javesonna: dead cow

SO I am watching the first 10 minutes of Under The Dome…. I didn’t know crazy shit can happen that quickly….


i take that back….

I can believe that….

First off, this is a Stephen King show…
Second, we’re in a fucked up world.

Never mind. Just sayin, I like this show so far BECAUSE of the craziness. 

You can continue on with your daily lives now. I’ll just continue watching this :)

An other version of a typical Danish tale of nisser

At Toftegård there used to be a gårdbuk or a “little Nils” who brought happiness to the house. But they also never neglected any evening to bring him his sweet porridge with butter in out in the stable. One evening the girl had put the butter pretty deep into the porridge and the gårdbuk, who thought she had forgotten it, got so angry over this that he left the porridge and went to twist the neck of a red cow that stood in the stable. When he, in the meantime, got hungry he started eating the porridge, found the butter and regretted his deed. That’s why he took the dead cow on his shoulders, carried it across Ryå, into a stable in Jetsmark and took in its place an other red cow that looked exactly like the dead one and put it in Toftegård’s stable.