Want to know how occupiers in NYC were ringing in the New Year? 

“This protester was punched on the face by police officers. We were on the same police van. He was bleeding from his face. His hands were so tight, they were getting purple and he was sweating a lot. Two of the arrested people asked the police to help him. The police didn’t do anything. Somebody called 911 to send an ambulance. We didn’t know the exact address, the 911 operator could not send it. He had to wait until the police took us to a room at the 7th precinct.” -photographer, Javier Soriano, who was also arrested on January 1, 2012


Javier Soriano, Comentarista de TVE en Teledeporte, comentando sobre Michael Phelps: “Desde Ronald Reagan en Estados Unidos no ha habido un coco más privilegiado”.

Propaganda subliminal neoliberal. Descarada manipulación ideológica del PP.