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Sleeping Arrangements

(Solas x Lavellan) 

Yes. Tis one of the growing number of tent fics. This one is a late birthday gift to kreebby, who should be thanked for the copious amounts of accidental cuddling that is showing up in the fandom.

(She also jokingly told me to write this in 3,000 words. I wrote 3,056.)


“These tents are only temporary.” Cassandra explained as she finished securing the canvas into place. Isii assisted her as best she could, unfamiliar with the assembly. “We should be receiving better equipment for our travels in the coming weeks.”

Varric didn’t look impressed. “A bit cozy for sleeping two to a tent, don’t you think?”

“We should decide our sleeping arrangements.” The Seeker shot an expectant glance to Isii. “What is your preference, Herald?”

Isii hesitated. Part of her wanted to refuse the shelter and offer to sleep out in the open, but she could smell the distinct scent of ozone— a storm was coming. The chill of night was falling over the Hinterlands, a thick wet mist already collecting on her skin. She wouldn’t want to pass up on the relative warmth of a tent in weather like this. Her eyes briefly scanned over the three strangers in her party. It was only their first day travelling together and she did not feel particularly comfortable with any of them. The shem seemed cold and humorless and had accused her of mass murder mere days ago. The dwarf was friendly but unpredictably so. She couldn’t quite tell what his intentions might be if they were alone together. The elf had barely spoken to her all day.

Still, he was an elf.

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One Last Time

As Solas prepares to leave the area after helping defeat Corypheus, he leaves one final gift with his vhenan.

With the soundtrack coming out, I didn’t feel very fluffy.  So this happened.  Happy Fluff Friday everyone!

This was it.  One final goodbye.

Nira lay asleep before him, her tear stained face red and swollen from crying. She slept as she always did, on her front, curled up like a child.  Before, he found the position endearing, but now…he felt pained.  “Oh vhenan…”  Solas knelt down beside her bed completely defeated.  Over the years that they had been side by side, he had been able to heal her pain and protect her from those she feared.  Now, he had to be the one to cause her pain and loneliness. There was nothing he could do for her now, but leave.

He gently took her small hand, kissing it softly and placing it in front of his heart.  He watched her soft breaths, a hurt smile crossing his face.  He would never see her sleeping face again and if his plans came to light, the result would possibly end her.

Solas closed his eyes, pushing the thought from his mind.  No.  He could not think on it.  She was possibly the only person in all of Thedas that could make him change his mind.  He would not have that.

It had to be done.

Their people deserved it.

Solas opened his eyes once more, his emotions finally getting the better of him.  The elf stood and placing his hand on the side of the bed, leaned over her.  She stirred a bit at the movement, but remained asleep.  He laughed under his breath.  She always had been a heavy sleeper.

Summoning his courage, he pressed his lips to her cheek.  A tear broke free and crawled down his face as he remained there for a long minute.  He struggled to pull away, but found the strength as he heard the deep, familiar growl in the back of his mind.  

His breath staggered as he looked down at her.

Nira…His sweet…sweet Nira’sal…

He could offer her only one final gift.

Solas took the strings of his jawbone necklace and pulled it over his head. Holding it firmly in two hands, he concentrated all his energy on the bone.  His eyes glowed a deep blue as he cast his spell.  The object was small, but he knew Nira.  She was kind and sentimental.  After their time together, she would keep this with her no matter where she went.  She would treasure this above all else and that was exactly what he was counting on.

A tiny fragment of blue light slowly escaped from his being.  His soul belonged to her, it only seemed fitting to allow her to keep part of it with her.  The small light drifted towards the bone, completing the link between them.  His power dimmed as the spell ended.

Just a piece.  A small piece.  It was all he would need should the worst happen.

A small piece of his heart will remain with her.  No matter where their lives took them and despite whether she knew it or not, he would always remain with his love.

Solas took a deep breath, taking her hand once more and placing the bone in her palm.  She moved only slightly, enough to grip the ornament and pull it close to her with a smile.  “Solas…”  She breathed.  She was dreaming, but for a moment, the thought of having to tell her goodbye in person, hurt him a great deal more than this.  He was relieved to see that she never woke.

It is time.  Leave her.  A gruff bark echoed in his mind.  The Wolf would not be kept waiting.  

“Ar lath ma…Dyn uth’ea ‘ma vhen’an.”  Solas spoke quietly, grazing his finger along her skin one last time.

He forced his eyes shut, his face became angry and sharp.  He hardened his heart to a cutting edge.  He had to.  He could not remain soft as he prepared for what must come to pass.

Placing his hands behind his back in his usual way, he turned on a dime and began to make his way out of the room, fighting every tear that threatened to fall.  Before exiting, he looked back one final time, a sad smile spreading across his face.

“Remain strong, my love and thank you.”

For everything.


  • Dyn uth’ea ‘ma vhen’an - you will forever be my home

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Fen’harel enansal

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Sea-Green Adorned Muntjac Deer Jawbone Necklace

The centrepiece is a big 2 cm chunk of raw, unpolished amazonite, there is also a labradorite drop and a hand-carved soapstone bead. Other adorments include a coyote tooth, small Finnish coin, sea-shells, and there are plenty of Czech glass beads, hematite beads and a squirrel vertebra.

I can only make a limited number of these muntjac jawbone necklaces, this is a rare piece made with a lot of time, devotion, love and care. An excellent statement piece, it is timeless and unique, Bohemian and tribal.


I’m back! Washed out, though I may appear.  Despite my apparent absence, my enthusiasm for corsetry has never waned.

Unfortunately, my daily waist training regimen has suffered, due to the nature of my current position.  However, that just means I cherish the moments I can lace up all the more.

Expect to see a little more of me again, as I proceed to “re-start” my waist training.  And, in the process,  I’ll be experimenting with a new field-appropriate corset design.  Blue collar corset lovers, rejoice!

Wool dress and jawbone necklace made by me.  Corset by Jill Hoverman of Romantasy Exquisite Corsetry.

A Hundred Years

This story is an AU.


His steps blew dust off the floor. The windows of her chamber were cracked, broken, shattered glass lay on the balcony. Her desk, her bed were equally covered in thick layers of dust, and he wondered briefly for how long this room had lain deserted.

He could almost imagine her, sitting on her desk and writing letters or laying on her bed lazily in the morning, or pacing restlessly up and forth her chamber, trying to figure out a solution for one the many problems she was tasked with solving …

Fen’Harel released a sigh, trying to suppress the guilt gnawing inside him, the impertinent voice which scolded him for ever leaving her side. He had not wished to doom her, to force her to follow him down the dark road he had chosen to walk. When he took her vallaslin that day on the pond, he had freed her not only from the mark of slavery, but also from himself.

Still, now, while he stood here in her deserted chambers, he wished he could have returned to her, if only for a time, if only to say a proper goodbye.

He turned around, leaving the chambers and walked through the once again deserted main hall, carefully climbing over turned and broken tables, circling a fallen statue and a broken timber. Dust rose with each of his steps, covering everything and all in the hall with grew layer.

Fen’Harel found his way to the gardens effortlessly – he knew every part of the castle as if he’d been here yesterday. Old leaves covered the cloister as he entered the gardens, but he barely noticed them. His gaze was almost immediately caught by the tree which grew at the garden’s center.

It was a still young lime tree, branches full of vibrant green leaves, its trunk still thin but strong already, roots trenching deep into the ground. Fen’Harel knew it hadn’t been here when he left. It must have been planted after his departure, presumably a quarter-century ago.

He stepped up to the tree, extending his hand touch its trunk as if feeling it could help him connect to …

“You are back, but different.”

Fen’Harel let his hand sink, turning around to face the young man standing only a few steps away. His pale blonde hair fell into his eyes, and the large hat he wore covered his face in shadow.

“You would still linger here?” he asked.

“I don’t linger. I return. She was my friend too.” Cole’s voice was but a murmur. “She knew. Or perhaps she didn’t. Eyes staring at the distance, tears trailing down her cheeks. Lonely, longing, loving still. She knew you would return.”

“Too late”, whispered Fen’Harel, his gaze wandering back to the tree. She was no longer here.

“She remembered. She wanted a tree for her grave. Life born from death, a new beginning.”

“It is Dalish custom, if I recall it correctly.” Fen’Harel sighed. It did not surprise him that she had wished to be buried according to the customs of her people. The shemlen might have called her their Herold, but she had always resented that title.

She had been buried here, a Dalish mage called the Herold of human faith, where her ancestors once had walked. It seemed fitting.

“Smile, scent, she is still so present. Sound of her laughter, like a song that sings of promise. Nothing remains in this realm. My fault. Gave her freedom and lost my own. So much regret.” Cole raised his head to look at him. “You are louder now. Changed.”

“I am not the same man as I was before.”

“Yes. And no. You’re changed, but the same. Because she was real.”

Fen’Harel laid one hand onto the trunk of the young lime tree. His throat felt narrow, and he choked for air. The pain was real, a sharp sting cutting through his chest. He had no heart without her, and she was gone.

“She was”, he rasped. “Please …”

Cole did not respond, but Fen’Harel could feel his presence fading. He did not turn around, but knew he was alone. The gardens had once more gone silent, and the whispers of the leaves in the wind and his own heart beat there the only noises now.

Fen’Harel kneeled down before her vallasdahlen and slowly pulled his jawbone necklace over his head. He laid the pendant down between the lime tree’s roots, sipping in a shaky breath. His eyes burned, and he finally gave into his sorrow, mourning the death of the woman he had loved, had freed and lost twice.

Ar lath ma’uth, vhenan.

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Forgive Me, Ma Vhenan

“I have distracted you from your duties, and I am sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“Solas? I…what?”

“I never meant to hurt you, ma vhenan.

“It’s a bit late for that, don’t you think?”

Solas shifted his weight from his right foot to his left foot, then back again. The containers strung across his back softly jingled as he did so, barely audible above the rush of the falls. He glanced at the ground, focusing his attention on a single blade of grass that sprung from the earth like a dagger through a heart. He couldn’t bring himself to look at her, to look at those amethyst eyes. He had already caused enough pain, hadn’t he?

“I-” He raised his steel-blue eyes slowly, a cowering puppy awaiting its punishment. Lavellan stood with her bare arms crossed before her chest not in that precious way she did when he made a comment about the Dalish; no, in the same way a templar might hold a shield before an apostate. Solas stiffened and angled his chin upwards slightly as he felt his shoulders tense.

“I will see you back at Skyhold, Inquisitor.” 

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Some of my hopes for the Wolf Hunt DLC

1.Skyhold plays a big role in your hunt. I love the headcanon that the place was once Fen’harel’s base of operation and I want to get clues from studying the ancient magic that is embedded the stones. And that little library in the dungeon needs to become important because it looks like the kind of place where you find the meaning of life and the origin of the universe scribbled on the back of a cover. It needs to live up to that design.

Also Skyhold gets attacked. I ran up and down Orlais and Fereldan looking for the damn quarries, racing to upgrade my castle as quickly as possible because after Heaven I was really waiting for another attack and the thing never came.

And one other little thing about Skyhold: that big hole in the hallway right before the war room needs to get fixed, my ocd is tingling every time I go pass by it. I mean the inquisition fixed Judicael’s crossing complete with statues and all and the damn hole is still there at the end of the game. You can punch through that wall again in the attack, but I need to know ow that someone did fix it eventually.

2.All your Divine choices are controversial so I want the tensions in the Chantry to go on and eventually explode. I want assassins at every corner, mobs and opportunistic nobles switching sides with the wind. And in that background, why should we necessarily go out and hunt Solas? Maybe he comes back on his own. Maybe he comes back because he got sense of a major plot that would definitely get you killed and he comes to our aid because he can’t lose another friend or the chaos that your death will generate would interfere with his plans.

3.Big consequences for drinking/ not drinking from the Well of Sorrows. Different dialogue options, different resources, maybe even different abilities in the inquisitor skill tree. But I not necessarily a big difference in the decisions you can make because I’d really love to surprise Solas once again and pull the leash from the other end.

4.I am most curious about Mythal’s revenge plot line, but I want it to be a huge deal and I’m going to be mad if it gets resolved in a single DLC (I mean the ancient darkspawn magister fails terribly at being a god got this huge game, the murder case of a goddess who was good at being a goddess has to be larger). But I do want it set up, get some hints on whom the killer might be, on their motivations and so on. 

5.Solas let’s Cole in on his feelings again; it just breaks my heart that Solas shuts his connection to the only one who fully knows him and wants to help him. Also Cole is a spirit of compassion (even if you make him more human he still retains a lot of his nature), not being able to help for too long could really harm him and I don’t think Solas would want that. 

6.I want Solas to rejoin my party, but I hope you can go through the game without it and I kind of want it to be a hard thing to achieve. If it’s just a simple ‘join me!’ or ‘we have more chances of success together’ I’m going to be angry because I told him that when he broke my heart.

7.Even if he doesn’t join the party I hope he can still interact with your companions. I’m most curious about the banter with Blackwall and Sera.

8.Speaking of Sera I want to know what’s up with her.

9.For the romance I don’t have many wishes beside closure and I hope I’ll get out of it with some bits of my heart intact. Honestly I think it’s going to be a really bittersweet thing.

And some silly little things that probably will never be in there but I’m going to smile like an idiot for weeks if they are:

-We get a dog that actually likes Solas.

-If there is another situation when Lavellan and Solas are in their knees in the dirt in front of each other I want to be able to hug him and push him all the way in the dirt and stay there for a while. So if he has any other news that would shatter my heart at least I can get 1000+ of adorable screenshots.

-Solas finishes the mural

-You can read Varric’s book: ‘This shit is weird: Inquisitor’s [insert name] story’

-Solas gets to pull these faces not just because I have a talent for taking awkwardly timed screenshots:

-We can get each companion a gift

-Solas and Josephine play wicked grace and you get to place bets on them (he might win back your money and dignity from Josephine or Sera might get the perfect chance to steal his 4 sweaters)

-We get to hear the story of the jawbone necklace and a romanced Lavellan gets to keep it.

-We get some more silly hats  

Once We Were

The leaving was harder than she thought. It’s only for a week, she said. I need to see my clan.

She was scared.

Her face was bare, the vallaslin that her friends and family ignorantly wore with pride, gone. Her adulthood taken—ar lasa mala revas—and she still couldn’t decide if she felt free.

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Imagine Solas sneaking into Skyhold at night, after he has left the Inquisition, leaving his wolf jawbone necklace for his vhenan at her desk.

Imagine Lavellan finding at there the other day after waking, and wearing it from that day on, as a memento and his promise that “in another world” one day might come true.

Four things

1. Thank you so much to everyone who’s given me input on Patreon and tablets– I’m sorry I can’t reply to you individually right now but I read everything! And I am very grateful. This community is absolutely one of the best in terms of reaching out and offering advice and whenever I have any questions at all, you’re all so willing to help me out and aah. I love you. 

2. I hit 1500 yesterday! Thank you for being here! I never, ever thought I’d get here so quickly (it’s been less than a month, wow) and I’m so grateful to everyone who puts up with my midnight shitposting and other nonsense. I’m trying to think of what I can do as a giveaway. Possibly a cast of my 1:1 wolf jawbone necklace.

3. A Big Life Thing happened that I’ll be busy taking care of, in an ongoing manner. It pertains to the (non-sculpting) career I’ve been working towards, and I must do this before I do anything else. I’m still working on the few commissions I have left– I emailed you all individually (I believe) to expect something by Tuesday latest, because I must work on something time-sensitive today and tomorrow, and I hold to that.

4. Something else Big happened! Possibly big. Possibly not. Has to do with Dragon Age. In any case, I must rush off and take care of that as well. I’m keeping asks open, but just keep in mind that it may take some time to get back to you.

In conclusion: I love you, thank you for being here, I can’t say thank you enough so I’ll just say it a bunch of times here at the end. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. <3

gaurdian9sunshine  asked:

5 Isii/Solas

Tried to do something a little different this time. I also got this combo from ultrasexymuffin and an anon. If I have time, I may write extras, but for now, here’s the fill:

5 - A Nap

Isii found him stretched out on the couch in his study, an arm draped over his face to shield his eyes, his breaths matching the soft and slow rhythm of sleep. She watched him for a moment, a smile spreading on her lips. Moving silently, she set down the books she’d been carrying before walking over to the couch. She leaned down, crawling over him. A knee between his, her other leg curling at his side, gently nudging him so she could settle her weight against his body. He stirred, his eyes drifting sluggishly open. “Isii?”

“Go back to sleep, vhenan,” she whispered, kissing his neck. “Find me in the Fade.” The corner of his lip curled, his arms lifting to drape across her back as he let his eyes slip closed again. She nuzzled her face against his chest, listening to the rhythm of life that stirred within him. The slow waves’ crash of his breaths, the steady thump of his heart, her vhenan, the one she laid claim to. It was this music that put her to sleep, the ancient and ever-present drumbeat of living that let her sink into the Fade. It was always a difficult sensation to describe, but halfway on her journey into sleep, with one small part of her consciousness still in waking, she could feel him guiding her, pulling her down, his mind beckoning with a vibration unique and entirely his own. It was a familiar feeling now, like a warm blanket she wrapped herself in, an invitation to surrender her awareness and join him.

Each time she did so willingly, eagerly, anxious to see the dreams he would weave for her, the visions he would show her. Crumbling ruins restored to their glory, whispered words so ancient and foreign and yet she could feel somehow in her blood that they possessed a meaning she should be able to understand. He was her guide, her teacher, her lover, driven to distraction by her form, fascinated with the limitless boundaries of her mind, consumed by an admiration that closely matched her own. In waking, he was reserved and quiet. She could tell that he only ever let his guard down in fleeting moments. Even when they were alone together, he always had an air of conscious self-control. Yet in the Fade, that façade melted away. He was talkative. Passionate and driven and deeply, madly in love. In dreaming, she saw him for who he was – the man she fell in love with, the one he kept well-hidden for reasons she still couldn’t comprehend. But she felt no urge to question it – for she was the privileged one, the one he chose to share himself with, the only one who saw this side of him. The others could never fully understand what they had together – an unspoken union, a bond, a feeling deeper than anything she had felt before. She did not believe in soulmates, yet she imagined that the fables and stories that spoke of them were trying to describe this feeling in a way that could be concrete and comprehended. It was a foolish task to try and capture something like this in words. All would lay feeble in comparison, merely scratching at the surface, a cheap imitation of the source they strove for.

When she woke, it was with a smile on her face, fingers curled loosely around the jawbone of his necklace and he shifted, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Thank you for joining me,” he murmured. She answered only with a kiss, settling her head back down with a contented sigh.


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