Here the third day of romics and the third cosplay: Ruby and Weiss from RWBY!

We had so much problems and so little time with these cosplays so they’re not perfect but we still like them and we had so much fun with our beautiful group  ❤ 

-Jaune Arc (vol4) by @gracyos 

- Coco Adel by @scorpio-no-kardia

- Penny Polendina by @marinadrai

かたわれ時 (Kataware Doki), lit. Fragmented Time, is one of the songs that play when Mitsuha and Taki finally meet together again in the film Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name, 2016). This song has also been stuck in my head and is super beautiful which lead to this being a bit more of an emotional piece to speedpaint for me. Although you probably can’t listen to it on youtube, Theishter plays it on the piano and its fantastic and beautiful. Link can be found here.


So in turn, here’s a RWBY version of something similar with Jaune and Pyrrha. Originally this was gonna be Spring Cherry Blossom Festival, but thought this idea might be a bit better.

The late Night Debate

Jaune: is a hot dog a sandwich?

Pyrrha: Jaune its 3:30 in the morning, why are you thinking about this

Jaune: I’m serious the hotdog’s between 2 peaces of bread it has to be a sandwich

Pyrrha: well I don’t think that makes it a sandwich 

Jaune: well what is it then

Pyrrha: I don’t know it’s a hot dog but it’s definitely not a sandwich.

Nora: your both wrong it’s obviously a form of taco.

jaune: …

pyrrha: …

Jaune:…I can’t find issue with that

Ren: ITS 3:30 GO TO SLEEP!!!!