javert would not approve of this

Les Amis at Hogwarts
  • Enjorlas would be Gryffindor. I feel like this goes without saying, but if I include everyone’s houses but his he’ll probably appear and yell at me about unfairness and justice and equality and shit. 
  • So I know most people would put Cosette in Hufflepuff, but just consider Gryffindor Cosette for a minute.
    • Gryffindor Cosette and Enjolras both trying out for the Quidditch team. E does well, but Cosette absolutely kicks ass and by her third year is captain and wins pretty much every match. Everyone, especially E, is like “?????” but hey no one from Gryffindor is complaining.
  • Marius is obvs Ravenclaw
    • He shows up to literally every Gryffindor Quidditch match (including the ones against Ravenclaw) to root for Cosette
  • Speaking of Ravenclaw….where the hell is Combeferre?
  • Oh, right - the library.
  • Literally where else would he be it’s ferre we’re talking about.
  • And he spends his lunch in there and courf brings him sandwiches and sits with him to make sure he actually eats them.
    • These shared lunches will turn into dates by third or fourth year.
  • Jehan would be such Hufflepuff.
    • He would keep a ton of plants in his dorm and annoy literally all his roommates so much oh my god.
  • Speaking of Bahorel
    • I know most people would consider him in Gryffindor, but take a moment to consider Hufflepuff Bahorel.
    • Escorting all the first years to their classes during their first few months to make sure they get adjusted and find everything properly.
    • Beating up anyone who dares harass a first year.
    • (Cosette would totally be his Gryffindor equivalent, btw.)
    • Enjolras wouldn’t because he’s too busy planning the BLOODY OVERTHROW OF JAVERT (aka Umbridge). Courf and Ferre are busy “studying” in the library. Eponine is busy staring at Marius. Marius is busy staring at Cosette. Grantaire is busy getting drunk.
  • Grantaire would totally be Slytherin.
    • R trying out for the Quidditch team when he learns Enjolras is (even though their houses are enemies; he still hopes E will approve of the fact that he’s doing a wholesome outdoor activity)
    • He actually makes it???
    • Literally everyone is super surprised but at Jehan and Cosette’s prompting they provide him with celebratory cake
    • At first he and Enjolras go brutally after each other during matches, but by the end of seventh year they always end the day with passionate make out sessions in the locker rooms.
  • Eponine in Slytherin?? NO NO NO.
  • She is in Gryffindor.
  • I will die by this.
  • She’s also a kickass Beater so there’s that.
  • Technically there are precautions to prevent Joly + Bossuet from sneaking into Musichetta’s room at night, but there’s NOTHING to prevent Musichetta and Bosseut from sneaking into Joly’s room and making s’mores by his fire late at night.
    • They literally have everyone outside the amis so confused??? Like who is dating whom???
    • If they ask any if the amis all they get is a chuckle.
    • Unless they ask Enjolras.
    • In which case they get a rant about “being more accepting of different types of love” and stuff.
    • (Feuilly often has to show up to drag him away.)
  • Feuilly coming to all the Quidditch matches with drinks and snacks for everyone because “YOU MUST STAY HYDRATED AND WELL-NUTRITIONED”
  • Why isn’t Ferre being the mom friend, you ask?
  • He’s in the library with Courf.
  • “Studying”
  • At the Battle of Hogwarts, the amis + Eponine + Gavroche (this spunky little first year Slytherin) get cornered by a bunch of Voldemort’s cronies and make a final stand before all being avada kevadra’d.
    • Except Marius, the lucky lil shit.
    • E and R are holding hands of course because feels.
  • After the battle, Cosette (who got trapped in a different part of the castle) comes looking for them and finds their bodies piled haphazardly up just one hallway away from an escape route.
  • She starts crying and Valjean (that one professor everyone loves) hears her and comes onto the scene towing a half-dead Marius behind him.
  • They manage to patch up Marius and he and Cosette get married, but their lives are forever scarred by what happened at Hogwarts.
  • Man I didn’t mean for this to be so depressing.
  • But it’s les mis so what can ya do.

wanderingmidgardian  asked:

INGE!!!! Fanfic idea!!!! Enjonine based on the Wildest Dreams music video!!!! Like they're actors and he has a bad reputation because he's grumpy and super political but hot af and she has to work with him and they have a passionate love affair and like... It could be so beautiful...

She almost didn’t take the job because of him. 

Gabriel Enjolras had a terrible reputation. Sure, he was talented - one of the best actors of his generation - but he was a total pain in the ass. A perfectionist who could always find fault in any script, any scene, any actor. He refused to do a great many things that other actors would have killed for - but he was the great Enjolras, and that meant that the offending scenes would get rewritten, the writers and/or actors fired until the entire production was up to his exacting standards. 

So when her agent told her that the studio was in talks with Gabriel fucking Enjolras for the male lead in the new Javert, she almost didn’t show up for the callback. Fantine had to beg and beg until Eponine finally decided to go - the asshole was never going to approve of her anyway. She was too raw, too untutored for someone who only held stock in fancy acting techniques that a girl from the mean streets of Brooklyn was never going to come across. 

But then she got hired. Javert saw something in her, for some reason. He fought the studio (they wanted a Name for this, and someone not so… ethnic) and his reluctant lead (Enjolras remained unimpressed by anyone) to get her the job. 

It was a coup. She had to take it, even though playing a romance with Gabriel “Asshole” Enjolras was going to take all of her considerable acting skills. 

Their official introduction at the table read was basically a train wreck. No one was able to look away as Enjolras looked down his nose at her and she “accidentally” stepped on his feet in return. She wasn’t just going to take his stupid snobbery lying down! 

He really was good at the acting thing, though. Even at the table read, where a lot of their costars still fumbled with some of the lines, Enjolras was completely convincing. Hell, she was a little bit in love with him by the end - or at least, with his character. The real guy was still a tool. 

Things did not get a whole lot better during the first week on set. He stalked about like an arrogant regency era gentleman, bossing everyone around. She was the only one who wasn’t following orders - and that pissed him off so much. 

Every single time she told him no, he tried to use his height - he was just so tall - to intimidate her. It never worked. Eponine Thenardier was made of stronger stuff than that. 

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Dallas Adventures last week (agh how was it already LAST WEEK) were not just about the theater! There was also hangout time with superstar fandom artist irenydrawsdeadpeople, who in addition to her obvious artistic skills is patient and generous and TOTALLY GAVE ME SKETCHES I AM SO DELIGHTED.  Captions on the click-through view, but the main point is LOOK I MET WITH IRENY I HAVE PROOF.