Team RWBY and JNPR, what are your favorite jokes? (Asked by fallentitan88)
  • Blake, immediately: My life.
  • Ruby, throwing up her hands and storming out: WOW!
  • Weiss, sighs and follows Ruby: Way to just...kill the mood Blake.
  • Yang, groans: Uuuuughhhhh. I had so many good puns too.
  • Jaune, shrugging, to Blake directly: I guess you kinda saved us from those at least.
  • Nora, grumpily: Hmph. The first time we all get something together in such a long time and you crush it. Thanks.
  • Pyrrha, patting Blake on the shoulder nervously: Ah, if...if you ever need anyone Blake, give me a call.
  • Ren, shaking his head: Oh dear...
  • Blake, looking shocked: IT WAS A JOKE!
RWBY characters rated by how much they probably swear
  • Ruby Rose: thinks it's really bad to say hell 1/10
  • Weiss Schnee: wants to be a "lady" but also likes calling her brother Shitley 2/10
  • Blake Belladonna: her favorite word is fuck but she doesn't ever swear around adults 8/10
  • Yang Xiao Long: swears at her dad 9/10
  • Jaune Arc: said shit a couple of times 2/10
  • Nora Valkyrie: only swears during combat 4/10
  • Pyrrah Nikos: never learned the art of swearing 0/10
  • Lie Ren: doesn't swear a lot, but when he does, he goes hard 7/10
  • Penny Polendina: has mistakenly repeated swear words when she didn't know what they meant 1/10
  • Taiyang Xiao Long: tried to stop swearing when he had kids but couldn't do it 6/10
  • Qrow Branwen: every other goddamn motherfucking word bitch 14/10

“When the world falls down around you and hope is lost, when you find yourself alone amid a lightless place, look to the distance - know that I am there, and that I watch over you, always”

That scene in FFXV reminded me of these two. RWBY Volume 4 ended and now can’t wait for Volume 5. The flowers are Forget-Me-Nots which seemed appropriate.

One more day before Valentines!