sysena  asked:

For Contessa’s dad: Why you a shit? For Elliot’s dad: You proud of your boy?

Javaris (Contessa’s dad)
- “Because I killed my wife, and apparently that’s not socially acceptable in these trying times.”

Burr (Elliot’s dad)
- “Don’t be silly! Of course I’m proud of my boy! Elliot’s got a steadfast heart and wishes nothing but the best for everyone. Look at him.”

draevian  asked:

DAD Javaris | Finn asking : "So hows it feel to lose everyone close to you, and know YOU were the one to do it?"

“It is bold to assume that they were close to me. Contessa was better off without Clairette, even though she didn’t seem to understand it at that time. She would have a better life without a mother like that, filling her head with strange ideas.”

“Contessa only left, because she doesn’t know what she wants. She needs to be told what she wants.”

“You also forget that I’m the one responsible for Clairette’s absence.”

anonymous asked:

Have you ever visited the Javari Reserve?

“I have! More than twice now, Amor!”

The Javari reserve is one of the largest reserves in Brazil, located in the state of Amazonas. There are many people groups such as the Matis, Matses, Kulina and the Mayoruna.

Fun fact: The reserve has a population of around 3,000 people and is about the size of Austria.