Jasper Greyson - 22 - Nephilim - Student & Librarian - TAKEN

It’s safe to say that Jasper is a walking encyclopedia. He knows almost everything and he indulges himself in gaining new knowledge, whether from books or the internet. He’s also a gadget maniac, so you can always see him walking around the town carrying his newest tablet.

Jasper is the son of a rich economist, but he’s nothing ambitious like his father. He likes recluse life surrounded by books, which is why he chose to stay in Lafayette Woods. Besides, staying in Texas would mean getting pressure from his father everyday. His father expects Jasper to become a successful man, either as an economist or as something else, as long as he can become someone big–someone as respected as his father. Although Jasper knows that he cannot be anything like that, he understands the base of his father’s high expectations. He’s his only son as his angel mother disappeared since the day Jasper was born, so there’s no one to place the hopes on but him.

Jasper is very quiet and reclusive. His best friends are all the books that he owns in his small student flat that he rents. When he’s not at home or college, he’ll be seen in the city library, where he works part-time. Jasper’s love of books makes him appreciate those who can find the world of magic hidden within the typed words on each page of a book. Although he doesn’t have many friends, Jasper is someone that can be expected to come to his friends’ rescue when they need him. He’s not a strong nephilim and has yet to discover the gift the heaven unintentionally gave him, but he believes that he must have something buried deep within himself–he’s the son of an angel after all. But he’s still unsure whether that something is a good thing or a bad thing.


Rowan is the closest thing to what Jasper would describe as a good friend, although what makes them close is still a mystery for Jasper. Jasper doesn’t understand how he can be friends with the hunter since the hunter clearly hates the supernatural beings, but Rowan, still in an inexplicable way, is able to make him feel comfortable. Rowan is the person that Jasper talks the most to, considering the fact that he doesn’t talk a lot.

Stephanie is the only nephilim in town who has admitted to him that she hasn’t found out about the gift either. Sharing the mutual feelings of being lost and questioning their identities as the children of heaven creatures, they eventually become friends. Stephanie often kills the time in the library when she has nothing to do, and when she does, Jasper will voluntarily recommend some good books for her to read.

Sexuality: Up to player.

Face Claim: Steven R. McQueen