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So an AU where instead of the Autobots being in Jasper Nevada or wherever, the land in Wyoming or Canada. They live in this small town where legit EVERYONE knows they exist. They learn to become good guests and help around the town, like with unloading food trailers or carrying really heavy shit. But they ALSO all live with separate families that they have come friends with. They need to help around there as well, so they all get holoforms. The humans teach them to ride horses, because ya know they need help with cattle and stuff. AND THE AUTOBOTS ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. THEY ARE LIKE “FUCK THIS WAR WE WANNA STAY HERE”. 

So eventually the Decepticons find them and Megs is like “Optimus wtf why you abandon our war mate?” And Optimus is just like “Get a holoform and I’ll show you.” THE DECEPTICONS LEARN TO RIDE HORSES AND WORK ON A RANCH AND ITS A HAPPY ENDING FOR EVERYONE.

Soundwave gets his own ranch where he has a shit load of sheep.

Bumblebee goes on to be a jockey. Knockout does the same with Breakdown as his manager.

Wheeljack and Bulkhead own a small ranch because every year they go on rodeo for bull riding.

Starscream and Arcee do show jumping.

And Optimus owns a ranch where all of the other Autobots and Decepticons live. Like Ratchet, Megatron, Bee too, and several eradicons and vehicons.


Part 3

Part 1+2  https://metalmusingmoments.tumblr.com/post/160831383232/i-read-your-scenario-about-tfp-knockout

Part 3? Part 3. Kind of a filler but the last part will be up tomorrow at some point. Enjoy!

“See you around Optimus” you smiled a smile that you knew didn’t reach your eyes. And with those last words you turned on your heal and walked briskly in the direction of Ratchet. All while those blue optics seared into your back.


The ride back to the suburbs was quite. Ratchet had turned the radio to a low hum to fill the silence. You rested your head against the window mulling over the events that unfolded tonight. Overall a terrible endeavor on your part. You should have figured trying to confess your feelings to Optimus tonight was a horrible plan. Letting out a long sigh your breath fogged up the window.

“Wanna talk about it?” Rachet asked breaking the silence. You considered answering his question truthfully for a moment but thought better of it.

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So I’m laying in bed giggling about all of my first impressions of the characters of Transformers Prime, I’m going to write some of them down…


His face is perfect

And kinda pale

His optics are beautiful

He’s such a pretty blue

He’s such a pretty everything

His flaws are fucking perfect

If, ya know, I could find those flaws

I’m just blinded about how awesome he is

Nice hips

Pretty wheels

His voice is so calming

He’s beautiful inside and out




Bright sunshine yellow!

His optics are so round


He has no mouth?

Nononono he had to have a mouth at SOME point, right?

Maybe it’s just hidden

He’s pretty too

Like Optimus

He’s also got some wide hips

Man I do NOT see much of a crotch plate??? (This is before i truly understood male anatomy)

(In fact this is all before I even looked at anyone that way)

His doorwings are kinda cute

But kinda curved


Green basketball

How does he bend over?


Big jaw

Odd face shape

He seems okay, not my fave character tho



He’s a cat

The pointy things on the back of his helm look like cat ears

And his optics look catlike

IDK man that’s just what I thought

He’s got claws like a cat too

His paintjob is really pretty and detailed man why are you a medic go be a damn cybertronian tattoo artist jfk

(I always assumed he did those himself, like he doesn’t want anyone else to fuck up his perfection)

Alright, being full of yourself and yo looks ain’t gonna make me like you

(‘specially since my mind had already been blown to bits by Optimus)

I’m not calling the short cherry perfect, that belongs to Optimus (in my opinion)

I am not surprised he flirted with optimus


Why the fuck are your teeth/denta pointy doesn’t that hurt what if your tongue catches

Are your facial scars…symmetrical?



What did you look like before all this?

Your hands are giant claws

I think you’re missing a joint in your fingers

No wait you just have extended talons

How do you grab shit?

And clench your fists in anger and not cut yourself?

Goddamn you are really fucking pointy how the hell do you not have random pieces of shit on you because it got caught?

Holy hell the poor person who gets kicked by you will have to worry more about losing energon than dented armor

Why do you have a total of four toes?

You could make human kabobs with your feet!

I get the feeling you wouldnt like that because then you’d have to pick off the remains

Why is there no paint on you?

No wait your kinda purple

Your eyes are different from everyone else’s

I like your voice. It’s scary, and angry, yet empty/hollow. What happened to you?



Why the long face?

Such a thin red thingy in your face (his crest I’m talking about his crest)

(I didn’t have an inkling of an idea what Cybertronian anatomy was)

You have huge wings is that why your hunched over all the time?

Wannabe Megs

You sound like your trying to imitate Meg’s voice but like???

You sound hollow, but it also sounds fake

You don’t quite have the anger down

You really aren’t all that intimidating Screamer

Now THOSE are some human kabobing fingers

Such long fingers and legs

Dude go eat something


Kinda thin

Kinda not

Dark colors with pretty lights

He seems so chill but in control

He has no face?

I imagine he looks bored all the time

He has tentacles!

So frickin cool!

Wait a minute they come out of his stomach?

Why not his back?


He really blends in with the background 

I admire his chillness





He has pretty colors like Soundwave but he doesn’t blend in/disappear like the way Soundwave does

Pointy, is that safe for lab procedures?

*Ahem* you’re missing a servo

That giant cord that runs from your back to your gun hand, is that an inconvenience?

Like does it knock stuff over?

Man y'all are fucking graceful

Not knocking everything over

Or tearing it up


He has ONE fucking eye that does not appear to move around

Does he have depth perception?

Peripheral vision?

Does he look at everything like like you would a telescope?

He’s chill like Soundwave.


Yay another white bot!

(That sounded mildly racist but like the only others were Ratchet and Wheeljack, They-who-are-rarely-seen in my opinion)

His face is as long as Starscream’s but pretty like optimus

His eye shape is like Optimus’ but the filling is like Starscream’s

His crest looks like Optimus’ but the rest of his helm reminds me of Starscream’s

Is he Optimus and Starscream’s son???

He’s got doorwings like Bumblebee!

He’s so cheerful and in your face

I normally don’t like people like that but I like him

He’s the exception

Omg look at him he’s always trying to prove himself to Optimus

So cute

“Be stealthy Smokescreen”

*Finds and turns into a racecar*

(What was the racecar even doing on the road in Middle-of-nowhere-Jasper-Nevada?)

I like him

Transformers Prime rp (closed rp with chakramancerrr)

It was a nice sunny day in Jasper, Nevada. Rose walked with her robotic dog of a creation, K9401 to a nearby energon mine. She had found it one day by accident. Quickly going inside, she made sure she wasn’t being followed. She would hate it if prying eyes found out about what she was doing. Going further into the mine, she turned on her flashlight. “ Look, K9401! The langue of some kind of aliens! The energon should be around someplace close!” She pulled out a pick axe from her pack. Looking for anything that resembled energon or the alien langue. K9401 stood guard while his owner mined.

anonymous asked:

Requesting the TFP Gang reacting to a reader who suffered heat stroke due to wearing a heavy, fluffy coat at the beginning of September in Jasper, Nevada.

TFP Autobots:

Optimus, Ultra Magnus and Ratchet are the only ones calm about it, and make sure to have June take a look at you, and they make sure you drink plenty of water on top of that. They constantly remind you, and you’ll get a lecture on wearing appropriate clothing in the desert.

Smokescreen, Bee and Wheeljack panic a lot, and have no idea what to do. They rely on June to make sure you’re okay, and when you’re feeling better they try (and fail) to tell you off for wearing a huge jacket when it’s so hot.

Arcee and Bulkhead are kind of caught in the middle, since they’d be extremely worried and panicky, but they’d probably manage to keep their cool long enough to get you safe. They’re total mother hens about it and would definitely lecture you about being careful, though they’re just thankful that you’re okay.

anonymous asked:

Hey Optimus, was there a time when it was summer and you felt really, i mean really really warm? On earth i mean

“Jasper, Nevada was rather warm in the summertime. It is possible for our frames to overheat, just as normal vehicles do. Just as extreme cold can cause serious harm and damage to our bodies if we are exposed to it for too long.”


A cool night out in Jasper Nevada, Knockout had once again gotten hearing of a street race going on in a lesser known location, one that would most likely be safe from human authorities coming to ‘crash’ the party.

His holoform, Martin, was observing all around him in the drivers seat, an arm resting out the open window. Someone had noticed him once or twice with ‘no driver’, thus he had to prep and better ready himself with this. Didn’t mind it either, he liked the look of his ‘smaller self’. Red hair, tan skin and just a tad bit of facial hair. It fascinated him a bit, although a part of that would be he could now feel textures he normally wouldn’t, such as the peach fuzz hair on the nape of his neck.

This specific race hand’t gone long, a quick go and then the organics around him began to disperse and vanish, on their way to do something or simply head home and recharge. He stayed, just a bit longer to enjoy the view this night was offering. The light breeze, it was better than going back into the Nemesis and getting barked at for whatever reason.

Part 4

Part 3 https://metalmusingmoments.tumblr.com/post/161498870037/part-3

Last part of the story! Not sure who Im gonna do next but be on the look out :)

Throwing your phone back onto the towel you got up. It started to buzz again, but you ignored it in the favor of alcohol and burgers. You had three more weeks till your flight back home and until you reached Jasper, Nevada, Optimus Prime would not plague your thoughts.


Three weeks later you found yourself hopping into your car at the airport. After the beach trip you were able to catch up with some friends from high school in your home town and spend the rest of your time relaxing. The phone calls had stopped after whoever was calling realized you weren’t going to answer. Miko had only texted you once since then. Inquiring when exactly you would be home. Flight number and all. Of course your flight had been delayed, and rather than arriving in the morning it was now close to sunset. Driving home on the straight desert roads could be unnerving in the dark so you were moving with haste through the airport and towards home.

You had gotten stuck in traffic back in the city and were now the only car on the road in the desert. Exactly what you wanted to avoid. The only source of light was your headlights and the stars.  You weren’t actually scared, it was just an errie feeling to be the only car on the road.  As you drove, your mind began to wander. You hadn’t exactly told the kids you had no plans of coming back to base to tutor them yet. With school starting in about two weeks, you figured it would be best to tell them before the year started. You weren’t sure if they would be upset or not. Not having to do extra work wasn’t exactly that bad. That also meant having to deal with Fowler and whatever security violations you were committing. Which probably led to him telling Optimus of your plans. You had secretly hoped you could just slink away and go back to being your average high school teacher and forget all of this. But you already knew it was pointless. All of them had wormed their way into your heart. Especially Optimus, you admitted grudgingly to yourself. You had told yourself you wouldn’t let him plague your thoughts while away from Jasper, but that had lasted for all of 3 minutes after the phone call had ended.

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Deal’s a Deal.

Magnus didn’t know if Miko did it out of spite, or if she did it because she didn’t believe he’d go through with it. However, she did it, and here he was, waiting at base for the young one to return from school with Bulkhead.

Miko had been having issues with one of her history classes again, and Magnus had the bright mind to tell her that if she studied hard enough and made at least a B or above on her next test, he would take her to the “Adventuredome” in Circus Circus. He did not expect for her to take him seriously. He should have known better. Now he was going to be taking her from the ground bridge from Jasper Nevada to Las Vegas Nevada…

The commander had bit his glossa having to think all of this through.


skylieclearwater  asked:

Skylie had been wandering about the outskirts of Jasper, Nevada for sometime now. Still adjusting to the new world she'd been thrust into. Things were pretty scary for the albino child. She stopped by a set of cliffs. Too tired at the moment to keep going.

Anymore, to be without some anomaly on his patrol was a comfort and to know that all was as it should be. This doesn’t mean that stranger things haven’t happened to him while out and about. To see a little girl this far away from any sort of city or car which would have driven her here, was certainly strange.

The red Autobot rolled to a stop, holoavatar materializing in the cab before going through the motions of exiting, and walking cautiously closer to the pale haired child. 

“Howdy,” he drawled, channeling any Western Cowboy Actor he could. “You’re… A little ways out here, aren’t you?”

TFP: The Princess and Team Prime

*it was a seemingly ordinary day in Jasper, Nevada.*
*it was a regular school day, and classes were beginning in session.*
*in one of these classes, the teacher, Ms. Natalie, had an announcement that a new student was joining their class*

The Sound of Silence...

It was zero four hundred hours (4:00 AM) when a matte grey and green B2-Spirit Stealth Bomber could be seen flying silently through the skies of Jasper Nevada, a familiar purple insignia visible on both of the plane’s wings. Strangely enough, the plane contained no human pilot within it’s cockpit but this was due to the fact that the plane itself was not of Earthen origin. The aircraft was actually a robotic based alien life form known as a Cybertronian, an highly intelligent race from the planet Cybertron. This Cybertronian in particular was a seeker, a mech (male) by the designation Killstreak, a Spy/Scout for the Decepticons, who were lead by the ferocious Lord Megatron.

Currently, the seeker was returning from a week long energon hunt, having located two new energon deposits over the course of his mission. Killstreak let out a soft ex-vent as a large warship known as the Nemesis came into view, sending out a quick verification ping before proceeding towards the ship’s landing strip. About twenty feet above the landing strip, the seeker transformed, the sounds of rotating gears and shifting metal plates filling the air before taloned pedes made contact with the ship’s surface. Slim but elegant wings twitch slightly as the mech stood to full height, hidden optics taking a quick cursory glance around the launch pad from behind the protection of his visor and mask (which covers his faceplates entirely) before beginning his trek inside. Once inside, the mech began to quietly make his way towards the command centre, he needed to transfer the locations of the energon deposits into the command terminal for later retrieval.

The doors to command centre opened with a soft ‘whoosh’ to allow the mech inside before sliding closed behind him. Killstreak silently looked around at the rooms occupants, his tense posture relaxing slightly upon seeing only one mech currently present at this early hour, Soundwave. The seeker unconsciously pulled his EM field tight against his frame as he proceeded towards one of the main terminals, his wings going flat against his spinal strut as he neared the ever silent TIC. He was not a very sociable mech by any means.


Guys guys guys I have just realized this

In 1x03:

Jasper: I’m from Nevada. I grew up outside Las Vegas […]
Eleanor: […] And not that I believe you, but why’d you leave?

Eleanor: I don’t even know who you are!
Jasper: I’m a British orphan. Or an American grifter. One thing I do know, is that I’m lying about something.

In 1x05:

Eleanor: Really selling the Jasper from Vegas story, are we?

In 1x10:

Eleanor: You are so American
Jasper: Yeah, you should be glad I am

She finally believes his story, and he isn’t denying it anymore either!
They’re slowly building trust and working together, and I was so worried they wouldn’t get a decent arc to fix their messy beginning, but it looks like they will :3





Metal Flesh

There had been rumors in Jasper Nevada for a while now…..about in the caves near the large plateaus…..there was a creature that would eat anyone who got in its way down there…..but recently those reports have gotten people very worried….and extremely afraid to leave the town. One night….A man was taken from his home…never to be seen from again. Only a hand remained when someone went into his house……now….these reports have reached higher to the point of the C.I.A…..and the military.


mountmultimuses  asked:

Things were quiet at the Autobot base. The Decepticons had not made a move in days, and in all honesty, the Autobots were bored, but that's to be expected when your base is in the middle of Jasper Nevada.

That was until their comms came online “–llo? Autobots? Are you there? I have something to ask…I am not in danger….but im guessing we are both bored?”