// I think he's channeling tumblr after dark
  • comedian Jasper Redd: You know the saying 'guns don't kill people, people kill people'?
  • Audience: *applause*
  • Redd: It doesn't make much sense to me. It's like saying 'cameras don't take pictures. Pictures take pictures.'
  • Redd: That's how it is in the streets, brother! Toasters don't toast toast! TOAST TOASTS TOAST

Jazz Talk. Jasper Redd #14

[St. Hate]

I have a little bible in my back pocket. And it’s not because I’m religious. It’s cause I couldn’t locate my zig zags. *pause* man fuck that if they didn’t want you to roll joints from the bible they wouldn’t have made the last pages blank.

Jasper Redd 

lol I was watching 4:20 stand-up hour on netflix

Interview with Comedian Jasper Redd

Thanks to everyone who made it out to see comedian Jasper Redd on Friday! Still hankering to learn a bit more about the comedian? Comedy committee member Claire Favret was able to sit down with Jasper for a quick interview before he hit the stage.

CF: First off, who are you wearing?

JR: Old Navy with a bit of American Eagle Outfitters, nike shoes, and a White Sox hat.

CF: I hear that your birth name is not actually Jasper Redd. Would you mind telling us how you came up with your stage name?

JR: Jasper is an old-timey name. When I wanted to be a comedian, I knew I wanted a stage name and it popped into my head because you don’t hear it too often. I looked up the meaning and found out it’s a name for a male and also means a shade of red. And than I added red and put on the extra D  (Redd) so it wouldn’t be too obvious to people who are up on their colors.

CF: How did you get into comedy and how long have you known you wanted to be a comedian?

JR: I got into comedy as a last resort. I first wanted to be a cartoonist/ animator. As I grew up, that changed to doing music. I tried that for a while. I had a home studio. But the thing is to make it in music, you need talent, and I didn’t have that. I was also working a job as a janitor at the time. People always had told me I was goofy and silly, but I thought comedy was difficult- it’s not just being funny with your friends. So after failing at a lot of things, I started jotting jokes down at work as a janitor. Some of the jokes you hear tonight will be from the note pad- really old. I’ve always been a fan of comedy, and I just decided to give it a shot.

CF: Describe the best show and worst show you’ve ever performed.

JR: That’s easy. The best show is a good show. If people walk away having had a good time, not offended, it’s a good time. My worst show was when I was still green. I had been doing comedy for about 6 months in San Francisco. I had a connection to this place called the Rumba Room, which had a talent showcase for rappers- HARDCORE rappers. Somehow they decided to throw me in the mix of these rappers- they put me in there after about 15 rappers. I don’t think I even got my name out before they started booing. They booed the whole time. That’s the worst it’s ever been. It’s never been more hostile.

CF: Favorite dessert?

JR: Cheesecake. I have a serious sweet tooth.

CF: What Disney character are you most like?

JR: Pinocchio. I used to like to stretch the truth and exaggerate a bit as a little boy.

CF: Fill in the blank. If I weren’t a comedian, I’d be ________.

JR: Thinking about it now, a lawyer. Being a comedian, you have to look at things from a lot of perspectives. You always see two sides of the coin. I feel like I could see all sides of the case. 


   Be on the lookout for our next comedian, Rob Gleeson, on October 20 in Lodge 1!