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I feel so many emotions when I look at this picture! I’m so proud of the boys :’)




You Have A Cute Fight - Zayn/Louis Preference

(A/N: This is not the type of fight some of you guys are expecting… so… yeah. Enjoy!)


Your gaze was intense as you eyed the new piece of art on Zayn’s wall, trying to figure out who he had painted. All of a sudden you felt a warm hand wrap around you waist, a head resting on your shoulder. You hummed and turned your head to find your angelic boyfriend looking at you with a loving gaze. “You’re so beautiful, you know that right?”

You felt a blush creeping up on your cheeks and you turned your head to the other side and stared at the ground as you smiled widely to the comment your boyfriend just passed.

His head lifted its weight off your shoulder and he turned you to face him, a hand behind his back as he looked at you with a sparkle in his eye. You still avoided eye contact as you didn’t want him to see your blushing cheeks, but all failed when he bought his hand up to your chin, tilting it upwards.

“Don’t hide your blush babe, I think it looks absolutely stunning” he said as he inched his face closer to yours, almost whispering the last part. “Gosh you’re so fucking gorgeous, I love you” he whispered before crashing his lips onto yours. You instantly melted at his touch as you bought your hands to cup his face, pouring in the same amount of love and passion into the kiss as he did.

All of a sudden, you felt something cold and wet on the side of your face, his warm lips unlatching from  yours as he pulled away with a smirk, and that’s when you noticed his hand completely smothered in a thick blue paint creating dots on the floor as it dropped from his hand. You gasped and bought your hand to your right cheek and pulled back, only to find the same blue paint completely covering the side of your cheek, dripping to your collarbone in the process.

“Malik!” you screamed as you reached for a can of red paint before taking some of it in two fists before throwing it at him, some landing in his hair and some on his white t-shirt. “MY HAIRRRRRRR! My favourite t-shirt! Oh you have no idea what I’m gonna do to you babe” he yelled, huskily lowering his voice for the last part before staring down at his t-shirt in disbelief.

“Oh come on, like you don’t have a million of those stored away in your cupboard anyways” you stated in a ‘matter of fact’ tone. His eyes suddenly gleamed with a playful glint as his face held a mysterious smirk before reaching out for a can of paint, a deep green taking over his blue hand instead.

Your eyes widened as you stepped back and ran, only to find that there was nowhere to hide. “There’s nowhere to run” Zayn whispered in your ear, your body tensing at the proximity of him and his hushed voice sending shivers down your spine. And within seconds, he attacked your arms with green paint, rubbing up and down, your hands looking like flower stems.

You turned to him and ducked under his arm, running to find a nice yellow paint before stroking his chiselled face slowly, completely covering the sides of his beard and his lips. “You’re not getting away with that, watch out beautiful” he said lowly with a seductive wink as he bit his lip, coughing as soon as he did the action as it caused paint to graze his teeth.

Your eyes widened as you attempted to step back, but your foot got stuck and you tripped over a closed paint can. “Oh shit….” You muttered to yourself quietly as you saw Zayn advance towards you. “Oh shit indeed” he said deeply as he knelt down to your level. He reached to the side where the red paint was before putting his hand in it and letting the paint drip over your lips.

Your eyes widened as you inhaled sharply, unable to say anything due to the weird substance on your face. He leaned in closer and closer until he was hovering on top of you, his legs either side of your waist. He looked at you, his pupils dilating. “Wanna make orange?” he whispered, his yellow yet plump lips hovering over your bright red ones.

You wasted no time in crashing your lips to his as you pulled his now multi-coloured t-shirt, causing him to attack your face hungrily.  


“Babeeeeee” Louis whined from the sitting room as you hurriedly put the nachos into the plate as you rushed to the sitting room to find Louis huddled on the sofa. He looked in your direction, raising the end of the blanket and patting the side next to him.

You smiled at his cute behaviour and set the nachos down onto the table. “Hold on Lou, lemme just get a couple of movies okay?” you said as you walked over to the DVD display cabinet. You scanned the display and bent down to reach the animation section since you were in the mood for something cute.

“Forget the movie, I’d much rather watch this” Louis said, a lingering tone of suggestiveness in his voice. You grabbed a couple of DVD’s and stood up and turned around, looking at the T.V screen in the process. “But there’s noth-LOUIS! Naughty child!” you said, realising mid-sentence  what he actually meant.

“Well it’s not my fault you look so good in those leggings” he stated defensively. “Now come and sit down” “Okay, what movie?” you asked, holding up the four options which were Toy Story 3, Tangled, The SpongeBob SquarePants movie and Jungle Book.

“Tangled” he stated and reached out his hands, beckoning you towards him. “I wanted to watch Toy Story” you said in a childlike voice, pouting sadly. “Babe, you sound like Liam, now put Tangled in and come and sit down”

“Toy Story”


“Toy Story” you stated with a bit more authority as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Tangled” he said in the exact same tone of voice as you before getting up and taking a large stride towards you.

“Toy Story” you stated, taking a step forwards as you stood only centimetres away from each other.

“Tangled” he breathed out taking a smaller step towards you, your bodies almost touching.

Your breath hitched at the closeness and your eyes went to his lips as his tongue darted out to wet them.

“Toy S-“

“Forget Toy Story and just kiss me” he whispered in a deep voice and you silently obliged, setting the DVD’s on the table as your hands went to his neck, pulling him in for a soft kiss.

Your lips fit together perfectly, caressing each other in the process as his hands went to your waist, pulling you closer to him if possible. Your lips moved in sync as the two of you continued to kiss for what felt like hours and he nipped at your bottom lip asking for entrance which you gladly granted, his tongue slowly entered your mouth, teasing you as you fought back a whine of complaint.

You couldn’t fight back a moan at his tongue softly caressing yours as he smiled into the kiss in triumph, continuing to explore your mouth as you did the same. You felt his lips detach from yours and you opened your eyes to find him putting the Tangled DVD into the player before rushing to flop onto the sofa and getting under the blanket.

“And that, lady, is how Louis William Tomlinson gets his way” he said, winking at you as you huffed in annoyance before sitting down next to him, pulling the blanket over you.

He pressed play on the movie and you nuzzled up against his neck as he pressed soft kisses into your hair every now and then.

Pretty soon the movie didn’t even matter as he began kissing your forehead, then your eyes, then your nose, and cheeks, and neck, slowly teasing you with his soft pink lips.

“Guess the movie didn’t matter at all then?” you asked, giggling as he began kissing your jaw. He pushed you down on the sofa, hovering on top of you, his blue eyes barely seen behind the lust.

“Guess it didn’t” he said huskily before kissing you hungrily.


(A/N: You likeeeee? I was gonna put part 2 of ‘He Accidentally Admits His Feelings’ but I was stuck on ideas and this just came to meeee ^-^ 5 notes for the rest of the boys? Xx CAN I HAVE THE SCARF LIAM… PLEASEEEEEEEE. HARRY. YOU’D BETTER NOT LET GO OF MY HAND OKAY. I DO NOT WANT TO FALL ON ICE.)


So i did my fake family tree for french class and i put zayn as my husband and i put one of the hottest pics of him. When i got to class my french teacher looked at my poster and LITERALLY STOPPED THE WHOLE LESSON and was like “HOLY SHIT WHO IS THAT MY GOD Mmmmmm YUMMYY” and i was like thts zayn malik from 1D. She was like oh my god one direction have members tht gorgeous? she was like I WOULD LIKE TO GET WITH THT. BUT SHE REALIZED THT SHES IN A MIDDLE OF A FUCKING CLASS SO SHE TURNED RED AND APOLOGIZEDD. The whole class was like its fine we understand