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Could u do a Wanna One hyung line reaction to their crush accidentally sending them nudes please x

A/N: How does one accidentally send nudes though? Don’t you check the freaking picture lmao.

Jisung, Minhyun would all be so shy about it. You guys would be texting about how your day was when you suddenly say “wait, I got something to show you, it’s really good”. Few minutes pass and as they open the message, their jaw would drop. Cheeks will be all pink and they won’t know what to say. They will be puzzled and in awe for a long time; even when you call to apologize and tell them it’s not what you wanted to send them and is a misunderstanding, these boys would just try to laugh it off, but things may get a little awkward; so you both decide not to talk about it again. Even though you made a promise, the picture of you naked would be imprinted on their mind and they would always blush when they look at you from then on. 

Sungwoon, Seongwoo are going to be little shits about this. They know the message you sent them was an accident, but they will just tease you to no end. You literally won’t be able to live without them mentioning that accident to you. “You really couldn’t wait for me to see it in person, right Y/N?” they would make this kind of jokes a lot and tell you that it’s fine and that they deleted the picture and never looked at it anyway. But you know better and obviously they are lying; they have the photo saved on their laptop and sometimes late at night when they are feeling needy they would look at it and imagine you next to them. 

Daniel, Jaehwan would be a little confused at first as to why you are so excited about the nude picture you just sent them. They probably won’t know how to react; part trying to laugh it off and never look at it, part getting turned on and wanting to save it for science purpose, obviously. When you apologize over and over again, they will say it’s alright and that they will delete it and never bring it up again if it bothers you that much. Somehow, I feel that they will just take a longer peek at the photo before deleting it; just so they can remember it for when it’s “needed”


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You were on cloud nine. Never in a million years did you think that Dean would take you to see The Backstreet Boys in concert. He knew how obsessed you had been as a teen, and had teased you mercilessly anytime you blared one of their albums in your room. However, when you mentioned that they were performing an upcoming concert at a nearby town, he somehow managed to surprise you with two tickets.

Now, here you were, swaying to the beat of one of their top hits, fulfilling teenager you’s number one bucket list item. Glancing over at Dean, your jaw dropped when you saw that his lips were moving softly, saying the lyrics. Glancing downwards, you also saw that his fingers were tapping against his thigh in rhythm with the music. Turning away before he saw you watching, you once again became mesmerized by the five singers onstage.

You were a bouncing ball of joy on the drive back to the bunker. And even though Dean acted annoyed and rolled his eyes every time you recounted your favorite parts of the night, your excitement was infectious. He was unable to keep the grin off his face, as he held your hand over the console and hummed a familiar tune under his breath the entire way home.

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Peter’s jaw dropped as soon as you walked into detention. Clearly he was shocked to see you just liked you thought he would be.

“Hey” you smiled, casually taking out the note book you brought with you to doodle in while you sat in the classroom. For a moment Peter just stared at you.

“[Y/N] what are you doing here?” He finally asked.

“Thought you could use some company. Soooooo I got detention, and ta da! Now I’m here with you. Your welcome” you said giving him a friend nudge.

“I didn’t ask you to get detention for me”.

“You didn’t have to. That’s just how good a friend I am” the grin on your face became wider “aren’t you lucky to have me around. Smile a bit Pete. I didn’t do this for nothing”.


12 Jaw-dropping US mountain towns

Photo by tpsdave on Pixabay

It’s more than just the mountains. Though the scenery surrounding the high-altitude towns of the USA is spectacular – snow-capped peaks, dizzying cliffs, burbling rivers and forests blanketed in white – these settlements aren’t just beautiful, they’re historic, and charm-filled, says adventurer Ben Groundwater.

Lake Tahoe, California

Photo by tpsdave from Pixabay

A favourite weekend spot for Californians – given it’s only a one-hour flight from San Francisco – this series of charming settlements hug the shores of the shimmering body of water that is Lake Tahoe. Though the easiest way to access Lake Tahoe’s most popular ski area, Heavenly, is by staying on the touristy south shore, it’s the settlements on the lake’s north that retain the most allure.

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Lake Placid, New York

To most people, New York means skyscrapers and a brash attitude, but that’s just the city. The state itself has a surprising number of ski resorts and towns that service them, and perhaps one of the most beautiful is Lake Placid. Though a former host of the Winter Olympics, Lake Placid these days lives up to its name, and is the perfect destination for some relaxing time in the mountains away from city life.

West Glacier, Montana

Photo by Terrah Holly on Unsplash

There are few more scenically spectacular parts of the world than the “big sky country” of Montana, and few places capture that beauty quite like the town of West Glacier. What it lacks in size and infrastructure – this is really just a gateway into the famed Glacier National Park – it makes up for in easy-going charm, and a setting that would make any nature lover cry tears of joy.

Aspen, Colorado

Though it’s known these days for the Hollywood big shots who arrive en masse around Christmas, Aspen is actually a former silver-mining town that also enjoyed a brief stretch as a hippie enclave populated by the likes of John Denver and Hunter S. Thompson. These days Aspen’s five-star resorts and chalets are the stuff of fantasy for most, but the town retains its beautiful historic charm.

North Conway, New Hampshire

Photo by Margit Wallner on Pixabay

This is New England at its finest, a quaint mountain town within easy striking distance of the city of Boston, and yet with an atmosphere that sets it a world apart. North Conway, founded in 1765, is all historic buildings and “mom and pop” stores, but is also within a half-hour drive of 13 ski resorts.

Telluride, Colorado

Another former Coloradan mining town, Telluride has done a better job than most of retaining its old-world charm, with a postcard-perfect main street that’s a throwback to simpler times. The town is surrounded on three sides by towering mountain ranges, a geographical quirk that has helped to protect Telluride from the onslaught of mass tourism.

Mammoth Lakes, California

It takes just an hour to fly from the concrete jungle of Los Angeles to the snow-capped peaks of Mammoth Lakes, a year-round hotspot for those who enjoy the great outdoors. The town itself doesn’t quite have the history of some of its Coloradan counterparts – however, when you’re surrounded by sparkling alpine lakes and dizzying mountain peaks, it really doesn’t matter.

Virginia City, Nevada

Those with Westworld-inspired dreams of stepping back into the Wild West need only visit Virginia City, Nevada, the place where the legendary Comstock Lode – a huge silver deposit – was once struck, and which has retained pretty much all of the old buildings that lined its streets back in the 19th century. That the town is surrounded by the Sierra ranges only adds to the appeal.

Jackson, Wyoming

Photo by tpsdave on Pixabay

This is cowboy country, no doubt – you only have to cast your eye around and take in the saloons on streets, the boots on wooden walkways and the Stetsons on heads. However, Jackson, Wyoming is also hugely popular with hikers, bikers, skiers and climbers, thanks to its position among some of the most imposing and beautiful mountain scenery you’re likely to witness.

Breckenridge, Colorado

Though the adjoining ski resort in Breckenridge is as modern as they come, most of the buildings in the town itself are throwbacks to a bygone era, colourfully painted places that date back to the late 1800s. With the Rocky Mountains filling all horizons, this is a place to take your time strolling around and soaking up the history and the scenery.

Taos, New Mexico

Photo by tpsdave on Pixabay

There’s something a little different about Taos, New Mexico. It’s in the architecture: these aren’t the wooden facades of the Wild West mining towns, but rather the mud-brick buildings of the southern deserts. It’s in the people, too: this isn’t cowboy country so much as a bohemian hub filled with hippies and artists, as well as adventurers and old-school Hispanic settlers. And off in the distance… towering mountain peaks that can’t fail to impress.

Park City, Utah

Park City’s history is a familiar one: a former silver-mining boomtown turned playground for the rich and famous, who are drawn here largely for the world-class skiing, not to mention the cosy village feel and the spectacular scenery that surrounds it. Park City is hugely popular in winter, but has something of a locals-only vibe in summer, when the hikers and bikers head out to play.

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Written by Ben Groundwater

Ben is a columnist and globetrotting backpacker for Traveller.com

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U come home with ur s/o ut/uf skelebros from outing & see ur 8 yr old baby sis holding her large lump of belly. U say, "what's wrong with ur belly?" She grins & says, "I'm giving birth to ur baby bro!" U say, "WHAT?!" She says, "The baby's coming!" & slides the lump down her belly, revealing ur favorite vase, drawn weird face with markers; u jaw-drop. She says, "Meet ur new bro". U then say, "i came back here to have a rest of the good day but now i feel so attacked right now". How skeles react?

UT!Sans: He is laughing, Sans doesn’t know exactly what’s going on but your face coupled with your sister’s totally serious expression has him wheezing against the door frame. He’ll play along with your sister and even treat the vase like a living child.

UT!Paps: He is so confused and concerned, he may not know much about humans but he knows that an 8 year old shouldn’t be able to give birth…to a vase… He’ll look confused before playing along with your sister, he wouldn’t want to crush her dreams.

UF!Sans: Red is laughing as bad as Sans, he’ll pat your sisters head and tell her to, “Never change, little weirdo.” You’ll be exasperated as he pokes fun at you and semi treating the vase like an actual baby.

UF!Paps: Boss rolls eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose. He marvels at the creativity children have but laments on the less than useful things children tend to do with it. He’ll continue into the house but ask your sister what the ‘baby’s’ name is.

Whether you watched the HBO special or tuned in for one of Beyoncé’s jaw-dropping Formation tour performances, the impact of Lemonade was impossible to ignore.  Today Beyoncé will release How to Make Lemonade, an expansive 600-page book that finally takes the audience behind the scenes with an array of exclusive photos, outtakes, and art that shines light on her dynamic use of fashion to convey her message.

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