Here are some ask, i’m so bad at answering asks. 

cutensappypurplepanda asked you: Awesome art and comics! I love the Zelda Comix. Do you design video games too?

Thanks, I don’t make games though, I made a couple of flash games once and they were terrible, one was a puzzle game which involved joining together a bunch of spinning blocks… or something? The other was just a maze game, you played a mage who had one spell. they were both school assignments. 

lisa113rogersuzs asked you: when did you start drawing comics?

I don’t really remember, i think i drew them sometimes when I was a kid. I remember drawing some kind of alien story when i was about 8 or 9 but I really started getting into making comics a few years ago. 

jaspersidianprince asked you: I would honestly hire you to make a game with me I’m not kidding.

Do you work for nintendo? I’d like to work for nintendo. 

sneezypanda asked you: What made you decide to use a pseudonym for your internet handle? As someone who intends start making a name for himself on the internet, I am unsure whether to use my real name or a pseudonym.

True story, i started this blog as Timecowboy because it was going to be for a webcomic (about a time cowboy!) that i have long lost interest in, then i just started using it for my name and now it’s kind of just stuck… I guess it’s kind of memorable though so thats something. I don’t think your name matters though in the long run. 

Thanks for the questions and nice words.