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sorry, I really REALLY wanted to do this… I watched Ethan’s video abut veteran’s day where a soldier told a story about how he lost his best friend during the war, it really touched me and inspired me to do this.
for all of those that say Jasper can’t be redeemed because she’s too violent or is unable to show affection… geeee, I wonder why? it’s not like she was on the side of the war without a gem with healing powers… 
I really want to make at least 5 comic pages, with a more serious tone, illustrating the events that lead up to this situation, but gotta gather courage to do that <<; also I have a lot of stuff to do, so I’ll think about it some other time.

sorry, no funny today 乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ

During season 4 can the 100 fandom calm down 200% with the ship wars. Plz. I am very tired and have no time for anyone who wants to start drama over ships. Can this plz b the season of healing and no drama and respecting each other.

Jasper Redemption DO NOT Wants:

  • Amnesia plotline, because when Jasper atones or earns forgiveness, she needs to fully understand what that means. She needs to remember her mistakes for her redemption to have any weight at all. Watching her make peace with Lapis won’t mean anything unless she remembers Malachite. Watching her become a Crystal Gem won’t mean anything unless she remembers why she fought so hard against them. Removing Jasper’s memories would rob her of these important, defining moments.
  • Becoming a pet in her corrupted form. I understand that a lot of fans are endeared by “giant puppers” Jasper, but I think it would be incredibly disrespectful for the Crystal Gems to treat her as such. Even in her corrupted state, Jasper is a person, and deserves at least a basic level of respect. She is a person in extreme pain–not an animal.
  • A noble sacrifice. This one frightens me most of all, and I think the Crewniverse has made their opinions on the subject pretty clear through Pearl and Connie’s development. Your life matters. It doesn’t matter how much you mess up or how big your mistakes are, do not throw your life away so that someone else will think better of you. Jasper deserves the chance to live with her choices and, more importantly, to make better choices in the future.

I think the first time Pearl takes hold of Jasper’s arm, you know the way she does, she does it sort of absent-mindedly and unannounced and Jasper is so surprised and confused that she blows it.  She stares at the little white hand in the crook of her big orange elbow (cubital fossa actually) and says “What are you doing?” and Jasper being Jasper, that comes out as a frown and a growl, and Pearl snatches her hand away and flutters off in embarrassment and Jasper is left wishing she knew how to say wait, come back, I liked that, you can do it again, or failing that, that she knew how to go back in time and punch her past self for being an enormous idiot.

Then she spends the next few weeks sort of sidling up to Pearl and trying to nonchalantly and casually communicate without words that oh look, there’s an arm here, not busy, completely free to be held onto by anyone who might appreciate a bit of support, reliable and steady and comforting like I’d like to be for you, and everyone else is just watching this like

what is she doing

why is she sticking her elbow out like that

is she a little teapot?  There is her handle, where is her spout?

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A/N: i don’t care what anyone says jasper was the hottest character in the whole of the twilight series. team Edward? or team Jacob? fuck that i’ll take every single one of the Cullen’s besides Edward any day


When Bella made a permanent resident at phoenix with mum I stayed with dad, and boy am I glad I did. Jasper Whitlock Hale has been the best thing that has happened to me in my dysfunctional life and although the wolves and the Cullen’s don’t get along, I can still be friends with the both of them, save for the comments made about each other. When Bella moved back to forks it got complicated and difficult when she started to like Edward and tried to figure out who or what he was.

‘(Y/n)!’ Bella yells storming into my room only to stumble upon me curled up against jasper’s body

‘What?’ I whine not wanting to get up as I was comfortable and this was the best sleep I have had in a while seeing as jasper and I only just got back together after we had a pretty bad fight.

‘Um. Can I talk to you privately please’ she says starting to sound urgent

‘Only if you promise not to tell dad that I have a boy in my room’ I say, well more like mumble still tired

‘Yeah sure’ she replies quickly, still reluctant I start to slowly move well that was until jasper spoke up

‘come on darlin’ you still have school this mornin’ anyway so you might as well get up now’ his accent prominent

‘I ain’t going anywhere when you talk to me like that’ I say seductively forgetting that my sister was still in the room

‘(Y/n)! Come on, now’

‘Fine’ I roll out of bed still reluctant and as soon as I get into Bella’s room she shoves a piece of paper into my face and when I give her a questioning look she just points to her ears and then points to the door, I sigh and read the paper and start to laugh,

You can’t trust jasper or his family, they are dangerous wait until after school and I’ll know for certain if they are safe or not


‘Yeah that’s not going to happen’ I say chuckling as I left her room and went to get ready for school today.

just going to leave this here because i think he honestly looks so god damn sexy in this.

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