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raccoonskulls  asked:

Hey there! I was wondering, since you are an eel-keeper, do you ever find Noodles' teeth in her substrate? Like do they ever fall out? I collect animal bones and would love to add eel teeth to my collection! Sorry I know this is a really strange ask lmao

This is a really good question omg. I wish i had a better answer for you!!
I’m not actually sure if noodle’s teeth fall out :o
(I think goldfish loose their teeth sometimes? I know people who collect those so it wouldn’t surprise me if eels lose teeth too)

Although if noodle did lose teeth i’d probably never find them
Her teeth are pretty darn small. Like… probably the size of large sand grains.

Here’s a gif showing her teeth

and here’s a link to a video showing how big she is compared to my finger

So her teeth are pretty dang small 

Also she has around 3-4 inches of sand in her tank and she digs (with her face ? ???) all the time
So if she lost teeth they’d probably just get buried…. :<

If i had her in a barebottom tank i’d probably be able to find them…. but she would miss the sand lol

Now i wish i had some eel teeth! Or a skull… or a whole skeleton…. That would be awesome! 

Moray eels have really cool skeletons because of their pharyngeal jaws (Second set of jaws which move forward to grab food and pull it back into the throat. basically really weird swallowing.)

so I would love to have an eel skeleton that included the pharyngeal jaws like this one


Sorry I can’t answer the teeth question!! :< 

If you ever get eel bones/teeth you should totally tag me! I’d love to see them!


Photos of Matthew Daddario that were DMed to me! 

A few people have been messaging me and leaving positive comments. I appreciate those who do and I will keep doing what I do :)