jaw dropping shots

Mischeif Managed

Gryffindor: *planing mischeif with 2 friends* *wispering the plan with enthusiasm*

Slytherin: *passing by*

Slytherin: What stupid plan are you up to?

Gryffindor: Would you please Slyther-OUT of my buisness?

Ravenclaw: * jaw drops* *continues reading 700 paged book*


Blue Planet II : The Prequel 🌍

Jaw-dropping shots of the ocean. The smooth voice of Sir David Attenborough. Radiohead. We’re suddenly hyped for the Big Blue Planet sequel. It has been 16-years of anticipation, and from the looks of the five-minute prequel, it’ll be well worth the wait.

Iconic composer Hans Zimmer returns to score the series and even worked with Radiohead to create the song “(ocean) Bloom” — an updated version of the band’s 2011 single “Bloom”. The series will premiere later this year on BBC One.

Evil Queen’s Curse 1 of 2

So @gusenitsaa started this up awhile back and realized we hadn’t posted it yet! Anyway, here is a canon divergent fic where Regina’s evil half casts a curse! CS wakes up in the home they share… but with S2 memories. (Based on the @askoncerp au week with the same name.)

When he woke he shot to his feet so quickly his head spun and he stumbled back against the stone pillar for support.  At least, he tried to.  What he actually did was fall back with a cry of surprise because the stone pillar he’d been chained to only moments ago had apparently vanished.  

He landed on his back with a thud that knocked the breath out of him and looked around.  The cavern and all its glittering treasures were gone.  He raised his arm above his head where moments ago a chain had bound him fast to the giant’s lair.  Also gone.  Not even so much as a red burn where he had tried and failed to pull himself loose.  

He sat up and looked around tentatively.  He was in a bright room, sunlight streamed in from the windows, a large bed and a neat desk with a few papers and little else.  He glanced into the closet and what he saw brought him to his feet in a moment.  The closet was filled with his own clothing.  Not all of it,  but a few vests, a jacket or two…  

How the hell had his stuff gotten here?  Wherever here was.  

He opened the door and made his way down the stairs, trying to find some point of familiarity to explain this-   he stopped,  his interest suddenly captured by a large door with a very intricate lock.  He moved closer,  drawn irresistibly to the promise of something worth protecting beyond.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing in my house? How did you even get here?”  He turned around to see, of all people,  her.  The Swan girl. She was unarmed this time,  but she still held herself as though she held a blade and he smiled in spite of himself. 

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(request for a ‘Go Back and Fix It’ au with reaper76)

Note to self, stop aiming for Lena’s stupid time chest piece.

The explosion had knocked him out for some unknown time. When he became aware, everything felt… soft underneath his limbs. He figured that something had been knocked wrong and his nerves were in complete disarray. When he cracked open his eyes, everything was completely blurry and dark for a moment before things started clearing up.

Looked like a basic room… almost like… fuck almost like his dorm with Jack back in the SEP days. Man, maybe it was a new form of torture by those Overwatch bastards. He looked around some more and… was he in one of those shitty military bunks like back in the SEP days, not only that but when he looked down at himself… he was wearing boxers and his hoodie and his skin was not the grey spotted mess that it had become after he had become Reaper.

“What the fuck… what the fuck?” He hissed when he heard his voice was not the raspy and echoing mess that it had become after becoming Reaper. “What the fuck… what the fuck… what the fuck…”

There was only one way… only one way…

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My Hero

Based on Ruzek’s comment in 5x01 about Jay punching another cop that was harassing Erin. One-shot.

Set early in season 4… you know, back before everything went to shit…

(I feel robbed that we never got this moment on the show)

Erin felt her cell phone buzz for what was probably the tenth time that evening. Jay picked up an overtime shift with Ruzek, and apparently the fundraiser they were patrolling was even more boring than they’d anticipated. Jay had been texting her all night, partly to tell her about the drunken antics they were witnessing, but mostly just because he missed her.

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Bless you for providing me an opportunity to shoehorn the Wonder Woman movie into a Ladynoir fic.

(find the prompt list here)

“Well, that went way better than expected. I can’t believe you pulled off that trick.”

Chat looked away from the flashing wall of cameras and crinkled his eyes at Ladybug. “You’re surprised? Wow. You injure me with your lack of faith. I told you I had it in the bag, Bug.”

Marinette’s attention was divided evenly between the wall of cheering fans and journalists, and her partner. It was as she was signing a bicep that had been thrust in her direction that she hit Chat with disarming smile. “And you were right, of course,” she laughed.

“I thought we’d be out for hours, when I saw her wrecking the radio tower on the news,” Chat said once they had banished themselves to the rooftops. “I can’t believe it only took twenty minutes and we didn’t even need the charm or the ‘clysm. I wasted one of my good alibis on getting out of the house! I’d been saving that one, too.”

The agonized look on his face made a giggle bubble up in Marinette’s throat, and she couldn’t contain it. She was feeling too good. That battle had been swift and exhilerating and decisive, and she felt powerful, and more than anything else, she felt connected to her partner. They’d been paired up against the world together for about five months now, but tonight something had shifted. They’d moved less like a team and more like one. He’d responded to her whims as if they’d been choreographed a thousand years ago and he’d spent his life studying in preparation just to meet her. And Marinette, god help her, had loved every second of it.

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Secrets // A Jughead Jones imagine

Request: Imagine your sister Cheryl complaining that Jughead is always around until one day she realizes its because you are dating

“Hello darkness, my old friend.” Cheryl quipped when Jughead walked into your home. She was stood on the stairs like she had been waiting. Jughead groaned quietly.
“Hello Cheryl.”
“What are you doing Cher?” You asked.
“Mom and Dad are out for the night. So I’m in charge.” You nodded. “I had to make sure you weren’t going to keep bringing the Brother Grim into our home, but you did. I guess the upside down cross over the door didn’t work.” Jughead spun around to see if there had been a cross over the door. Cheryl snickered.
“You’re awful.” You responded. “C'mon Jug, we need to study for the Geometry test.”
“Wait, I didn’t get to see if garlic worked. What about iron?” You couldn’t help but giggle.
“I’m so sorry about her.” You said once your door was closed. You sat your book bag down on the floor beside your bed and fell on it.
“It’s fine. At least she’s clever about her torment.” He laid beside you on his stomach, holding his head up with his hand. “Besides, garlic and crosses only work on vampires, she will never defeat me.” You laughed loudly.
“Jug please don’t encourage her, my god she will never stop if she hears you talking like this.”
He chuckled and leaned over onto you, burying his face in your shoulder where he was pressing soft kisses to the skin. “Do we really have to study for this test, we can’t just enjoy each others company?”
“Look, I make up every excuse I can to get you here, but I really need help on this one.”
You didn’t get much studying done with Jughead. You spent more time in each other’s arms than doing math; teasing words followed by heated make out sessions seemed more important to him. Not that you minded.
When you arrived home the next afternoon, alone this time, Cheryl began to question his constant presence.
“Is he obsessed with you?” She asked trailing behind you up the stairs.
“Not that I’m aware of.”
“Is he using you for money?”
“Yes Cheryl, because Daddy trusts me so much with money, he just gives it to me.”
Cheryl chuckled, but kept asking. She sat down on the bed and was watching you.
“What is it then, because he’s constantly around you at school, you’re never touching, otherwise, I’d say you’re fucking-”
“Cheryl!” Her jaw dropped, she shot up, her eyes bright.
“I’m close!”
“You are not.”
“You’re dating that all American reject!” She was standing now, laughter in her eyes.
“Cheryl stop!” You pleaded.
“Absolutely not, not until I get answers.” You groaned. You worked so hard to hide this from her.
“Fine. We’re dating. Are you happy now? Can you leave me alone?”
“No I’m not happy, my baby sister is dating death incarnate! I don’t trust him!”
“Why? He’s never done anything to you.”
“He’s always on that laptop.”
“Ok, Cheryl.”
“Tell me about him then. What is he like? Does he treat you well?”

The Waiter - two.
  • Chanyeol x Reader x Sehun
  • Angst - Mafia - Smut (later chapters)
  • Word Count: 1699

Description: You had the time of your life with Chanyeol, but your boyfriend Sehun suddenly start showing you the attention you longed for. If your boyfriend found out about Chanyeol it would only be a matter of time before you both turned up dead.

A/N: I guess I’ll just put up two chapters tonight. I do all my writing at work, I’ve been working a lot… lmao I don’t reread my chapters before uploading (I’m so sorry for errors). If I reread them I’ll end up changing the whole thing or just delete it all together.

one. // two. // three. // four. // five. // six. // seven. // eight. (soon)

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@estrelarabyss thank you so much for this prompt! Sorry it’s so corny, lol :D

The blanket of stars overhead winked down at them as they lay in the bed of Dipper’s truck, bundled up in sweaters and blankets. The early summer night was still cool, but they didn’t mind when they were so close together. Under the cover of night, the two of them were in competition to see who could find the most constellations the fastest. Dipper had found Ursa Major and Minor in the first minute, and Pacifica had followed up with Lyra, Draco, and Scorpius. Since then, it had been slow going.

“There! There’s Sagittarius!” Dipper crowed as he jabbed a finger at the sky. After a beat, he added, “At least I think it is…yeah, that’s it!”

“Ooh! Cassiopeia!” Pacifica exclaimed half a minute later, pointing off to the side.

She cocked her head and said, “Okay, so that makes you three, and I’m four…”

Dipper laughed and said, “We’re not very good at this, are we?”

“I guess not.” Next to him, Pacifica shifted nervously, and then she turned her face to him.

“Want to know a secret?” Pacifica whispered into the darkness.

The way she said it, with mischief and excitement, caught his attention.

“Sure,” he whispered back.

She sat up flicked on the small battery-operated lantern by his head. When she started to wiggle out of her sweater, Dipper’s breath caught with surprise. He could only watch with his heart hammering as she peeled away her oversized hoodie, then pulled down the back of her shirt to reveal her bare shoulder. That alone would have been exciting enough, but the mark on her shoulder was what made his jaw drop. He shot upright.

“You got a tattoo?” he squeaked.

He was staring a delicately inked image of Ursa Major - a replica of the constellation on his own forehead.

Pacifica laughed and assured him, “It’s just a temporary tattoo; I wanted to try it out. Do you like it?”

Dipper couldn’t deny that he was a little flattered that she had chosen that symbol, and chosen to show it to him, too. He reached out and traced the fine lines with his fingertips, and her skin was warm. Feeling bolder, he flattened a hand against her shoulder, framing the tattoo between his thumb and index finger.

“I like it a lot,” he said in a low voice.

Pacifica glanced up at him, and his mouth went suddenly dry as heat rushed him. This close, the reflection of the lantern made her eyes look like the ocean at sunrise, and he fell into it until his mouth was on hers. Her fingers tangled into his hair and she twisted around to face him, smiling into his embrace as his hand dragged up her neck and his fingers tucked into her roots.

The stars in the sky were no match for the stars he saw when she kissed him like this.

Truth or Dare

Prompt: During a game of thruth and dare, the reader gets dared to do something that’s sure to spark things up between her and the younger Winchester.

Character: Sam x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3.5k
Warnings: Language, the tiniest bit of dirty talk, smut (unprotected, wear a condom kids), pretty rough/dom!Sam, hair pulling, oral sex (receiving), mentions of alcohol use, a lil DeanxJo if you squint.

A/N: You can all blame @balthazars-muse for this. All because of a gifset we both needed a moment to recover from. But, this one’s also written as an early birthday present for myself, and I thought I’d treat myself and you all to a little Sam smut heheh. Excuse the unnecessary TOD plot, it’s basically just porn.

Tagging: @jensennjared @withoutaplease @aprofoundbondwithdean @winchesterenthusiast @stupid-idjits @but-deans-back-tho @spnfanficpond @bovaria @kayteonline

(gifs are not mine!)

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