in his numbers.” Caitlin reassured you, “I highly doubt he even knows what time it is.”

“Has he been there all day?” You exclaim.

Cisco shook his head, “All day.”

“Great,” You pulled out your daily planner and opened up to the current date, “organize those files, update metabase, the list just keeps going.”

“I left all that information you needed in a pile on your desk,” Cisco commented.

You smiled, “Thanks, Barry could you do me a favor?”

“What’s up?” Barry replied as Caitlin and Cisco waved goodbye and made their way to the elevator.

You put your planner away and pulled out your wallet as you spoke, “Can you please run out and pick up some food for me and Wells?” You pulled out a twenty handing it to him.

“No need.” Barry disappeared and you turned to start walking towards the Cortex. Moments later Barry was walking next to you with a bag of Big Belly Burger and two drinks. “Here ya go!”

“Thank you, you’re a lifesaver!” You grasped the bag as he turned to head towards the elevator himself.

He turned twisted around so he was walking backwards, “Guess I picked a good day job,” He smiled and turned back to head towards the elevator.

You shook your head and entered the Cortex, making your way towards your desk. You glanced over into Wells’s area to see him standing in front of his large white board, his face pulled into a scowl. You could see the gears working in his head. After sitting your purse down, you pulled your food from the bag leaving it sit on your desk. With the bag in one hand and drink in the other you make your way to Wells.

“I brought some food for you,” You say as you attempt to find a clean spot on his desk that wasn’t scattered with papers. You were careful not to disrupt the organized chaos.

He didn’t respond and continued working. “When was the last time you ate?”

“Stop, I’ll eat” Wells barked at her, “As you can see I’m in the middle of something.”

You glanced up at the writing on the long board. You studied it for a moment and took in all the symbols and numbers.

Wells noticed you staring, “Don’t you have work to be doing, papers to file?”

You scowled at him before going back to your desk. This was the part of the job you didn’t like, grumpy Harrison Wells. You tried not to take it personally as you know he doesn’t mean it, this is how he got when he completely immersed himself in his work. You’d even grown fond of Wells being himself as you learned to see passed the frustration, anger and anxiety he put off. You brought up the metabase and began thumbing through the stacks of meta profiles and comparing them to their profiles in the master database Cisco had started. However, you couldn’t keep the problem from the board out of your head. You pulled up a scrap piece of paper and started scribbling away. You were pulled out of your train of thought by an exasperated scream of frustration that came from Wells’s room.

You rolled your eyes slightly as you got back up to check in. As you entered the room you saw and heard Wells ranting in agitation. Clearly he was getting frustrated over this problem.

You Walk up, “Why don’t you take a break and eat,” You encourage. “It’s your favorite, its getting cold, but still your favorite.”

“I need to figure this out, don’t you understand” He quickly turned around to look at you with his sleep deprived eyes, he laughed to himself slightly like he had an epiphany. “Of course not, you wouldn’t understand would you, how could you?”

The whole time you were listening to him snap your eyes were on the board behind him, “Oh yeah?” You quickly walked passed him, grabbing the expo marker out of his hand as you did.

“Give that back,” Wells followed and reached up in an attempt to snatch back the marker but he slowly came to a stop. He watched as you proceeded to fill in the answer to the problem. Wells looked at you like this was the first time he had seen you, the sleep in his eyes were replaced with amazement as you turned back around capping the marker and handing it back to him.

“I’m sorry what don’t I understand?” You started to walk out of the room proud but completely and utterly irritated.

He looked up still in awe, “Y/N wait. How did you do that?”

“Why did you hire me?” You quickly turned around answering with a question.

He stood speechless for a moment, “Well technically Barry hired you, I needed someone to take care of pointless drabble that took away from the more important things.”

You crossed your arms as your mouth dropped slightly, “I have a background in Quantum Physics and Thermodynamics.”

“Really?” He seemed surprised as he continued to look at you.

“Did you even see my resume?” Your eyebrows raised slightly.

He paused, “All I saw was your picture.” He turned back to look at the equation before starting to shuffle through the papers on the table.

“What?” You followed him over to his desk.

He pulled out the paper he was looking for and turned to look at you, “Look I was given four folders each with a picture of the candidate for the job. I assumed at that stage of hiring each had the skills needed so I chose the best looking photo.”

You paused a moment letting this new information process, “So let me get this straight, I got this job not because of my smarts but because I was the cutest. Unbelievable?”

“I didn’t say you weren’t smart,” Wells fired back, “Obviously you are brilliant, everyone else knew that or you wouldn’t have been considered for the job.”

You shook your head, “Not the point.”

“Then what is the point Y/N? Huh?” Wells snapped slightly, “Do you want me to congratulate you or give you a cookie for a job well done?”

“The moment I found this job I knew I had to get it, it had to be mine.” You said with a drive in your voice. “Because I have exhausted all other outlets of study. This place is the best place for me, the best opportunity that I have ever come across. Yet all I am is a something pretty to the biggest opportunity that came with the job. I see now that I wasted my time.”

You had never fought with Wells like this. Sure he would snap at you sometimes but never in manner that you took personal. You didn’t like it.

“Y/N” As you turned to walk away he called your name, but you continued to turn. “Y/N, stop.” His hand grabbed your arm. His touch almost made you jump as it had never happened before. You could feel him stepping closer to you and your heart sped up. He let out a long breath as he closed his eyes before continuing. “You’re not pretty, you’re gorgeous.”

You did not expect those words to come out of his mouth. You slowly turned to face him, your eyebrows slightly drawn as he continued. “I could tell there was something about you and I didn’t know what it was. You keep everything going and nothing I have done has scared you or pushed you away. Not only are you gorgeous but,” He paused like the next part hurt him to say, “You may even be smarter than me.”

His piercing eyes bore down into yours. Unable to look away you continued to hold eye contact. His gaze felt like it slowly pulled you forward and you could see the sincerity in his words. You pulled yourself up onto your tip toes attempting to match his height. Before you could think your lips where on his. You felt him take a sharp breath in through is noise as he processed what was happening.

You let your lips linger before parting them slightly. An invitation that Wells took as he let his hands fall to your waist squaring them before pulling you into him. He leaned into you making you fall back onto your heels and you could feel him hunching over making up for the height difference without breaking the kiss.

Your hands found their way up to the back of his neck and up to his hairline. You pulled him in wanting him closer. He continued to push you back till you were pressed against the edge of his desk. You broke away for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes as you waited for who was going to stop the other. Your eyebrow flickered up slightly as if taunting him.

He took the bait. In an instant he reached down and picked you up, letting you come to rest on the top of his desk. As his lips came crashing back down onto yours he pushed you back. His one hand was around your waist and the other cleared the table in one swoop, causing the papers to rain down haphazardly to the side.  

Both sets of fingers fought over the buttons of your shirt as you brashly pulled it up over your shoulder and down your arms. Wells made his way across your jawline and down your neck, continuing down into your cleavage. Peppering your chest with kisses that tickled ever so slightly. You tugged at his shirt and he got the hint as he stood up to pull it over his head. His torso was lean, like that of a runner. you let your hands explore the newly revealed skin as he kissed you again. You let your hands fall lower and you swore you felt him jump slightly as your hand ran over his growling bulge.  

He pulled back abruptly with a pleasantly chocked face on, a slight smile pulling at his lips. Looking up through your lashes you gave him a devilish grin as you continued to undo his belt and work on his zipper. He looked down watching what you were doing before bringing his gaze back to yours.

Without looking away he grabbed your hand and slowly guided it towards his large member that was pressing against the soft cotton of his briefs. You applied pressure making squirm slightly. He shook his head before he pushed you back. His hands unclasped your pants and in one swift motion he hooked his fingers through both garments. Just like that you were laying there on Harrison Wells’s desk, mostly naked. You felt yourself shiver with excitement.

He smiled down at you, “You’re sure?”

You reached up and pulled him down kissing him deeply, “Why stop now?”

He quickly reached over into his side drawer, after a few seconds of rummaging around he came back with a condom. You smiled and shook your head as you sat up, “Your desk drawer, really?”

“Hey, this is where I live.” He pointed out with raised eyebrows to make a point as he pushed his underwear down and rolled the condom on.

You rolled your eyes slightly and he leaned in close to your face, supporting his weight on the edge of the desk on either side of you, “Now where were we?” With each word he pushed you back further till you were resting on your elbows.

He looked to you one more time for confirmation before you nodded in encouragement. He watched your face as he slowly rubbed the tip of his penis over your wet entrance, letting it slide up over your clit. Your hips bucked slightly as he continued. He teased you until he finally entered, with every thrust inching deeper until you had taken all of him in. You felt yourself tighten around him and a slight moan escape his lips.

He rolled his hips and a gasp left your lips. A type of lust you never had felt seemed to switch on. The energy in the room felt like it was building up between the two of you with every rhythmic pulse. As the energy built the pace between you became rough and frantic. You reached up grabbed behind his neck, pulling yourself up into a more seated angle. His grip on your hips tightened and you could feel his fingernails digging into you slightly. You felt his lips dancing on you neck as you let your head fall back, eyes closed, mouth slightly agape in ecstasy.

You held on as long as you could not wanting it to end, but within moments the energy building exploded out in a wave of satisfaction. You clung to Wells as your legs seized and shook uncontrollably and you felt yourself clench down. The pressure was enough to send him over the edge as he let out a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a heavy breath.

The two of you stood there a moment, still, enjoying the euphoria. You could feel his legs shaking slightly as he pulled out and lazily took care of the condom. Your breath was still heavy and your heart still racing as he pulled up his pants, leaving them unzipped.

He walked up to you, gently kissing you, “I’m sorry about before, I can get pretty wrapped up in my work.”

“I forgive you, on one condition.” You smile. “Buy me dinner and we will call it even.”

Wells laughed slightly, “No,” You looked at him with a puzzled look, “I’ll make you dinner.”

“You cook?” You almost sounded surprised.

Wells looked a little offended, “It’s a hobby, now get dressed so we can go to the store.”

You smiled and quickly did as he said before catching up with him in the hallway. As you stood on the elevator waiting for the doors to close you felt his fingers gently tangle with yours.

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13 with Holtzmann would be sooo cute please

A/n: So like I’ve never been kissed, and I have no idea how any of this shit works so I tried my hardest to do this right but I dunno, you guys tell me and I’m up for taking recommendations on how to write stuff like this properly.

You walked into your apartment, stopping by the mirror to make sure your hair hadn’t gone in complete disarray from the wind outside.

It was movie night at Abby’s apartment, and you were going to make sure you and Jillian were on time for once since the two of you were notorious for always showing up late.

Just as you were about to call for Jillian you found her sprawled out on the couch, her goggles slowly falling off her head.

You sighed, taking out your earrings and setting them down before gently shaking her shoulders. “Time to wake up, Holtzy.” You sang.

She stirred a little, but turned her head to the side to show she wasn’t planning on waking up.

After a few more minutes with no result you sat back on your knees for a moment before an idea popped into your head.

You sat up and gently brushed the hair away from the side of her ear before you started to kiss the grove of her jawline.

Almost instantly, Jillian start whining because it was one of her sensitive spots, but she still wasn’t waking up and you were determined.

So you pressed further, slowly going along her jawling before pressing back up at her ear, lightly biting at her skin, so there wouldn’t be any noticible marks.

You did this relentlessly for several minutes, noticing whenever Jillian’s protests turned into small moans and sighs of content.

Holtzmann had her hand hand on the back of your neck full awake now, leaning her head to the side so you had more room to work with.

And just as she was about to place her lips on yours you easily pushed yourself off of her, brushing your hair out of your eyes. “Now that you’re awake, we can go to Abby’s.” You said, holding back a laugh at the expression on Jillian’s face as she gaped at you with wide eyes and flushed cheeks.

“Come along, we don’t wanna be late.” You sang, walking out of the living room to grab your coat.

“You can’t just leave me here after all of that!” Jillian yelled at you, the frustration evident in her voice as it cracked at the end of her sentence.

“Maybe if you behave yourself at Abby’s we can get right back to where we left off.” You said, winking at her and laughing as she bolted off the couch to get her coat.

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'I want the K' Wanted to try out and see how it goes

Send me ‘I want the K’ and I’ll generate a number (NSFW version)

9: Jawline bitingI looked over and started to chuckle as I saw that my friend had smeared ice cream all over his face. As our eyes met he blushed and quickly tried to wipe it off while looking into the other direction.

“Is it gone?” He asked as he looked back and I shook my head chuckling again. “There’s still some ice cream on your face.” I said and he blushed again. “Can you get it for me?” He asked and I nodded.I moved closer and leaned in and lightly bit down his jawling to get the ice cream off of his skin.

I knew I could have just wiped it off, but somehow I had wanted to make him blush even more. As I was done I pulled back and smiled michievously. “All gone.”

Best of 2016 (so far)

Almost mid-2016. Would like some recs/tops of 2016 from mutuals/non-mutuals on this level(sorry if I’m being weird non-mutuals, but I respect your tastes). Of course, it doesn’t have to be this detailed, but 2016 has been the best year for releases since 2012 imho, and as behind on jams as I’ve been, I’m sure y’all know some other fire releases from this year.

@veteran-of-a-coldwar @dtched @slightlydrifting @weakmoves @oldsoldiers @bedroomtechno @zwei-ketten @hahahardcore @isamizdat @jawl-nini @jawside @resampled@darcywreckme @itchycoil @taylor-ruth @blagodaryu @tr0nd@porcus-italicus@cruisingdystopia@seith-communiti@guavasite@unit2669@2257ad@italodiscomegamix@inbedwithboys and anyone else down to share/contribute their list.