Quicksilver ~ March 11 2013 - April 30 2014

I don’t really know where to start this. Quicksilver was a very quiet rat, and a lot of the time he got passed over for bouncy Logan, kissy Jasper or sweetie Greyson. He never complained, never started a fight (though he got picked on a bit before his snip), and the only time I can think of him being bad is when he tried to pull my finger into the cage because I had something really yummy (nutella is rat crack). That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t sweet though, he loved to give cuddles and the occasional kiss though he liked chewing nails the most. He loved feathers and would chase them around the room and spin circles when I put it on his bum.

This quiet rat was a lot of people’s favorites, and he was the one they were drawn too the most. He fell asleep on my boyfriend’s mum the first time she met the rats and he won her over completely. Maybe its because he was my little snowball. My pew pew pew that loved everyone, even if he had never met them before. He even made a lot of people more comfortable around red eyed rats/animals. (I blame his irresistible cloudy-ness for that, no one can fight the rex fur)

Silver was one of my first two rats, and he was with me for just over a year. He really changed something for me too. I never really liked pews, or dumbos and I thought that I only wanted super interactive rats. But there is something special about the little cloud rats, and that’s exactly what he was. He floated (cough galloped cough) around the room, doing his own thing until he saw you and then he booked it over for some scritches and belly rubs. It was fun to watch him meander around the room, or go for a spin on the ‘poop wheel’. He lived his life as he chose, maybe a little dazed looking until food or out time came around, but he was always so happy to see anyone or chew a new hammock (tubes are best).

I noticed the lump on silver on march 16th, four days after his birthday. He had surgery to try and help it because it wasn’t acting like a ZGT on the 10th of april. He was helped over the bridge on the 30th of april.

I love you, my rexie pew. I’ll remember you every time I see the clouds.