WATCH: Auburn DB Javaris Davis punishes wide receiver
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AUBURN, Ala. — Ouch. That one hurt from the press box.

On a key second down play, Texas A&M quarterback tossed a pass to standout wide receiver Christian Kirk for what would’ve been a first down. Auburn redshirt freshman defensive back Javaris Davis had other things in mind.

Davis lowered his shoulder (not his helmet) and connected with Kirk’s chest just as he tried to haul in the catch. Incomplete — with a boom.

Here’s a look at the collision.

Javaris Davis hit #Auburn

— Barrett Sallee (@BarrettSallee) September 18, 2016

Davis was picked on Week 1 against Clemson. His teammates expect he’d have this kind of response.

“You just gotta make that play, you just gotta make a play or two and they’ll eventually stop trying to throw your way,” senior Josh Holsey said. “So he’s young, he’s going to be a great player for us still, you just have to know that they’re going to catch balls, but eventually he’s going to have to get one or two of them so they stop throwing his way.”

They might stop for the time being.

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