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The Waiter - two.
  • Chanyeol x Reader x Sehun
  • Angst - Mafia - Smut (later chapters)
  • Word Count: 1699

Description: You had the time of your life with Chanyeol, but your boyfriend Sehun suddenly start showing you the attention you longed for. If your boyfriend found out about Chanyeol it would only be a matter of time before you both turned up dead.

A/N: I guess I’ll just put up two chapters tonight. I do all my writing at work, I’ve been working a lot… lmao I don’t reread my chapters before uploading (I’m so sorry for errors). If I reread them I’ll end up changing the whole thing or just delete it all together.

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Truth or Dare

Prompt: During a game of thruth and dare, the reader gets dared to do something that’s sure to spark things up between her and the younger Winchester.

Character: Sam x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3.5k
Warnings: Language, the tiniest bit of dirty talk, smut (unprotected, wear a condom kids), pretty rough/dom!Sam, hair pulling, oral sex (receiving), mentions of alcohol use, a lil DeanxJo if you squint.

A/N: You can all blame @balthazars-muse for this. All because of a gifset we both needed a moment to recover from. But, this one’s also written as an early birthday present for myself, and I thought I’d treat myself and you all to a little Sam smut heheh. Excuse the unnecessary TOD plot, it’s basically just porn.

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Christmases When You were Mine

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: December 11th, 2016
Warnings: None
Pairing: Steve x (Y/N) 
Genre: Angst

(Y/N) sat on the couch in her childhood home, miles away from him, looking out the window. The steam from her mug slowly faded away as she watched the snow slowly descend from the clouds above. A soft sigh escaped her lips before she finally took a sip of her drink. Her mother was in the kitchen preparing the meal with a slight worry on her face as she watched her baby girl. She told her she was fine, but she knows she isn’t. 

Steve sat outside on the balcony watching the few stars he could see. His mind was wondering how she is. He wondered if her cousins were late again this year. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he looked down at his Christmas sweater, it was the one they bought together. Ugly Christmas sweater parties—she loved them. He jumped at the feeling of Bucky’s hand gripping his shoulder before using the other to offer him another drink. 

She forced herself to stand when her cousins walked through the front door, ten minutes late. Giving them warm smiles as she walked to them and embraced them in hugs. She felt her heart sink but flutter when she seen the engagement ring on her baby cousin’s left hand. (Y/N) gave her congratulations to her as her left thumb subconsciously reached to feel her wedding finger and no longer feeling a ring there. 

He sat on the couch watching his friends smile and mingle amongst the people at Tony’s party. All of them wearing ugly sweaters, he felt his lips curl a bit as he watched Bucky put on reindeer antlers and a red nose to pose for a picture with Sam, who was wearing a Santa hat and white beard. Then he looked and watched T’Challa escort Natasha under the mistletoe and press his lips to hers. He looked the other way and seen Clint’s arm wrapped around Laura’s shoulder, Tony was now with May…it seemed like everyone had someone to hold, except him.

(Y/N) watched the kids tear into the presents, seeing them happy and excited brought a smile to her face. Hearing their cheers and holding the unwrapped present into the air as if it’s a trophy. She watched everyone opening presents and feeling her heart swell as she watched her mother open that special present that she helped her dad pick out. Her mother squealed with delight before throwing her arms around her husband. (Y/N)’s dad gave her a thankful smile as he hugged her back. 

Steve shot pool with the guys as the women hung out in the other room. He laughed when Bucky’s jaw dropped at Sam’s trick shot, before accusing Sam of cheating. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he took it out with furrowed brows and felt his heart freeze for a moment as he opened the text:

(Y/N): Merry Christmas Steve

(Y/N) leg bounced a bit as she watched Tim Allen become Santa Claus, Steve loved this movie. She felt her phone vibrate in her lap, she didn’t move as she felt her heart race in his chest. Her mother leaned over and told she had better look at the text message. Biting her lower lip she looked at her phone before sliding it unlocked.

Steve: Merry Christmas doll. 

@always-an-evans-addict @mrscaptainamericasince1940 @shamvictoria11 

I knew a film director named Allen, I met him online when I was in film school for the first time and was desperate for a true mentor. He talked to me about movies and advised me so I mistook him for one. I don’t even recall why we argued and never spoke again, the only thing I did remember from him was his eagerness to see Silence, an upcoming Martin Scorsese film that had been waiting for production since the 90s. That was in 2001. I read the book by Endo and understood why it was perfect for Scorsese and would indeed be a cornerstone of his career when he completed it. Then for 15 years I waited eagerly as every Scorsese film was announced. And wasn’t Silence. From the time I heard of and wanted to see Silence, he made The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island, Hugo, and The Wolf of Wall Street. Some great, some okay, but none Silence. And then finally in 2016, the news came that it was in production and would be released that year. Apparently very late that year and only in limited release. But finally, today, after over a decade of waiting I got to see it.

I realized as it began that whatever it was, it could not live up to what I’d built it up to be in my mind. I accepted that and decided to simply enjoy it for whatever it was.

The sound design caught my attention first, it wasn’t subtle but very bold. Then the photography unveiled itself and was, in every shot, jaw dropping. This is one of the best looking movies ever. Then came the brutality. Torture, physical and psychological, a million times more effective than any torture porn flick. Here it was sublime. Acting proved solid, writing captured exactly what I wanted from the novel. And the direction is Scorsese. That means whatever choices he makes can be considered a new standard for defining what is correct. He cannot be wrong because he himself is the measure of what is right. He earns and proves that distinction here. This is a film that, at every moment, assures you of how good it is. How skillful a work of filmmaking, how flawless a scene, how brilliant a line, how devastating a man’s struggle. It verges on too good, at any moment threatening to overtake its subject by removing you from the film to admire it. But only the verge. It never breaks the fifth wall, the wall between a filmmaker and their audience. You are trapped in it. It will not let your attention stray.

The book and film are likely the best works on faith outside of Ingmar Bergman (who also has a film called The Silence, about the same silence). What I consider a good movie about faith is different from many if not most. I have no admiration for faith in God. I am a pragmatist, a heathen, and one other thing a few of you know. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the art of Last Temptation and Bergman’s works, but it does mean there’s a wall between me and the tested Jesuit. No matter how deep into the movie I am, I will never feel triumphant in the persistence of faith. Endo and Scorsese do not require me to. This is a story that can be read in many ways. As a story of martyrdom, or great faith, of terrible faith, of love for God, and love of God for mankind, and also of the falsity of God, the cruelty of an indifferent Earth, and the folly of faith in anything but one’s self. The movie does not judge, it has no theme. It forces you to develop one for yourself. This is the best kind of art.

So we have a work here that is technically and philosophically at the top of the form, both for the artists who made it and for the art itself. All that is to say, I built it up over 15 years to be the best thing I’d ever see and condemned myself to be disappointed- And I was not disappointed. It’s not a favorite, yet, it’s not the best movie ever, but it did not disappoint because what it was, truly after all this time, was better and different from what I expected. I asked in a post a while back, what was the last shot that made you say “WOW!” I said it a hundred times today. 

Silence reminded me what I love about movies. It was a treat, like the best chocolate truffle, or that perfect peanut butter cup that has just the right amount of chocolate and peanut butter. It’s like cinematic candy. So I felt like Uncle Fester, smiling broadly as beloved innocents are tortured to death because while I felt the pain of the story, I felt overjoyed by the quality with which it was told. Maybe it’s like a campfire ghost story, or horror flick- You love it for hurting you, and relish the style of the pain. Judging by the audience this is a day-wrecker of a film, the kind you don’t watch casually. When it’s on Blu-ray, I will leave it on a loop on TV. I will go about my daily business knowing that at any time I can look up and see something epic.

What else can I say? It’s the best of 2016 by far. The best in several years. I loved it. I can’t wait to see it again. I hope one day I can make something like it. It’s the kind of movie that makes me want to make movies. And the kind of movie I go to theaters to enjoy.

10/10, would die before renouncing it.


whoops, no prompt again, they’s coming, peeps. this is just a little funny in all the dark I posted yesterday and later today, so hang in there. I am just in love with this one.

« big hands »

It was the day Amelia suddenly realized why you don’t have adult conversations around children. And adult children, because they are just as bad, if not worse. Having promised Zola to pick her up from daycare – she’d come home the day before complaining how Callie promised to pick up Sofia and she wanted to have lunch at the cafeteria with her mommy like her – Meredith had surgery and delegated, so she’d volunteered to pick up her niece. Now, Zola was sitting on her lap trying to eat spaghetti and getting it mostly on her aunt’s scrubs, while Sofia was quietly munching on a sandwich on Callie’s lap.

Amelia loved her niece, she loved her to bits, but lunch like this was boring and unhygienic. She most likely would have to take a shower as soon as she was done. The corner of her lips tugged as she caught Owen’s eyes from across the room, in line to get lunch as well. Maybe she could kill two birds with a stone and get him in the shower with her, after all, she just needed to maneuver Zola on his lap for five minutes and he’d need one too. A soapy, wet Owen-filled post-lunch break was probably the best idea she’d ever had. All she had to do was make it through lunch and catch him as he was-

“You do know there are kids here, right?” came Callie’s voice, sounding like she was making a great effort not to laugh.

Amelia turned to her, confusion written all over her face as she wracked her brain to understand where Callie was getting, coming up empty. “Uh?”

Callie nodded where Amelia’s eyes had been previously planted. “Come on. You’ve been staring at Owen. He can’t possibly be that good.”

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craniumhurricane  asked:

Halloween Prompt!: "I just caught my coworker hiding in a closet, during the office's Halloween pot luck, eating the good candy and instead of ratting them out I joined them."

this concludes the Halloween prompts! thanks for playing. i’ll be back soon with other, non-Halloween prompt fills


Bellamy looks at his watch for what feels like the fifteenth time in the past minute.

He’s not at all surprised that she’s not here yet. For all that Clarke promised she’d show at the office party, she’s made her opposition to Halloween clear over the past month.

“I’m all for kids dressing up and pigging out on candy and having a great time,” she’d insisted more than once. “But a lot of adults use the holiday as an excuse to be a dick. Groping people at parties because they can hide behind their masks, assuming that girls want to be hit on because we’re wearing sexy costumes. And the pranks… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my car keyed or my house egged on Halloween.”

“That last one sounds like a you problem,” Bellamy pointed out. She shot a rubber band across her desk at him and he’d dodged it, a practiced move. Claiming the desk across from hers was the best professional decision he’d ever made.

“I’m just saying, it’s not excusable to be an ass just because you’re dressed as the Joker.”

“Ah, Jared Leto syndrome,” Bellamy nodded and leaned back in his chair. Claiming the desk across from hers had also been a poor decision for his productivity, because he made this move several times a day. “I don’t get why you let other people’s dickish behavior turn you into the Halloween equivalent of the Grinch. I mean, I’m a dick every day and you still put up with me.”

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Good Guess

“Id love to see anything with my name on it! Its vicky feel free to post whatever story haha thank you so much”

You rang the doorbell of your friend, Harry’s house. He almost immediately greeted you with a huge hug and grabbed your hand.

He took you into the living room where Niall, Louis, Liam and Sophia sat in a circle on the floor. “We’re gonna play truth or dare!” he beamed.

You smiled. “I might just sit and watch,” you crossed your legs on the couch behind everyone.

“No, Vicky!” Harry thumped down next to you. “Please play,”

“Do you remember what happened last time we played this?” you smiled at him.

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Misunderstandings and Unexpected Surprises

Suho request by anon: “Hi~ Can I please make a request for Suho? Along the lines of him over hearing you tell Kris (who you are close with) that you are pregnant and his misunderstands thinking you are pregnant to Kris, but in reality you are just asking Kris advice on how to tell Suho? w/ a fluffy ending please :D”

“I think I might be pregnant.” is all that Joonmyeon had to hear. He backed up from the kitchen and went to your shared bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed, utterly mad and terrified at the same time. He saw you with Yifan, standing in the kitchen while hugging.
“I can’t believe it.” he thought to himself, running his hands over his face. He saw you upset, afraid, standing the kitchen and telling his friend that you’re pregnant.
How could she do this to me? He thinks while tears start to build up in his eyes.
She can’t be pregnant from him. When did she even…? He kicked the floor, trying to shake that thought away; that horrible thought you may have slept with another guy, but not just any guy- his best friend and on top of that you got pregnant from him. Joonmyeon cursed Yifan for doing that to you and even almost considered cursing you, but he then remembered how much he loved you and felt his heart aching.

“Okay, okay. Tell me what happened.” Yifan asks, looking concerned.
“I-I…” You said while shaking. You weren’t able to even think straight and looked all over the kitchen.
“Just calm down. Tell me from the start.”

You took a deep breath and started explaining.
“You know how.. Well.. I’ve noticed my.. Umm.. Period, haven’t well… It didn’t come and I got worried. I haven’t changed my diet or basically anything about myself. Not physically nor mentally, and I haven’t been into any more stress than usual. So I started panicking about it and remembered that one time when Jonngmyeon and I-”
“Yeah, yeah. I can do the math.” He said while looking a little burdened.
“Well, I started to panic. Like really, really, panic. And I took a pregnancy test and I’m pregnant.” You said with tears in your eyes. You were so scared of that.
“Why are you crying?” He rubbed his hand over your arm.
“W-What if,” You started to cry and wiped some tears away. “Joonmyeon wouldn’t want that baby. What if he’ll break up with-”
“Are you stupid?” He exclaimed, putting his hands over your shoulders to shake you as if you were a crazy person and he was trying to get the devils out of your head “Joongmyeon loves you!” He looked in your eyes as you kept crying silently.
“You were with him long enough to know he’s crazy about you, ___. Absolutely nuts. Knowning him, he would never break up with you over something like that. He loves you with all of his heart and everybody knows that!”

“So what should I do Yifan?” You cried out while he hugged you close.
“Tell him.”

“Joonnie?” You entered your shared bedroom to find him sitting with his back turned to you at the edge of the bed.
“Is there something wrong?”
But he kept silent. You heard some sniffing, and then he spoke with a rather hard yet quiet voice “Shouldn’t you be with the father of your baby right now?”
Your eyes widened as your jaw dropped. “What?!”
“Yifan!” He shot, turning his head to you and almost standing up.
“What the hell are you talking about?”
Joonmyeon stood up and walked to your direction, arms crossed and brows frowning.
“I heard you talking to him. You’re having his baby.”
You looked at him in utter shock, not being able to believe he was actually thinking you’d ever cheat on him. And with one of his best friends the least! How could he possibly think that? Didn’t he trust you? You felt the anger mixing up with sadness as you fought back some tears.
“You big idiot!” You shouted while covering your face in despair. “The one I’m pregnant from is you!” You screamed at him, and then looked away, trying not to cry.

Joongmyeon kept silent for two minutes until he faintly let out a chocked whisper. “Really?”
You looked at him while mad, still fighting the urge to cry.
“Yes really! Would I ever lie about something like that?!”

He then laughed and held your hands gently.
“This is great! This is really great!”
“Huh?” You looked at him in confusion.
“You weren’t cheating on me, and you’re carrying my child. My child.” He smiled at you.
“Of course I wouldn’t cheat on you, you complete idiot! I love you!”
“And I love you too! This is so great, but why are you… Are you crying?” He looked at your face. Concerned and unsure, he searched for your eyes that were watery.
“I-I… I was afraid you’d, well, hate me.”
“How come?” He looked surprised.
“I was afraid you wouldn’t want this baby, and that’ll make you break up with me.” You said while looking at the floor. But suddenly, Joonmyeon lifted your head and kissed you lovingly.
“I love you ___. I really, truly love you. And this baby is a great thing. A surprising unexpected thing but a great one.”
“Yes. Yes, yes, really.” He kissed the top of your head while pulling you close you him, holding you in a tight warm embrace.
“You’re not mad?”
“Mad? It’s probably my fault as well right?”
“Yeah..” You smirked.

He looked at you warmly for some moments of comfortable silence before putting his hand on your stomach. “So you’ve got a creature growing up there, huh?” He looked fascinated.
“Yeah.” You nodded and laughed.
“Our little creature.” He smiled proudly, and you could doubt if there were any signs of tears in his eyes.
“I don’t care if this baby wasn’t planned. I will cherish him or her forever.”
“I love you Joonmyeon!” You threw yourself at him, hugging his neck tightly.
“I love you too, ____.”


Summary: On a hunt for something focused on killing men and appearing as different strippers, the boys aren’t too upset when the reader needs to go undercover

Written by: Anonymous

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader, not in relationship

Word Count:  547

Warnings: stripper mentions? , otherwise none

A/N: Completely based on your “imagine having to be a stripper for a case”, I mean the looks on their faces… I just couldn’t resist!

“Okay, so how do we play this,” You asked as Dean and Sam sat down across from you at the small hotel table.

“It couldn’t really be three separate strippers, could it?”

“Does it matter? Currently that club’s our only lead. (Y/N)-“

You crossed your arms and shook your head before he’d said the rest of his sentence. “No. First of all, you two can pull the whole FBI thing off and exhaust the rest of our options on this. Second of all, this thing’s been after men, why would I be the bait?”

Dean smirked, crossing his arms and leaning forward onto the table. “Well sweetheart, unless you think we can pass as strippers, it looks like you have to be bait.” Sam’s eyes went wide as soon as yours did, and Dean’s cocky grin did nothing to help.

“You better get working on your dance moves then, Winchester, because there’s no way in hell I’m gonna play stripper,” You said, shoving yourself up from the table to pace as Sam let out a laugh.

“I thought you respected them?”

“Oh, I do. So much. But Dean, me? A stripper? I can’t pull that off.” The exasperated sigh that escaped you apparently did nothing to deter him. He only smiled and stood, coming over to give you a pat on the shoulder.

“Sure you can. You’re acting skills are up to par; you’ll get the job.”

You let out another sigh and murmured, “That’s what I’m worried about.” You shoved hair from your face and took a deep breath. “Alright, well, you two go check out the morgue and I’ll… go get a job, I guess.”

You all agreed as you started to get dressed for your respective duties, and while you were shuffling through all the clothes you had, Dean asked, “Do you think the victims will give any information?”

You glanced over to see him buttoning up his white FBI shirt, watching you with interest. You stopped looking through your suitcase and turned to face him fully. “It wouldn’t hurt to check. The description of the girls varies so much that it’s gotta be a shifter or something.”

Dean nodded, buttoning his sleeves and glancing away in thought. You eventually grabbed a tank top, jeans and a flannel from your bag and took the bathroom as soon as Sam had changed.

“That doesn’t give off the stripper vibe, (Y/N),” Dean said, laughing when Sam elbowed him as you walked back out into the room.

You rolled your eyes before licking your lips and smirking. You sauntered over to him, running a finger down his chest and looking up at him through your lashes. “Did you want me to strip right here?”

Dean was staring down at you, jaw dropped as you shot Sam a wink while he stood there watching you with wide eyes and his mouth slightly ajar. Before you grabbed your purse and left for the club, you grinned over at the pair, saying in the most alluring voice you could muster, “Good luck, my FBI agents,” and blew a kiss just before pulled the door closed.

The entire drive over to the club you smiled to yourself, recalling the looks both boys had given you on your way out the door.