Read it guys!

Soooooooo… I’m going to make a summary about everything that happen last days.

At first: We had the pictures of Katy and John leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood together. I’ve missed those candids tho! And some days before we had Katy talking on twitter she ships Jaty! Yes, she said it!


2: We had the Jay Leno interview, where Katy didn’t talk about John but outside with the fans, she just told everyone she reads our conversations and our fanfics! Holy shit, Katy. My thoughts can leave her face when she reads us talking about her having sex, btw.


3: Before Jay Leno, Katy went to the studio and then went to the show of her sexy boyfriend, John Mayer. She took pictures with some fans and seemed really happy as she talked with some guys in the backstage. Here’s a pic of her there:



4: We had the Smurfs premiere, where Katy was totally gorgeous! She was in a long blue dress and her hair was curled and totally black! During the premiere, Katy talked to her fans (one of them gave her a candy panties and she said she used the night before). And then two of the KatyCats I know (Bless them!) went to the premiere with Jaty’s t-shirt! Their shirts have some pics of Katy with John and “Jaty” written on it. To Carly, she said she loved her shirt and asked Tamra to take a picture of it (bet she showed it to John!). And the other (I can’t remember her name now), took a picture of the moment Katy saw her shirt, and said she screamed  “Jaty girl” when she saws it. At the same place, Katy gave an interview where she talked about John dedicating a song for her. The interviewer said “Last question, John dedicated a song to you, so sweet.” And then Katy replied “He’s a sweetheart, that’s why I love him” AND THEN I DIED. Just kidding, but it was kinda that. When they asked Katy about her and John making a song or working together, she just did that:

AND I JUST THOUGHT: HOLY JESUS. At the end of the day (when Katy left the cinema), bet who she was with? Hahahaha, if you thought about John, you thought right! They lefted the premiere together and John was so sweet with his hands that way that I just cried a little over this picture: 

5: JOHN JUST FUCKIN’ REBLOGGED A PICTURE OF KATY’S GOLDEN TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://jhnmyr.tumblr.com/post/56821116773

6: We had the Elle UK interview all the way! Beyond she talked about everything, this interview was just like: JOHN, JOHN, KILLER QUEEN, JOHN, RELATIONSHIP, SONGS ABOUT JOHN, ALBUM, JOHN, JOHN AND JOHN. Yes, it was kinda like that. At first, she talked about their split in mid-February/March. She said it was painful and according to the interviewer, she said it changed her. She said “He pulled away. That was a big hello for me. I realized I could lose the person I loved and I had to deal with some things, issues I think a lot of women have.” AND THAT WAS SO SWEET I JUST CAN’T HANDLE. In that interview, she just said everything she felt. Like, we all had no idea how she deal with their split. And now we know: she suffered. And that’s one of the biggest proofs she loves him so much. As they were apart, she wrote two songs. One, which we already know the name, was “bad photographs”, which she talked about in the vogue interview. The other two, she said in ELLE. “It takes two” is about her acceptance that she had a large part to play in the spit. And “Unconditional”, is described like “an anthem of absolute love”. And Katy said when she wrote it btw. “I wrote it when we were still apart” she says. In one of the points in the interview, she called John “the love of my life”. And that was kinda sweet, like… She’s totally in love. She can’t deny it, and neither hide it. Even the interviewer said she tried not to look ridiculously happy when she told him they’re back together officially, but she failed. She told the magazine about how she changed when they split, how she “reprogrammed” herself. And the interviewer even talked about the difference between “Katy with Russell” and “Katy with John”. He said he met her when she was with Russell and she looked like a kid, euphoric, talking about all the places he took her to, all the gifts he gave her. And with John, she just looks so happy, but don’t spoil the details about them. She’s vague, but cute. She knows how hard a relationship can be when It’s in front of the camera, for everyone to see all they want to see. He said she’s mature. He also asked her about the “challenged men” she always choose to be with. And she said the men she choose to be with all her life were all challenged, but always wildly smart and poetic. Again about the songs she wrote about John, she said she played it to him and he was “really moved”.


And then we have my conclusion of it all: They’re really back on! And I don’t think they’ll break it all again. Katy just said she loved him in public two times in one fucking week! And when John talked about her in the introduction of “a face to call home”, he was just saying “I love you”. Like at the premiere of the Smurfs, he’s always there when she need him. Always. But he knows when he has to come out and when he doesn’t. He let her shine when it’s her time, and she always do the same. The way they’re supporting each other in their professional stuff is just like: wow. And besides all, she just said she wants kids and marriage too! I bet they two want it. They want it all to work out, and they’re definitely working all out!  As she said, he’s the love of her like.