jawbone necklaces

Sea-Green Adorned Muntjac Deer Jawbone Necklace

The centrepiece is a big 2 cm chunk of raw, unpolished amazonite, there is also a labradorite drop and a hand-carved soapstone bead. Other adorments include a coyote tooth, small Finnish coin, sea-shells, and there are plenty of Czech glass beads, hematite beads and a squirrel vertebra.

I can only make a limited number of these muntjac jawbone necklaces, this is a rare piece made with a lot of time, devotion, love and care. An excellent statement piece, it is timeless and unique, Bohemian and tribal.

Four things

1. Thank you so much to everyone who’s given me input on Patreon and tablets– I’m sorry I can’t reply to you individually right now but I read everything! And I am very grateful. This community is absolutely one of the best in terms of reaching out and offering advice and whenever I have any questions at all, you’re all so willing to help me out and aah. I love you. 

2. I hit 1500 yesterday! Thank you for being here! I never, ever thought I’d get here so quickly (it’s been less than a month, wow) and I’m so grateful to everyone who puts up with my midnight shitposting and other nonsense. I’m trying to think of what I can do as a giveaway. Possibly a cast of my 1:1 wolf jawbone necklace.

3. A Big Life Thing happened that I’ll be busy taking care of, in an ongoing manner. It pertains to the (non-sculpting) career I’ve been working towards, and I must do this before I do anything else. I’m still working on the few commissions I have left– I emailed you all individually (I believe) to expect something by Tuesday latest, because I must work on something time-sensitive today and tomorrow, and I hold to that.

4. Something else Big happened! Possibly big. Possibly not. Has to do with Dragon Age. In any case, I must rush off and take care of that as well. I’m keeping asks open, but just keep in mind that it may take some time to get back to you.

In conclusion: I love you, thank you for being here, I can’t say thank you enough so I’ll just say it a bunch of times here at the end. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. <3

Sometimes I think about Solas returning to Skyhold one last time, just after the final battle, before the other’s have returned.

Walking down the hallways. Remembering the smell of the rain and snow, baking bread, remembering the sounds of his feet on the floors. Running his hands along the stone of the wall, remembering the rough texture, the coldness of it. Standing in the thrown room, remembering how the light shines through the stained glass, how it colors the throne room like a painting.

Desperately trying to memorize it all.

Going into the rotunda, getting his paints one last time, painting the outline of the final mural. Looking at the other paintings, the full mural will never be finished.

Once, he hated leaving things unfinished.

He still does.

He wanders into Lavellan’s chamber, leaving his jawbone necklace on their pillow. As close to a goodbye as he will ever get to say. 

He leaves then. He believes he will never see it again, not in person anyway. He does his best not to look back.