jaw line collar bones

Here's the thing about anorexia

There’s a point where you look good
Your belly is concave, your collar bones are prominent, you have the chiseled jaw line of a goddess.
Girls in the bathroom will tell you how much they wished they had your figure
A boy will wrap his hands around your waist and say that you’re so tiny and that it’s adorable
Your friend will grunt in frustration as she just wishes she had your thighs
The kid sitting next to you at lunch will touch his thumb and forefinger around your wrist and blow through his lips at little is there
They will all complement you
For a while
And then you, or your doctor, or your parents, or a friend, will realise the jeans that had fit you perfectly three weeks ago are falling of your body, and that you haven’t eaten a thing in four days
And you work at getting better
You start eating again
You start eating right
You start to gain a healthy weight
And the compliments stop
And your guy friends make one too many “chubby face” jokes
And you laugh it off for a while
And then you skip lunch
And skip your mid afternoon snack
And you curb the hunger by eating mints
Just like you did before
And you panic because you don’t want to fall down that hole again
And you try
But the compliments have stopped
And you hate it

How I Have You

Title: How I Have You

Read the drabble leading up to this: How I Want You   

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 543

Smut Appreciation Day 2017

You heard the sound of his belt being undone and clothes hitting the floor. The bed dipped as he crawled between your legs.

“Well right now, I’m going to have you how I want you, when I want you.”

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