javert all over :'))))))

Seriously, for anyone who hasn’t seen 1964 Italian Les Mis, why would you settle for any less?  Any version that has a badass Combeferre, goofy singing Prouvaire, chattering Laigle and Courfeyrac double-teaming Marius in a cab, Grantaire drunkenly falling all over Javert at the barricade, and a Le Cabuc scene (!), including heartbreaking speech afterwards (!!) witnessed by a super-horrified GRANTAIRE (!!!), I mean, what are you people waiting for?????  It’s on youtube, it’s been on youtube for a while, and subs are available from our friendly tumblr Italian lucrezianoin!  Guys, this is fucking gold.  Watch it today, and then live-blog it to me.  ;)

So says drunken barricade Grantaire.  Javert just wishes someone would put a bullet in his head already.

Honestly okay it’s a certain type of person who thinks that characters can’t have complex motivations, or an ability to be more than one thing, or have room for change/development.

If you’ve written a character off because they’re “evil” without any consideration that there’s more to a character than one single trait, sorry bout it but you’re going to have to stop wanting everything to be a child’s fairytale eventually l:,

Characters, like real people, should have experiences that change them, and have different perspectives than other characters, and I think should always have the chance for redemption