There is no doubt in my mind that Victoria Justice is a Jori shipper. She liked and reblogged that post from JATMAB, which obviously says Jade Vega and was posted 3 weeks ago.  And she’s liked a couple of Jori pics on instagram including the one above.  

I don’t know if anyone remembers the time that one of our fellow Jori shippers got Vic to write “Jori is on” during a signing like a year ago, but that happened.  So Vic has been aware of Jori and has shown her interest in Jori on several occasions. I think Vic is a definite Jori shipper.

P.S. She broke up Bade in her blog post about the future of the Victorious characters. Obviously she knew that Jade belonged with someone else.

my real blog is....

i don’t know why i never used this one, but my main blog i do use is simply jorinsanity dot tumblr dot com. yes, i wrote that poem for the jori jadeandtorimakeablog wedding, and that’s not even all the poem. i will release the entirety of the poem tomorrow on jorinsanity, so follow me there please! :)