TW: Police brutality - NYPD officers allegedly smash boy’s head through window in the Bronx, nearly killing him 
May 20, 2014

Cops smashed a handcuffed fourteen-year-old through a storefront window in the Bronx Saturday night, nearly killing him.

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange reports that Javier Payne suffered cuts to his face, his chest, and a punctured lung from being shoved into the window of the Hookah Shop. Paramedics had to hold Payne’s chest closed as he was rushed to the hospital — though they did not arrive on scene immediately because police called it in with a protocol used for drunks, not for a pediatric emergency.

Payne was arrested that night with another teenager on charges of resisting arrest, obstructing government administration, and assault. While it’s not clear what the circumstances surrounding the arrest were, police often use these kinds of charges to discredit or obscure accusations of brutality. The report filed by the officers made no mention of the window smashing.

After hours of surgery, Payne’s mother was allowed to see her son. “Mommy, Mommy,” he said. “The cop, he pushed my head through the window while I was handcuffed, Mommy, he pushed my head through the window.”

JJIE interviewed Hookah Shop owner Nageib Aldaylam, who said the two boys visited the shop, but nothing untoward happened until the officers showed up and started questioning them. The boys argued with the officers until one of the cops smashed Payne through the window. Afterward, as Payne bled on the pavement, the cops asked Aldaylam if he had security footage, and if the boys had done anything when they entered the store. Aldayam said no.

Mayor Bill de Blasio campaigned on a new day for the NYPD, speaking out against the force’s use of stop-and-frisk and racial profiling. Yet while stops have gone down, the department is still having trouble earning back minority communities’ trust. Last month, the NYPD attempted a re-branding social media effort, #myNYPD, inviting people to share positive experiences with the NYPD, but the hashtag was quickly hijacked to highlight a slew of alleged abuses by officers. For instance, a few weeks after de Blasio took office, police faced accusations ofbeating an 84-year-old man for jaywalking, to the point where he was hospitalized.

Though Payne’s mother says the NYPD is conducting an internal investigation of the officers in question, cops rarely face disciplinary action for complaints of misconduct. One analysis of the Chicago Police Department found that just 19 out of 10,149 complaints led to a suspension of a week or more. It’s even harder to successfully bring criminal charges against a cop; law enforcement officers accused of misconduct are much less likely to be charged than a civilian, and a fraction of those who are charged actually get convicted. In an effort to make misconduct proceedings more fair, New York city officials transferred investigations from the NYPD to an independent civilian review board two years ago, but the board has been largely ignored and ineffective.


Do you think we would have heard about Mike Brown if citizens of Ferguson weren’t rioting? Do you remember Javier Payne? No? He’s a 14 year old boy whose head was shoved through a plate-glass window by NYPD officers this March. (While handcuffed. Please explain to me what threat an 89 pound 8th grader really posed.) John Crawford? He was the 22-year old shot and killed last week inside of an Ohio Walmart for holding a toy bb gun available for purchase in the same store. Ezell Ford? He was an unarmed 25 year old killed yesterday by the LAPD. These are only a few of many…and if you are shocked by this, you haven’t been paying attention.

You can do better, WE can do better. Honest conversations have to happen before anything can change. Let’s stop pretending like this is a fluke, or one tragic and unfortunate case. This is a pattern of behavior, a real, prove-able, and unfair stigma. If we allow this to continue, we are just as guilty as the people pulling the trigger for not being willing to stand up and say, “This is wrong, and we need to make a change.”

You’re lying to yourself if you believe that you are a good person but consider this to be “someone else’s problem.” United we stand, divided we fall, and right now we’re falling fast.

14-yo boy critically injured after NYPD allegedly tossed him through a window.

Another murky story where you can believe the cops or you can believe the kid.  However, regardless of whose retelling of the story you decide bears more truth, the NYPD still handled the situation badly and a kid could have died.  

I should’ve stopped after reading the article, but of course I had to look at the comments.  Why am I still reading internet comments?  I should know better than that…

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