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Home [Luke Skywalker x Solo!Reader]

Part 2

Summary: The reader is Han’s younger sister who wanders off while Han is doing business and bumps into Luke.

Word Count: 4000+

Warnings: None that I know of! Lmk if I missed anything!  

The dry heat of Tatooine was unfamiliar. Wind-blown particles of sand stuck to your skin, and the distrusting attitude of the crowds outside the hangar was strong enough to be felt. You folded your arms over your chest, refusing to let fidgeting betray your anxiety. This was your first time away from home.

You were grateful to at least have the familiarity of the Falcon, your older brother Han, and his co-pilot Chewbacca just behind you. As far as Han knew, you had inherited the Solo sense of adventure and couldn’t stand being stuck on Corellia while Han had all the fun. In reality, you had asked to travel with him because you were terrified of being alone.

“Something else, isn’t it?” Han said as he stepped out of the Falcon, Chewie at his heels.

“It is,” you agreed. “Something different from what most people would find enjoyable. Of all the places you could disappear, you chose this rock?”

“The idea is that I can disappear here,” Han informed you matter-of-factly. “But not if you run your mouth which you have a tendency to do. So stay in the Falcon and stay out of sight.”

“You’re kidding,” you began incredulously. “Han, I didn’t join the crew to stay in the Falcon and stay out of sight. Chewie, tell him.”

Chewie just shrugged.

“You didn’t have to come. And unless my memory’s gone haywire, your exact words were ‘I’ll do whatever you say, Han. Just take me with you.’” Han recalled, using the worst impression of you you had ever heard. “But, hey, sis, if you want me to take you back home–”

“No!” you interrupted. “I don’t want to go back. Can’t I go with you, Han? You said you’re going to a palace. I promise, I’ll be quiet if you take me.”

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11 from the kiss meme for theron/xaja :D

Thank you, Nonny! :D 11: ‘We’re actually being kind of silly for once’ kiss.

“How long has your dad owned this place?” Theron asked as he stepped out on the balcony overlooking the widespread sands of Tatooine. Below him, he could survey the entire little settlement that didn’t resemble anything so much as a very large, if not well-used, moisture farm.

“He said he bought it not long after I disappeared and Zakuul invaded. He uses it more as a hideout when he wants to avoid Anchorhead or Mos Eisely. Apparently there’s enough covert security systems here to keep even the most adventurous Sand People deterred from here.” Xaja came up beside Theron, slipping the settlement key back into her trouser pocket. “The only people to come through here while he’s owned the place were a couple groups of Jawa traders.”

“Nice and secure then.” Theron looked up at the dusky sky. The Star Fortress was finally gone, and now he and Xaja were staying low for a couple of days until the Zakuulans in the area quit looking for her. This out-of-the-way stronghold was an ideal location. “It’s not too shabby for a hideout either.”

Xaja laughed. “Dad might have been more concerned with practicality when he bought it, but he and Sorand both spent enough time here that they at least made it comfortable.” She came up and wrapped her arms around Theron’s waist, resting her cheek against his back. He’d shed his jacket already, letting him feel her presence better through only the shirt he still wore. “In case you hadn’t noticed, my father’s not the biggest fan of ‘roughing it’.”

“I guess it comes with age.” Theron grinned and reached up to squeeze Xaja’s hands around his midsection.

“Hey, I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of etiquette about poking fun at his age when he’s not here to defend himself,” Xaja scolded, although Theron could hear the laughter in her voice.

“No, see, this way I can make fun of him without the risk of getting stabbed or shot or poisoned.”

There was a deep inhale that Theron could feel quite pleasantly against his back, then an exasperated sigh. “Is this some sort of spy rivalry thing you two have constantly going on?”

“I’ll have you know, that’s a very sacred tradition among spies originating from opposite corners of the galaxy,” Theron retorted as he reached around to give Xaja a poke in the ribs. “So you-”

Xaja squeaked and jumped away from Theron’s poking finger. Immediately the spy froze, craning his neck to look over his shoulder at the tiny woman behind him. “What? Did I hurt you?”


Something about Xaja’s meek tone of voice made Theron squirm until he’d turned around in her arms and could look down at her. “Are you sure? Did I just find a new bruise from that Exarch that you didn’t tell me about?”

“Theron, I promise I’m not hurt!”

Theron frowned as he rested her hands on her bare arms, then slowly ran his fingers over her ribs. Nothing felt broken or inflamed, but she still seemed more tense than usual… An idea presented itself to him, and his fingers poked her again in the stomach, making her squeak again.

An evil grin slowly spread across Theron’s face as he realized what was wrong. “You’re ticklish!”

Xaja’s vivid green eyes went wide. “Am not!” Her voice was far too fast and high-pitched to even make a valiant effort at being believable.

“All evidence seems to point to the contrary, Commander.” Theron demonstrated with his fingers dancing across her ribs, and he was hard-pressed to not laugh as she tried to jump away from him. “Hmm, whatever should I do with this new information…”

“Umm… let me go and forget this conversation ever happened?”

“Yeah, I could do that…” Theron grinned wickedly as Xaja’s eyes widened further, “but where’s the fun in that?”

“For kriff’s sake, Thero-EEEEEP!” Xaja squealed as Theron launched his assault on her sensitive sides, the fragments of her Jedi decorum rapidly disintegrating into shrieks and giggles. Apparently having one’s ribs and stomach mercilessly tickled was enough to make a Master of the Jedi Order forget that they could in fact use the Force to escape this predicament, because instead of merely throwing Theron away (or even trying to retaliate on his own ribs, which Theron refused to admit would have been a very successful retaliation), she instinctively tried to lower herself away from the assault and Theron’s fingers, curling in on herself in a vain effort to protect her sides.

Theron just followed her down, laughing as he managed to grab one of her hands. Xaja realized her predicament too late, and tried to flee before Theron pinned her to the floor of the balcony with his heavier body weight, getting both of her wrists caught over her head. The petite Jedi squealed and squirmed under the spy, in such a way that Theron very nearly got distracted enough to let her go. “You are such a jerk!” she gasped out as she tried to tug her hands free of Theron’s grip.

“Damn straight, and you keep me around anyway.” Theron grinned down at his still-squirming Jedi captive and tried not to think too hard about what her squirming was doing to him down south. “Apparently you’re a glutton for punishment, Master Jedi.”

“Kriff you.”

“That can be arranged.” Theron lowered his head to drop a kiss on Xaja’s lips. “Anyone ever tell you you’re adorable?”

 Xaja’s breathing seemed to finally settle a bit as she kissed Theron back. “Only you, pretty much every morning you wake up with me.” She looked up at her pinned hands, then back at Theron’s eyes. “Truce?”

“Hmmm…” Theron pretended to think about it as he moved to hold Xaja’s wrists with only one larger hand, his other hand slowly drifting down her side and making her flinch away from him. “I suppose terms of surrender can be worked out.”

“I said no such thing about surren-” Xaja squealed as Theron’s fingers found a particularly sensitive spot on her ribs. “Okay! You win! Lemme up!”

Theron chuckled as he finally released her hands and rolled to the side so she could breathe. “I need to make a note of this day. 12 Melona, twenty-”

“Hey!” Xaja swatted Theron’s chest as she rolled to face him. “That’s not very nice of you to poke fun!”

“Or exploit what poking does to you?” Theron smirked and reached a hand over, trying to not laugh as Xaja’s eyes darted to warily watch his hand until it rested on her cheek. “Poking fun might not be nice… but it’s so entertaining. I didn’t even know you could squeal like that.”


Theron laughed at Xaja’s glare. “Okay, okay, sorry.” He leaned forward to kiss her again, then pulled back to look at her contemplatively. “I wonder where else you’re ticklish…”

“Theron Shan, you touch my feet and I won’t be responsible for what happens to your face.”

“Okay, fine, feet are off-limits.” Theron grinned. “But…”

Xaja squeaked as Theron suddenly moved to touch the back of her knee. Oh, yep, that was another sensitive zone. “Theron!

Theron grinned as she snatched his hand, quickly rolling them both over again and losing himself in another kiss that she reciprocated. One more important bit of information that he could keep all to himself and not share with anyone else in the Alliance…