jasper sprite


Day 7 - Future

For 7KPP Week 2017!  

For this one, I decided to do a sprite! So here’s Clanthia seven years later, chaperoning the subsequent Summit. Assuming she survives this one.

Posting before midnight, but eh, it’s the 14th somewhere. 

Also, have some speculative post-Summit-only-not-really-because-it’s-another-Summit fluff! (I don’t know how to fluff, what is this, where is the misery?)

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A design I imagined for Jasprosesprite^2 ! I wanted to draw her wearing a suit so bad : 3

 I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, I wasn’t feeling well :0. Anyway, have a flying asshole on your dashboard haha


Jasper talksprite for all your big gem bae RP needs. Or whatever else you plan to use it for! Heres the rules one more time for good measure.

Jasper Sprite Rules-


Can I use it on a different site?
-Ask me first! 

Can I edit it/use it as a base for my own sprite/Recolor it?

If you see someone copying/editing/recoloring my sprite please inform me! I would really appreciate it ;;If you see someone using it somewhere without crediting me, please let me know!

so i made a jasprosesprite^2 thingy.
i must say i never liked Rose much cuz shes way too borin’ in my opinion. yeah shes intelligent and everythin, but but the boringness….
and then this cat lady (btw the cat lady is really awesome horror game i recommend 2 everyone!) comes and is funny and just awesome.. even tho i dont like talkative characterz o.x