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Best things about Rogue One 

- everything was so NEW and DIFFERENT and they did so many things in ways we’ve never seen before. Never had a tropical beach final battle, never seen the Death Star used to destroy cities, never seen Vader fully in his bacta tank or fighting like that, never seen star destroyers crash…i could go on

- THAT IS HOW YOU DO A DIVERSE CAST HOLY FUCK (plus literally all the bad guys were crusty old white men in a pissing contest and i live for it)

- You will adore every member of the main cast but especially my small son Bodhi Rook

- I love how intricately it fit in to New Hope and it gave it so much more emotional weight

- K-2SO is fucking hilarious

- “Are you kidding me? I am blind.”

- That was probably the best battle scene we’ve ever had

- My jaw hit the floor when i saw leia at the end

Not best things

- It will murder everything you love

  • yoi fans: can you imagine if they kissed?
  • creators: done. what else?
  • yoi fans: WTF?! okay uh...what if they proposed?
  • creators: here's an engagement with rings and all. we threw in some pole dancing too as a bonus. what next?
  • yoi fans: *busy scraping their jaws off the floor* we'll uh...we'll get back to you

Dex is pretty sure that with a theme like “Haunted Haus,” they’re all expected to wear at least partially-scary costumes. His costume isn’t anything too crazy, he’d gone to Target and picked up a cheap white t-shirt, some of those plastic fangs, and a bottle of fake blood. Dex figures there’s going to be vampires everywhere at the party, but it’s cheap and easy and Dex really doesn’t give a fuck.

He misfires a bit with the fake blood, getting it all over the bottom half of his face and all down his shirt, but in the end it actually looks pretty good. When he shows up to the pre-game at the Haus, he gets a little chirping for his cliché costume, but no one gives him too much shit.

He’s two and a half Natty Lights in when Nursey shows up, and his jaw promptly hits the floor. Nursey’s costume is scary, but that’s just because Dex is fucking terrified he might pop a boner just looking at him. Nursey is wearing nothing but an unbuttoned lab coat, a stethoscope around his neck, and what Dex can only assume is a pair of cut-off scrubs.

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Payback (M)

Jimin x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, light choking, daddy kink, kinda public??, idk man it’s just filth

Word Count: 3,125

Summary:  Park fucking Jimin was sin incarnate, and he knew it too. You have had it with his extra ass on stage, he was always taking some article of clothing off and you were at your wits end. This means war.

A/N: This is my fic, I’m re-posting onto my sideblog.

Your jaw was on the floor after watching BTS’ new comeback stage. As if the low cut shirts, lip bites, sexual lyrics, and all around rudeness wasn’t enough, Jimin decided he needed to up the ante and undress on stage looking like sin itself. Fucker. He knew exactly what he was doing, and you decided he needed to be punished.

Dressing in all his favourites; your shorts, oversized sweater and thigh high socks that always got to him, you headed to the boys’ dorm for a movie night after making sure your coat covered everything. You arrived at the dorm quicker than anticipated, and after being let in by Hoseok and attacked by the boys with hugs, you learned that Jimin was still in the shower. Settling down on the couch you took your jacket off and got comfortable with a bowl of popcorn when you felt several pairs of eyes on you. Looking up, you saw the boys eying your outfit and you smiled to yourself, your plan already working. Jimin walked out of the shower with his hair still damp, wearing sweats and a loose t shirt. He looked around the room and noticed that all eyes were on you, a smile spreading on his face as he met your eyes, then he saw why they were staring and his face hardened.

Strike one.

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so obviously kara has spent her entire life trying to fit in right? and this has translated over into her wardrobe and how she presents herself as an unassuming nerd. but as demonstrated by red!k kara, she’s also aware that she’s hella attractive, and if she feels like it she can be sexy as hell, like when she just fuckin. slow motion walks into the bar in that black dress and everyone has to pick their jaw up off the floor??? so IMAGINE if kara had decided to own that part of her, and like, not cared if she stuck out as the sexy, smoldery goddess that she is? because then she would still have her cinnamon roll personality, but wrapped up in the sexy red!k kara aesthetic.


Scenario : The boys reactions to seeing you (a cute girl) out and about wearing BTS merch. +

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Seokjin : This cutie would probably have to do a double take to make sure it was a BTS shirt you were displaying. Once he realized it was infact a BTS shirt, he’d giggle and point you out to his members. He’d probably walk up to you asking if you know BTS, making you instantly turn around and squeel at the site of our Pink Princess in front of you .

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Min Yoongi : D boy here would notice you wearing their merch almost instantly but wouldn’t make a big fuss about it. Once you crossed paths, he’d point at you saying “nice” and give you a gummy smile as he slowly passed you by. You left behind trying pick your jaw up from the floor after realizing Yoongi from BTS noticed you. 

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Hoseok : This sweetie pie would nearly lose his shit at the site of a cute girl wearing his groups merch. He’d act like a straight fool hoping you noticed he was there. The second you turned around to the sound of him saying “my heartu”, he’d pretend to faint at the site of your beauty and point out that you were wearing their merch making you giggle earning him your number. 

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Namjoon : This soulful cutie would notice your beautiful face before he noticed you were wearing merch for his group. He’d point you out to his fellow members and as soon as your shirt was visible he’d lose it and start hiding behind his hands giggling. “Aish, not only is she beautiful but she’s an ARMY!” He’d squeel whilst his dimples were now more prominent then before. I feel like Joonie would be to shy to approach you and would just stare from a distance admiring his beautiful fan. 

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Jimin : This fluffball would notice you instantly. He’d be to shy to approach you or make it obvious that he was looking your way. He’d just smile and admire that a beauitful girl was wearing his merch and would hide anytime he saw you turning around, but you can bet you’d be on his mind the remainder of the day, regretting the fact that he never asked for your number. 

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TaeTae : Aw, our precious little goofball! He wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you. The second he saw you, you had his attention. He’d do anything and everything possible to make you realize he was there and that he noticed you were wearing his merch. He’d come up behind you suprising you with a sudden “hello” causing you to jump, you instantly freezing the moment you processed that Tae from BTS was in front of you getting ready to ask you for your number. 

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Kookie : Tbh, it’s hard to tell with Kookie. Either he’ll be super shy or super confident. But he’d probably lose it seeing a cute girl wearing his merch. He’d attempt to grab the other members attention mentioning how beautiful you were and that you were an ARMY. He’d either stay back avoiding any contact from happening or he’d be pressured by the other members to go up to you and ask for your phone number. Either way, you’d have his attention. 

Hope you enjoyed;

If you have any request’s pls don’t hesitate to message me through my ask box. I write fan fic’s, scenarios, and some drabbles. I write for mainly BTS, but I’m okay with doing GOT7 as well, I’m just more intuned to BTS’ personalities oppose to any other group due to the fact that BTS is my favorite group. You can pretty much say I stan them pretty hard. 

Have a good day loves.

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The Yoga Class

She lies when Maggie asks if it was really that bad and she says yes.

She lies, but it’s okay, because Maggie knows she’s lying.

She knows because Alex knows that Maggie saw the way her jaw was on the floor the whole. Entire. Time.

The whole entire time, because the things Maggie can do with her body?

How she can hold herself up with only her hands, how she can go from stiff body slams on the job to graceful, steady, peaceful movements on that adorable pink mat of hers? (She’d laughed when Alex had insisted on getting a blue one for herself – to match – and she’d kissed her and she’d looked like she was in love.)

True, there were parts Alex hated.

Like the parts where she wasn’t the best one in the class.

Like the parts where the instructor had welcomed her as a newcomer, and the only okay part about that was the way Maggie had reached over and touched her arm and beamed because she was hers, hers, hers.

“Why do you do this stuff anyway, Mags? Isn’t it too… calm for you? Don’t you love your heavy bag?”

“I do, Danvers, but if I only got my release through my heavy bag, I’d just kind of stay angry all the time.”

“And this… breathy stuff… helps you not be angry all the time?”

“Some days,” Maggie had explained, and Alex could kind of see why.

Because, though she’ll never admit it, she found that it was kind of comforting – and kind of hot, okay, very hot – to watch Maggie move so peacefully, to watch the way her eyes fluttered closed.

Even if it earned her a gentle, smiling reprimand from the instructor, who softly reminded her to focus on her own practice for now.

Alex refrained from retorting that Maggie was her practice.

Because part of her? Part of her wanted that. Wanted to be like that. Like Maggie.

Because she admires the crap out of her, and damn, it would be kind of nice to be just as flexible as her girlfriend.

It would be… helpful.

In sting ops and such.

And in bed.

Her practice. Right. Focus on her practice.

And when she tried – when she took inspiration from Maggie’s soft breathing, from the way she wasn’t embarrassed to keep her eyes closed in this room, wasn’t scared, wasn’t guarded, like she was everywhere else in public spaces, and even alone together sometimes – Alex could see where this stuff was… relaxing.

Not to mention a little physically challenging.

Okay, a lot physically challenging.

Alex was used to motion. She wasn’t used to stillness.

And stillness? Stillness can be so much harder.

Stillness can require so much more strength.

The kind of strength she sees in Maggie. The kind of strength that makes her love her even more.

The kind of strength she wasn’t to develop in herself.

So she lies when Maggie asks if it was really that bad, because it’s funny and because they love teasing each other and because she’s still Alex Danvers, and she has a reputation to uphold, after all.

But really? She can’t find the words to tell her. Not yet.

How much she’s inspired by her.

How in awe of her she is.

She’ll find the words, one day.

But today? Laughing and nudging each other and flirting and teasing in the rain, neither of them caring enough to take their umbrellas out of Maggie’s gym bag, because god does everything, including the mist on their skin, feel perfect right now?

Today, this minute?

She’s got Maggie’s smile, and Maggie’s got hers, and that’s enough for now.

Nathalie: Chat Noir's Biggest Fan

Just imagine here. She K N O W S. And she just.

Subtly showing her support. Adrien sees a Chat Noir paw print sticker on her tablet. Her phone background is Chat. She subtly works in Chat-related stuff into her outfit.

She has a mug with a green paw print that says “pawsitively miraculous” on it.

She switches out the tablet to a black one.

She sneaks Adrien cheese and he’s confused by glad. She sneaks him pastries from Mari’s parents’ bakery after really hard akuma battles.

She verbally strings up a reporter by the guys at a fashion event when he made rude remarks about Chat Noir. (Adrien had trouble getting his jaw off the floor for the rest of the day).

One time, after a really hard akuma, she ruffles Adrien’s hair and tells him “good job, kitten.”


Sure sure, Faith is great, Freedom ‘90 is great, the Wham! hits are great. But have a look at this. A few weeks or months before this, George Michael had been arrested in a public toilet, and outed in the process. All of it felt very shameful. It was 1998. You were either in the mainstream and closeted, or openly gay and limited to a career in the gay scene, being ridiculed by everyone else.

Then came this video. I was 21 and already living in Amsterdam, out and proud, but my jaw was on the floor. He was supposed to feel ashamed, to do public apologies or to pretend it never happened, but then came this. I elbowed my girlfriend in the ribs going THERE ARE MEN KISSING IN THIS!! Oh hang on, there’s a LOT MORE THAN KISSING!! I don’t really remember, but it’s quite possible that I had never seen men kissing on TV before.

Nobody in the manstream had ever been this proud and COCKY and so funny and lighthearted about being gay and about kinky sex. George Michael was not going to feel bad about sex in public toilets, that was for sure. It was an iconic moment.

Pint Sized Chapter 2: Childified

Chapters: 2/6

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Rating: R … .FOR REALLY CUTE  (It’s PG/K+ guys don’t worry)

Relationships: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Chat Noir/Ladybug

Summary: “Hi, Mama. I can explain.“

**Also available** on AO3 | FFnet

Cover by @edendaphne

The look on Sabine’s face when Marinette and Adrien stumbled into the bakery was priceless. It was clear for a moment that her mother didn’t recognize her and she gave the two of them and their bare feet a disapproving frown. Then the penny dropped and her jaw hit the floor and she clutched the counter for support.

Marinette waved weakly. "Hi, Mama. I can explain.”

“Tom. TOM!” Sabine called. Something clattered in the kitchen and Tom appeared a moment later, alert for whatever had distressed his wife. His eyes fell on the two children and he stared blankly.

Marinette smiled sheepishly. Adrien shuffled his feet, eyes downcast.

“Honey,” Tom said after a moment. “Someone shrunk the kids.”

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