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Bachata night

Request from Anonymous: Can you do a scenario where simon or jay tries to dance bachata one night at a club and it isn’t going well. So then he gets a lil mad/ irritated. With his latin s/o. Is it okay if you can make it a lil fluffy then romantic. Sorry if this a lot or doesn’t sense💕💕 

I wasn’t sure what the bachata dance is so I went on Youtube and search ‘bachata dance’ and this video was the first one on the list. Might wanna take a look at that vid, if you’re curious :) 

DJ Pumkin was standing on top of the stage as you look down at the dance floor. It looked like every person was either grinding on the next person or just jumping up and down. To be honest, you found them sloppy because some of them weren’t even dancing to the beat. It made you cringe on the inside. 

“What’s with the sour face baby?” you jumped as the voice sent you shivers down your spine. You turned around and saw it was no other than your slightly drunk boyfriend, Jay Park. 

“I can’t stand looking at people who has no ritmo. Like seriously, how hard is it to dance to a beat,” you complained. Laughing, Jay told you, “Baby not everyone is a good dancer as you. Cut them some slack”. You pouted at his comment and turned around to face the crowd again. Your eyes were now set on a couple. She had her arms around his neck and he had his around her waist. Both were swaying out of sync, she was moving her ass instead of her hips, and his hands kept dropping below her waist. 

Mira esos dos,” you leaned into Jay and pointed to the couple, “They cannot dance at all!”. You heard Jay laughing in your ears. He always found it cute when you point out the silliest things in people. 

“Aye babe. Don’t be too mean. They could be just beginners, like me. So if you’re laughing at them, you’re laughing at me,” Jay told you as he rested his chin on your shoulders. 

“But..I get so riled up when I see people like that and Jay, you’re doing well. For a b-boy like yourself, you’re picking it up real fast,” you complimented him. Jay had been learning the bachata and you were the one teaching him. “Wanna show them what you learnt so far, Jay?” you suggested. You heard a scoff in your ears so you turned around. Jay was smiling but he was looking down at the dance floor. “Please please please,” you begged. 

Jay turned his eyes to you, “Fine, but what do I get in return?” he asked slyly.

“I won’t too hard on our lessons, okay? I’ll go easy from now and plus, if you do well I’ll give you massages for a week,” you bribed him. 

“Fine,” Jay said under his breathe. 

You squealed and gave Jay a peck on the lips before turning to Pumkin

“Hey there DJ, can you play Pegate Mas by Javier Roman next,” you handed him your phone and he connected it to the controller.

When you turned around you saw Jay downing a drink.

“Really? I turn around for like a minute and you have a drink already,” you scolded jokingly at him.

“Whatever does the job, baby,” he told you as he put his arms over your shoulders. Both of you began to head down the stairs towards the dance floor. 

Once Pumkin saw the two of you ready, the song that you told him to play began to faded in. 

“Ready?” you asked Jay as he put his hands on your back. 

“No but fuck it. Let’s do this!” he eagerly told you. 

You winked at him as you stood close to his chest and placed your hands lightly on his chest. You could almost feel his heart pounding against his rib cage. You moved your hips against the beat as Jay mimicked your movements. His hands lightly pressed against your waist and back and you smiled at him. You saw from his eyes that he was trying so hard to concentrate. 

When it got to the part where you dipped your lower body down, Jay didn’t hold onto you tight enough so you nearly fell. 

“Sorry..” he muttered as you tried not to laugh. 

“It’s okay, just continue,” you told him quietly in his ears. 

The dance continued without any problems but when it came to the parts where Jay had to guide you and where the footsteps got complicated, he messed up. Whenever he messed up, he swore loudly. 

“Shit!” he yelled out when missed a step.

“Fuck!” he yelled out when he forgot to pull you back in after spinning you out.

“What the fuck?!” he yelled out when he spun around and nearly hit someone.

“Oh my god!” he yelled out when he nearly stepped on your toes.

“God dammit!” he yelled out when he misplaced his hand movements. 

After a few more steps, you stopped and couldn’t help it but to laugh at him. You couldn’t hold it in anymore. 

“Baby..look at me, baby,” you held onto his shoulders, “You’re doing great so stop stressing”. 

“Great?! I’m messing up everything and I’ve stepped on your toes like a million times!” he complained as he put his hands over his head, “And these people keep looking at me”.

Again, you burst out laughing with tears in your eyes. Jay frowned when he saw you laughing and decided to head back to the DJ booth, but you ran after him.

“Jay, come back here” you told him as you held onto his wrist. Jay’s eyes didn’t meet yours when you faced him. “Don’t be mad. You were doing fine and when did you start to care about what other people think of you,” you told him. 

Jay huffed as he pulled away from your grip. He was acting like a child who wasn’t allow to have seconds. You ran after him again and this time, you stopped in front of him with your arms opened. Not letting him pass you. 

“Move,” he uttered. 

“O que?” you beckoned back.

“Stop trying to make me dance that stupid dance. I don’t want to anymoreeee,” he whined in a child-like manner. 

You smiled at him and grabbed both his hands. 

“Just one more try, okay? I’ll try to help you in any way,” you reassured him.

Jay swayed his arms and yours back and forth and decided to give it another chance.

“Fine but I better get like 10 massages a day,” he leaned forward and his forehead met yours. You grinned happily and lead him back to the dance floor.

You gave Pumkin at signal to replay the song and hoped no one in the crowd would mind. You could see Pumkin nodding at you and saw that Loco, Gray, Simon and Wegun were now beside him. Each had their phone cameras out ready to film the whole thing. And as usual, Gray started his Instagram Live. Jay stuck his middle finger at them before turning to your attention. 

“Okay, ready baby? Remember to try and count the steps in your head,” you looked in his eyes as he began picturing the images of the steps in his head. You had actually drawn out the steps on cards for him and he put them together so it like a story board. “Just relax, breathe and have fun”. 

“How can I relax when I know the guys are filming us? They will be using it to blackmail me” he blurted out. 

“Aye, relax Jay. And if they’re filming you, isn’t this your chance to show them what you got? Show them they will have nothing to blackmail you with, okay?” 

Jay took a deep breathe and the song began to fade in. You nodded your head to the beat as you counted in. 

“5, 6, 7, 8″

Jay also counted in under his breathe. 

This time Jay’s hands were confidently placed on your waist and back. He pulled you closer and you could feel his confidence building. He wasn’t afraid to move to the music and he was actually the one leading this time. You couldn’t help but to feel proud. He was getting the hang of it. 

When it came to spinning you back into him, you spun a bit to hard and actually bumped into his chest. 

“Oww” he joked.

“That’s for the one of the times you stepped on my toes,” you jokingly told him as you moved your hips and upper body against the beat. 

The dance continued and other people began circling around the two of you. Some even had their phone cameras out. The two of were lost in each other’s presence and for some parts you improvised a few moves. Jay grinned at your improvisation and he too, also added a few b-boy moves. Nearly the end of the dance, Jay did his famous one handstand. Every one in the crowd cheered as you went to place a kiss on his lips. 

“Did I do a good job, baby?” he asked and you could see his sweat dripping from his neck,

“Sí, hiciste un buen trabajo,” you told him as you wiped the sweat from his neck with your sleeves. 


Leonard Cohen with Javier Mas      Who By Fire, Live in Dublin      2012

…And who in her lonely slip, who by barbiturate,
Who in these realms of love, who by something blunt,
And who by avalanche, who by powder,
Who for his greed, who for his hunger,
And who shall I say is calling…