jaspers is a cat but whatever

Need Help Re-Homing a Cat

I need some help, advice, resources, whatever you have that might help my situation. 

My mom and I have decided to re home Jasper, one of our cats, since he’s recently not okay with being in a multi cat household and regularly goes after our other cats and has bitten both of us three times total: each time we were trying to break up an altercation between cats. My mom has taken him to the vet clinic at Cat Depot in Sarasota (which btw, if you haven’t been you should go it sounds amazing), and the vet said yes to rehoming, but didn’t have many resources and agrees with us that surrendering him to a shelter would only make him more fearful and more aggressive. He agrees that we have exhausted all medical possibilities; his labs come back normal, he’s healthy, and he likely has a sudden onset of some neurological issue which puts him into a rage around other cats, including cats he’s been around for nearly a decade.  Wherever he goes, he has to be an only cat. He’s already down in Florida with my mom and we’d like to be able to find him a new home before the final move here in a couple weeks. If anyone knows of anyone who knows cats, knows cat behavior, and is looking to adopt a special needs cat, please message me. 


jasper cockblocking a.l.i.e. and protecting raven without really knowing it at first but then catching on and doing whatever it took to keep her out of the invisible zombie’s and her zombie army’s clutches ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ