Pacific rim viewing

yesterday evening I was watching Pacific Rim and after watching, I was well happy with how it went well done, great use of CG, stylish characters with their own personalitys and legit drama.

the story goes that monsters called Kaiju attack earth and the armed forces and heavy weapons are no match for all the heavy attacks, so the only way to stop the giant monsters is to created giant robots called Hunters or Jaguer as they are described as. things go well at first ith Kaiju dropping like flys but in time, more start coming and get much stonger with Jaguer’s becoming scrap metal. with how bad things are becoming, the goverment gives up on the project. so the leader Stacker Pentecost start a resistence to combat Kaiju with the best jaugers and the many polets including Raleigh a former Gypsy Danger poilet who’s scared from his past becasue of what happend, (I refuse to say what it is so watch the film for real) and Mako a Japanise girl who will do anything to make the Kaiju exstinct. tension also comes as Australian Striker Eurkia polet Chuck knows he’s the man of the job but Raleigh wants to prove himself.

So the film itself, awesometastic, for me the first reason for me to see this was my childhood memorys of power rangers, remebering the megazord battles as they were one of my fav parts of the shows. there are many anime that could relte to pacific rim as they are insperation and there are loads of giant robot anime out there.

the Jaguers were all great lookin and had many trates to them, each jauger reuires 2 polets linked by each others minds and controls them, its hard sure but really pays off when the job is done.

the jaugers include, Gyspy Danger the american main hero, Striker Eurkia the Australian speed machine, Cherno Alpha the russian walking tank and Crimsion Typoon the chinise triplet machine with 3 arms for combat. each jauger controls like a giant robot would be and the polets need to be kinda skilled to get ised to there machines.

the monsters were very threatning, large in number and can combat jauger’s very well using acid, sharp claws and bitting attacks. the army’s attacks on them at the beggining is as effective as a fork hitting a cardboard box so teh jauger’s are the only way of taking them on.

I could go on more and more but then I would be spoling things so do yourself a favor and GO SEE THE MOVIE! its well done, has good pacing and the most enjoyable movie of the summer, so what are you waiting for.


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