• Little Mix Acapella

Little Mix singing Acapella 

  1. Who’s Loving You - Jackson 5
  2. Wings - Little Mix
  3. Survivor - Desity’s Child (2011)
  4. Survivor - Desity’s Child (2013)
  5. Little Me - Little Mix
  6. Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake
  7. How Ya Doin’? - Little Mix
  8. DNA - Little Mix
  9. Move - Little Mix
  10. Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Will Smith
  11. End of Time - Beyoncè
  12. Doo-wop/Never Leave You - Lauryn Hill/Lumidee


Tomes and Tea was started by happy accident. I shared a picture of my Nook with it’s book styled cover with my chai next to it and Jasie (@helloboundwitch) shared a picture to show me she had the same cover. Everyone else joined in sharing pictures of their current read and a drink on that lazy Sunday which just happened to be June 2nd, 2014. It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for nearly two years already! And in honor of the two year anniversary I am hosting a give away.

  • It isn’t required that you follow me or that you have participated in Tomes and Tea in the past, but it would be nice.
  • The give away will end on June 4, 2016.
  • Reblog and like as much as you want, just be mindful to not spam your followers.
  • Winner’s ask and/or messenger must be open. Winner must be willing to share their name and address.
  • The winner will receive a book of their choice from Book Depository for $15 or less and a mug with their choice of art from Redbubble for $15 or less.
  • This give away is open internationally as long as Book Depository and Redbubble deliver to your country. Please check the provided links before participating.
  • This give away is not affiliated with Tumblr.

I have one other thing planned for the anniversary, so keep your eyes open for that! ;D Thank you all so much for making my time on Tumblr so special. Good luck!


So apparently Miss Cleo is dead??? Like, okay. I am honestly really sad about this… R.I.P. Youree ;o;

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