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Photograph by Mazette

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 They bring sooooooooooo much energy to every performance.

Community College Clubs Are Just Getting Weirder
  • Furry 1: So, new guy, what brings you to the Anthroclub?
  • Dude: I don't know. I didn't know what it was, so I was interested. Nothing wrong with trying new things.
  • Furry 2: I think you're going to COME *puts unnecessary emphasis on come* to like it. Haha, nya~ *licks hand*
  • Dude: ...
  • Dude: You guys don't like wanna bang animals do you?
  • Furry 1: Absolutely not! We enjoy anthropomorphic art, and characters here. That's why this club was made, so people who share that interest can meet here without feeling embarrassed.
  • Furry 2: As for me, well, I think ferals can pack quite a bite. If you get the gist of what I'm saying. Haha, nya~ murr. *gets visibly sweaty*
  • Dude: ...
  • Furry 1: *quietly sips coffee*
  • *awkward silence*
  • Dude: I think I should go.
  • ???: Not so fast!
  • *man in an incredibly high quality fursuit walks into the room*
  • ???: Greetings, newcomer. I'm the president of Anthroclub. You can call me Java Wolf.
  • Dude: *quickly scoots chair to the back of the room away from java wolf* .............................hi.
  • Java Wolf: Haha, what's the problem? Haven't you ever seen a fursuit before? You're not scared, are ya?
  • Furry 1: Java, our newcomer hasn't been exposed to world anthros before. He's a bit confused as to what it is.
  • Java Wolf: Ah, a greenhorn. That's no problem. *walks up to dude leans uncomfortably close to him* We'll make a furry out of you yet.
  • Dude: *can see java wolf's eyes staring unblinkingly from inside of the fursuit's mouth* I want to go home.
  • Java Wolf: You are home, son.
  • *an hour later*
  • Furry 2: I think we should give his fursona really wide hips! *draws wide hips on poorly draw goat boy on the blackboard*
  • Furry 1: He doesn't need wide hips! The newcomer doesn't even have wide hips! *erases hips*
  • Furry 2: Everyone loves wide hips! We need to make them extra wide! Also, let's make that bulge more visibly! And short-shorts! And six nipples!!! Oh, you can't forget some stomach chub!!!!! HOW COULD I FORGET THE SEXY COWBELL COLLAR!!!!!!!!
  • Furry 1: Fucking quit it! *erases entire picture* This is why no one joins our club.
  • Java Wolf: *clap clap* Okay, you two. Club time's up.
  • Furry 2: Aw, man. I was having so much fun ~nya.
  • Furry 1: You make life a living hell.
  • Furry 2: You're boring ~nya. See you guys next week!
  • Furry 1: Bye.
  • Dude: Yeah, whatever, so-long, bye!
  • Java Wolf: *stands in the way of the dude* You're not going anywhere, buddy. Take a seat.
  • Dude: Listen, man. I don't like your weird fucking club. I want to go ho-
  • Java Wolf: *forces dude into a seat* SIT. DOWN.
  • Java Wolf: *sighs and sits across from dude*
  • Java Wolf: *pours a mug of coffee* You wanna know why they call me Java Wolf?
  • Dude: ...
  • Java Wolf: I'll take your silence as a yes. It's because I live life like it's a rush. *pours searing hot coffee into fursuit's mouth*
  • Dude: ...
  • Java Wolf: I like living on the edge like each day is my last. I used to do a lot of extreme sports. Then I started getting into street fights. I even dabbled in drug dealing a bit. Now I like to hold random people against their will. You ever hear the legends of the nasty old wolf locals tell around these parts?
  • Dude: ...
  • Java Wolf: *walks up to the dude and presses a razor sharp claw against the dude's neck* New rule: when I ask you something, you answer it. You ever hear the legends of the nasty old wolf locals tell around these parts?
  • Dude: T-Three-eye'd-wolf?
  • Java Wolf: Yeah, that wolf. I'm that wolf. *third eye pops open on the fursuit* And I'm getting tired of just holding people against their will, if you get what I'm saying... you need a ride home?
  • Dude: No. I'm fine.
  • Java Wolf: Oh, then I'll be seeing you next week. Same place, same time. See-ya-round, pal. *walks out of room*
  • Dude: *just sits there*