Jason Grace x Piper McLean

“He also didn’t mind Piper’s using him for a pillow. She had a cute way of breathing when she slept - inhaling through the nose, exhaling with a little puff through the mouth. He was also disappointed when she woke up.”

“Piper gave Lit a friendly sorry-about-that smile. Even with her hair messed up and wearing two-day-old clothes, she looked extremely cute, and Jason felt a little jealous she was giving Lit that smile.”

“Beautiful,’ Jason exclaimed. ‘Piper, you… you’re a knockout.”

“He felt light-headed, but she was about the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Her hair is smoldering. Her face was smudged with soot. She had a cut on her arms, her dress was torn, and she was missing a boot. Beautiful.”

“Cute, smart, and violent. Jason wished he remembered having her as a girlfriend.”

He hugged Piper tight, and she repositioned herself so she was hugging him, too. They were nose to nose. Her heart beat so hard Jason could feel it through her clothes.
Her breath smelled like cinnamon.