1. HTML: Handles Internet with CSS and Javascript. Breaks the 4th wall on a daily basis. Literally a popstar. The gay is strong here.
  2. CSS: The one that does HTML’s wardrobe. Avid abstract artist. Bullies Javascript for eternity. Extremely one sided love for HTML.
  3. Javascript: Will do anything to keep HTML’s shit together. Has more than 10 toolboxes. Java’s happy sibling. Lowkey crush on Ruby.
  4. PHP: Confused 80% of the time. Oblivious to everything. ??????. No one knows she’s a great musician.
  5. SQL: Tsundere like no tomorrow. Cares a lot about PHP, but also consistently gets pissed at her. They live in the library. Robot arm because of a bookshelf accident.
  6. Python: Loves mountains and camping. Owns 2 bikes. Lowkey crush on the entire C family. Flaming bisexual.
  7. Ruby: Python’s hiking partner. Lives in a cave she renovated all on her own. Secretly wants to overthrow Python. Highkey crush on Javascript.
  8. C: Wildlife and nature. Exercises with tree trunks. The one who taught Python how to camp. Daddy.
  9. C++: The son of C. Always hangs out with Java at the arcade. Consistently wins online arguments. Has a crush on Python.
  10. Java: C++’s bestfriend. Owns 2 bookshelfs: One with video games, and one with actual books. Doesn’t know what sleep is. Absolute nerd.

As promised. Which ones should I do next?

Magnus Bane and the keris

I was waiting for someone with more authority to talk about this (preferably from Indonesia), but since I haven’t seen much about the kris/ keris floating around, I thought I’d do my best. If I say something incorrect please let me know.

Firstly, I’m ridiculously happy that Magnus was kept as Indonesian. We are all largely shaped by our environments and it would’ve changed a huge part of Magnus if they’d rewritten him as originating from China. China in the 1600′s is wildly different to Indonesia in the 1600′s. (Actually, Indonesia and China are always wildly different.).

Magnus having a keris is perfect (thank you show!). The keris is a Javanese spiritual artifact symbolizing mystical status, peace and war. It is also a symbol of inner balance. The dagger promotes protection, prosperity, and harmony, bringing good luck in the hands of the right person. However, it can bring awful luck to unworthy carriers. The power inside a keris is alive and the owner must be in harmony with it… which is so very Magnus Bane.

Empus (or royal keris makers) forge the kerises. It is said that empus craft the keris in accordance with spiritual traditions. The power of the keris depends on the magic that the empus has bestowed upon it, so I wonder if Magnus was his own empus or if the keris was a inheritance. Early Indonesians wore their keris everyday, it had huge ceremonial significance, and eventually the keris spread from the island of Java to other parts of Indonesia and to nearby countries such
as Brunei, Malaysia, the southern Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. It should be noted that to Indonesians kerises and other sacred items cannot be sold. Buying a keris negates its power.

Often worn on the back, it was not only a symbol of peace and harmony it was also a effective weapon of war. The keris is characterized by the special form of its blade, its hilt, and its scabbard that symbolizes the power and status of the wearer:

Javanese boy in traditional attire. (Totally baby Magnus potential!).

The word pamor is a Javanese word. It refers not only to the patterns on keris blades but also to the raw material used to create it. The word means to mix, to become one, and indeed in the forging process a marrying of creativity and weaponry occurs. Life and death. Peace and war.

The keris is perfect for Magnus Bane. Magnus Bane is perfect for the keris.

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Looking out over other volcanoes on the island of Java, Indonesia, as clouds create a nice effect by rolling by in pulses.

The thing about computer programming is that it’s a complete pain in the ass when you’re trying to figure out the problem, yet when you finally solve it, when you finally have that aha moment, the feeling of accomplishment is unlike anything you’ve felt when you’ve accomplished something. You think holy shit, I can make technology work, and that feeling is totally worth the long stretch of hours or even days when computer programming feels like a pain in the ass.


Really neat multi-level waterfall in rainforest, West Java


Fly over steaming Mount Bromo and tour behind a group of cars as they drive through Tengger Caldera, Indonesia