javier lewis

y'all know if alex cheated on angelica she would’ve wrote the whole damn lemonade album on his ass


A happier quartet of Oscar winners is highly unlikely.

Best Actor Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood), Best Supporting Actress Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton), Best Actress Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose), and Best Supporting Actor Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men)

Nerd alert: This was the second time in the history of the Oscars that all four acting recipients weren’t American born. The first was the 37th Oscars for the films released in 1964.

So, 12 Angry Men is probably one of my all time favourite movies, I recently watched it and although I dislike many adaptations of old Hollywood movies, I think I’d love to see this cast with the right director take on this film.


2014 Formula 1 Drivers with their Race Engineers

↳Part 1. (Part 2, Part 3)

     Sebastian Vettel // Guillaume Rocquelin

     Daniel Ricciardo // Simon Rennie

     Lewis Hamilton // Peter Bonnington

     Nico Rosberg // Tony Ross

     Fernando Alonso // Andrea Stella

     Kimi Raikkonen // Antonio Spagnolo

     Jean Eric Vergne // Francisco Javier Pujolar

     Daniil Kvyat // Marco Matassa

I just realized I have no idea how musicals actually work? Like in Say No To This what are Maria and Alex doing during the chorus?

Idk man I just imagined Maria sitting on a huge ass mattress they just fuckin rolled on the stage with her legs spread and when it goes “that’s when I began to pray” Alex just. Turns away from her, gets on his knees, and just. Fucking starts praying while he sings. (“Heavenly father how can I resist that pussy.”) And Maria’s just on the bed looking really confused like?? Dude r we going to do this or not??

I was just informed this was not the case.