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Yo how do u feel about liara and Javik as a ship, because it may actually be the air I breathe but I feel like nobody I know irl even acknowledges it T n T

I quite like Liara and Javik as a ship. I mean, it’s not a ship I think about a lot, but I do tend to ship them together in the background of my fics quite a bit.

 I like to think that once Javik gets past his snarky arrogance and baiting, there is genuine warmth and affection there for his friends on the Normandy - including Liara. I think once she gets over her romanticized view of the protheans, and once he gets over his superiority complex, they would have great chemistry.

To be fair though - I ship most things!

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We will say goodbye, and we will look back one last time. And know that, wherever you go, we will be with you.

This is Commander Shepard, signing off.

While I’m so, so, excited for Andromeda, I still can’t bear with the thoughts of actually leaving the Milky Way cast. Here’s to the new game in the series, and we’ll gonna miss you, guys!