25 May 17

And some months later, the 1:1 scale Solas jawbone is finally painted. I went with a combination of burnt umber, black, and tiny bit of dioxazine purple, which seems to photograph most accurately of all the color combinations I tested. Didn’t go too crazy with the highlights and lowlights this time and trusted the sculpt to speak for itself.

Also, I finally got an Instagram account. Link is below.

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After last time’s very stressful realization that Skultor is pretty goshdarn mortal and in a lot of peril, I have devised a back-up player. I wanted to do something very different from my rogue criminal / chaotic neutral, so! Jawbone Kilnaar is a barbarian folk hero / chaotic good.

Should their paths cross, Skultor would be really insecure about being a thrikominaki, but Jawbone would just start big brothering the SHIT out of him.