jasper high school

Inspired by @im-area ’s fusion high au but way sadder. I started the first chapter of a fic based on a post I made forever ago about Mala being the angry wild child.
I gave her bat shaped wings because that would be rad af and I made her really human I guess because I just didn’t feel like fooling with another set of arms lol. Sorry

SU Human AU (updated further)

Updated so that it doesn’t revolve around a single ship anymore. 

Also added more information to different characters, because I noticed that a lot of characters were lacking in information

UPDATE, 5/31/2017:: Added the Off Color gems and the Zircons!!!! The information on them is rather limited, since they all had such little screentime, but I did the best with what we got.

UPDATE, 6/26/2017:: Finalized the Zircons, added Topaz and Aquamarine!!!

Also, a little tidbit of information. The way gems who are, in-show, currently poofed and/or corrupted, are adapted as hospital patients in my Human AU.

Character Information


Name: Steven Quincy DeMayo

Born: August 15, 2002 (14 years old)

Family: Rose DeMayo (mother, deceased), Greg DeMayo (father), Andy DeMayo (first cousin once removed)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring musician

Additional information:

  • He missed one year of school due to “unspecified medical reasons”
  • He goes to school with Connie
  • Ruby is his best friend
  • He studies German as a second language
  • He regularly throws sleepovers at his house and invites Connie, Ruby, Sapphire, Doc, Eyeball, and Leggy. Sometimes he invites Peedee and Onion, too.
  • He’s friends with Smokey and Stevonnie, but since Smokey goes to highschool and Stevonnie is an adult out of college, he only gets to talk to them online.
  • He has a somali cat named Lion.
  • Throws a slumber party every month and always invites Connie, Ruby, Sapphire, Carmen (Carnelian), Leela (Leggy), and Onion

Rose Quartz

Name: Rosaline Queenie DeMayo (maiden name was Uggeri)

Born: August 30, 1972

Death: August 15, 2002 (30 years old)

Family: Steven DeMayo (son), Greg DeMayo (husband), Andy DeMayo (cousin in law??? is that a thing?)

Jobs/Hobbies: Was a Elementary School guidance counselor, Gardener

Additional Information:

  • Was born in Italy, moved to the USA when she was a teenager
  • She was close friends with Amethyst’s mother
  • Back in high school and college, she dated Pearl
  • She often wore roses in her hair
  • Had a ton of ball gowns and dresses in her wardrobe. It was rare to see her wearing pants
  • Had a huge garden
  • Went to a ton of rock concert with Greg
  • Her, Greg, Pearl, Amethyst’s mother and Garnet used to be in a garage band. They called themselves “The Crystal Gems”. The band disbanded shortly after her death, but recently it has been reformed. The current members of the band are Greg, Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet. When Rose was in the band, she played bass and often did lead vocals with Greg.


Name: Pearl Rosanne White

Born: September 17, 1973 (43 years old)

Family: Nacre White (mother, single), Pearle White (Blue Pearl, sister), Pearlette White (Yellow Pearl, sister), Harold Caldwell (father)

Jobs/Hobbies: High school AP math teacher, Gardener

Additional Information:

  • Has a golden retriever dog named Steven
  • Took dance class in high school
  • Took fencing lessons when she was a kid
  • After Peridot got out of college, she lived in Pearl’s house for a few years before she got a job and moved to live with Alex (Lapis)
  • Has a garden full of flowers, complete with a fountain
  • Has a lot of tea in the kitchen at her house. Too much, actually
  • Regularly has tea parties at her house
  • Writes in fancy cursive that she has to translate for her students when she shows them their grades
  • Can play the piano and violin
  • Uploads a ton of videos of her dog Steven to Youtube, all of which are titled with cute titles like “Steven is a good boy!!” and “Steven catches a ball!! Wow!!!!”. They get thousands of views
  • Uses the kissy face emoji a lot when texting


Name: Garnet Rebecca Schmidt

Born: January 18, 1972 (44 years old)

Family: Ruby Schmidt (daughter), Roxy Schmidt (mother), Susanne Ritter-Schmidt, Robyn Ruiz (sister), Randy Russo (sister), Eva Ruiz (niece), Donna Ruiz (niece), Armida Ruiz (niece), Noelle Russo (niece), Leela Russo (niece)

Jobs/Hobbies: Therapist, LGBTQ+ rights activist

Additional Information:

  • Ruby is her daughter
  • Went to study abroad in Britain when she was in college
  • The two other rubies from The Answer are her sisters
  • Listens to Estelle, has been fortunate enough to go some of her concerts as well
  • Has an an entire collection of sunglasses
  • Has a rainbow flag on her front lawn
  • Her and Pearl are best buds
  • Always writes and texts in all lowercases. Rarely uses exclamation points
  • Always the first to comment on Pearl’s dog videos
  • Her profiles on social media are always mysteriously empty in terms of information and content. She mostly just likes/favorites other people’s stuff. Her icons are always set to default icons you get when you first make your profile on a website. It’s rare that she even puts anything in her profile description
  • Knows how to play the keytar


Name: Ruby Gabrielle Schmidt

Born: July 9, 2001

Family: Garnet Schmidt (mother), Sapphire Roux (girlfriend), Roxy Schmidt (grandma), Susanne Ritter-Schmidt (grandma), Robyn Ruiz (aunt), Randy Russo (aunt), Eva Ruiz (cousin), Donna Ruiz (cousin), Armida Ruiz (cousin), Noelle Russo (cousin), Leela Russo (cousin)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring chef

Additional Information:

  • Sapphire is her girlfriend (of course)
  • Ruby is Steven’s best friend (and trusty wingman)
  • Often cooks lunches for herself, Sapphire, and Steven
  • Participates in bake sales at her school
  • Gordon Ramsay is her fuckin role model. She regularly watches every cooking show he’s in, and she follows him on Twitter
  • Met Sapphire when she was in 7th grade
  • Was diagnosed with ADHD when she was in 2nd grade
  • Has a pet tortoise named Sapphire
  • Isn’t allowed to have Pixie sticks anymore because one time when she was 5 she snorted the powder from one of them
  • REALLY loves hot and spicy food
  • Likes to play Call of Duty, and modern 3D first-person shooter games
  • Listens to the Spice Girls way too much


Name: Sapphire Giselle Roux

Born: January 18, 2001

Family: Ruby Schmidt (girlfriend), Priscilla Roux (sister), Frances Rousseau (adoptive mother), Ellen Roux (grandma, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring singer

Additional Information:

  • Sapphire is an orphan
  • Used to live when her grandmother, until her grandmother died in 2010
  • Estelle is her favorite singer
  • She uploads covers of Estelle songs on Youtube
  • Studies French as a second language
  • Transferred from France to a middle school in Delmarva when she was 12
  • Was diagnosed with autism when she was in 8th grade
  • Has a husky pup named Ruby
  • REALLY loves cold food and drinks
  • Likes Pineapple on Pizza (especially likes pizza when it’s cold from being in the fridge)
  • Will eat ice. Like actually take an ice cube tray and eat the ice inside of it
  • Likes retro games and games that mimic the retro 80s/90s style of games. Her favorite games are Undertale, Super Mario World, and the early Sonic games from the 90s.
  • Next to Estelle, she also listens to Stevie Wonder, Owl City, Porter Robinson, and The Pet Shop Boys
  • Has a lot of dresses and skirts in her wardrobe


Name: Ametista Amora Quirós (often referred to as Amy or Amethyst)

Born: June 28, 1991 (25 years old)

Family: Iris Quirós (mother), Monty Quirós (father), Jasmine Quirós (half-sister), Selena Quintana (half-sister), Carmen Noemí Medina (cousin)

Jobs/Hobbies: Illustrator

Additional Information:

  • Listens to U2 and Michael Jackson
  • A lot of her illustrations are of crystals and women
  • Met Lapis in elementary school. They hated each other at first but quickly grew to be best friends
  • Super terrible at math
  • Is friends with Pearl, and loves messing with her. She often refers to her as “Grandma” or “Betty White” for shits and giggles
  • Loves to wear jewelry (specifically amethyst necklaces or earrings)
  • Was diagnosed with depression and ADD as a kid
  • Has a german sheperd dog named Peter and a pet skunk named Bartholomew
  • Used to dye her hair a ton, stopped after Selena (Skinny Jasper) told her it wasn’t good for her hair. She just keeps it at it’s natural dark brown now


Name: Peri Oliva Yamasaki (often referred to as “Peridot”)

Born: January 10, 1992 (25 years old)

Family: Crystal Edmund-Yamasaki (mother), Haru Yamasaki (father)

Jobs/Hobbies: Midwife

Additional Information:

  • Peridot’s parents were arrested when she was 5 and put in jail for 20 years. For half of her childhood and all of her adolescence, she was raised in foster home run by Pearlette (Yellow Pearl).
  • Listens to Aqua and Britney Spears
  • Had a cringy emo phase in her freshman year of high-school
  • Alex (Lapis) was her roommate in college, she now lives with Alex after living with Pearl for a few years
  • Uses mint-scented perfume
  • 95% of her fucking wardrobe is either green or yellow. the 5 percent that is fucking green or yellow is purple
  • Garnet babysat her when she was a toddler
  • Was diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome and social anxiety when she was in college
  • Has 5 cats named Naruto, Egg, Alexander Hamilton, Knuckles, and Woody. She always tries to make sure they’re in a different room from Alex’s fish.

Lapis Lazuli

Name: Alexus Laura Blue

Born: September 15, 1990 (26 years old)

Family: Luna Blue (mother), Mason Blue (father)

Jobs/Hobbies: Coffee barista

Additional Information:

  • Grew up in an abusive household
  • Met Amy in elementary school. They hated each other at first but quickly grew to be best friends
  • Was expelled from college in her junior year (knifed a dude)
  • Dated Jasmine (Jasper) in high school, broke up with her at the beginning of college because their relationship was unhealthy
  • Spends too much time on Tumblr
  • Had a super long goth phase in high school. She studied the fuck out of occult history with a bunch of other kids, and for a brief time, Peridot
  • Born in Hawaii
  • Loves watching horror movies
  • Listens to metal, loves Evanescence and Avril Lavigne
  • Was diagnosed with depression and PTSD when she got out of college
  • Has two pet fish named Xavier and Edgar


Name: Jasmine Quirós

Born: March 10, 1990 (27 years old)

Family: Amy Quirós (half-sister), Selena Quintana (sister), Carmen Noemí Medina (cousin), Iris Quirós (mother), Jeremy Quintana (father), Monty Quirós (step-father)

Jobs/Hobbies: Unemployed

Additional Information:

  • Currently in the hospital due to disease
  • Has vitiligo
  • Fell into a deep depression after breaking up with Alex in college
  • Often picked on Amy for being “dumb” and “unsuccessful”
  • Got great grades in all her classes in school and always bragged about it
  • Despite her constant bragging though, she was secretly stressed out and felt a constant pressure to succeed
  • Moved out of the house when she was 16 so she could live with Alex
  • Listens to the heaviest of heavy metal
  • Her and Selena are twins

Yellow Diamond

Name: Yelena Dimitrov

Born: April 1, 1952 (65 years old)

Family: Bluma Dimitrov (sister), Wilma Dimitrov (sister), Pilya Dimitrov (sister, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Former College professor (teaches Government) (now unemployed)

Additional Information:

  • Has incredibly conservative political views
  • Shares minion memes on Facebook
  • Punishes students for almost no damn reason (”[sneezes during a test]” “GET OUT OF MY CLASS RIGHT NOW”)
  • Comes from a russian family
  • Super tall (like, over 7′2″)
  • Shit-talks her co-workers when she has lunch with Bluma
  • Voted for Trump
  • Fired from her job because she attacked a student for “talking back” to her
  • Currently in jail for attempted murder on Zella Dietrich (Yellow Zircon)

Blue Diamond

Name: Bluma Dimitrov

Born: April 1, 1952 (65 years old)

Family: Yelena Dimitrov (sister), Wilma Dimitrov (sister), Pilya Dimitrov (sister, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Former College professor (taught journalism and writing), now High school principal

Additional Information:

  • Centered political views
  • Homophobic
  • Incredibly religious
  • Is tired of Yelena’s minion memes
  • Is the type of person to get incredibly offended if you say “Happy Holidays”
  • Hates The Beatles, loves Stevie Wonder
  • Voted for Clinton

White Diamond

Name: Wilma Dimitrov

Born: October 31, 1946 (70 years old)

Family: Yelena Dimitrov (sister), Bluma Dimitrov (sister), Pilya Dimitrov (sister, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Retired

Additional Information:

  • old and salty
  • Is sick of Yelena and Bluma’s shit

Pink Diamond

Name: Pilya Dimitrov

Born: May 13, 1957

Died: May 13, 1997 (40 years old)

Family: Yelena Dimitrov (sister), Bluma Dimitrov (sister), Wilma Dimitrov (sister)

Jobs/Hobbies: Was elementary school principal

Additional Information:

  • Was murdered on her birthday in 1997 (shot to death)
  • Was racist and homophobic
  • Believed neurodivergent kids were just “dumb” or “lazy”
  • Rose was suspected to be her murderer, but there was no solid evidence that suggested she really did it
  • Jasmine thought she was an excellent principal when she went to her elementary school, but never knew of her bigotry
  • Was a huge Beatles fanatic back in her teenage years


Name: Bistra Marijana Smith

Born: August 3, 1969 (47 years old)

Jobs/Hobbies: Military drill seargant

Additional Information:

  • Is currently in the hospital due to stabbing injury while at work
  • Whenever she gets off work, she spends all of her time with Garnet and Pearl
  • Loves Pearl’s tea parties
  • Back when the band first formed in their late high school years, Bistra regularly attended the practice sessions and small concerts for The Crystal Gems. Sometimes she popped in to sing with Rose when Greg was sick or off doing something else.
  • Had a huge spat with Rose at the end of college

Holly Blue Agate

Name: Helen Beth Abbott

Born: January 31, 1966 (51 years old)

Jobs/Hobbies: High School Vice Principal

Additional Information:

  • Her hair is still ridiculous. in order to seem “cool” and “hip” with the kids, she’s died her hair two shades of blue, and tied it together in twin buns. nobody thinks she’s actually cool, though. all of the kids laugh at her
  • she acts as if she’s not even the vice principal. she acts like she’s head of the school district. she’s always in classrooms observing the teachers and how they do their job, and always in cafeterias and hallways trying to keep students in line. sometimes she’s straight up physical with them. Bluma (Blue Diamond) and the rest of the upper school staff are planning to fire her at some point, but are unsure if they should, fearing her reaction
  • she’s. basically umbridge. she’s fucking. professor umbridge. there’s literally no difference

Skinny Jasper

Name: Selena Quintana

Born: March 10, 1990 (26 years old)

Family: Jasmine Quirós (sister), Amy Quirós (half-sister), Iris Quirós (mother), Jeremy Quintana (father), Monty Quirós (step-father), Carmen Noemí Medina (cousin)

Jobs/Hobbies: Hairdresser and make-up artist

  • Jasmine’s (Jasper’s) twin sister
  • Like Jasmine, she has vitiligo
  • She and Jasmine are identical twins. the only major difference between them is that Jasmine is Buff As Hell and Selena is….Not
  • steals all of Jasmine’s make-up 
  • was closer to Amy than Jasmine was
  • despite how much Jasmine changed when they got older, Selena still loved Jasmine and treated her the same as she did when they were younger
  • Her hair is soft as hell
  • Always wins the prize for best costume at Halloween parties because her freaky skills at hair styling and make-up art


Name: Carmen Noemí Medina

Born: February 2, 2001 (16 years old)

Family: Jenny Medina (mother, single), Iris Quirós (aunt), Monty Quirós (uncle), Amy Quirós (cousin), Jasmine Quirós (cousin), Selena Quintana (cousin)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring wrestler

  • her mother, Jenny, is one of the background Jaspers from “That Will Be All”
  • loves to play-fight with her cousins
  • loves to watch wrestling matches on TV
  • is besties with Ruby
  • REALLYYY hates Helen
  • calls Helen “Ms. Hell-Butt” when talking with her friends
  • gets in trouble a lot at school because she fights people too much


Name: Audrey Martin

Born: March 15, 2004 (12 years old)

Family: Barbara Martin (mother), Dana Martin (father)

Jobs/Hobbies: Complaining

  • moved to Delmarva from Britain when she was 10
  • goes to school with Steven and Connie
  • snobby rich british white kid
  • threatens to sue anyone who makes the slightest snide comment towards her
  • sometimes she tries to bribe teachers to raise her grade. it doesn’t work
  • she’s a huge bigot
  • literally almost nobody likes her
  • often makes unnecessary comments about how much she hates americans, and how confusing they are to her


Name: Topaz Dalia Martinez

Born: November 3, 1991 (25 years old)

Family: Unknown

Jobs/Hobbies: Babysitter

  • Audrey’s babysitter. Audrey’s parents don’t trust her enough to stay in the house unsupervised
  • she likes to wear her headphones a lot. 90% of the time when she’s babysitting Audrey she just plays her music in her headphones because she honestly hates the kid and wants to deal with her as little as possible
  • she generally listens to chiptune music and Hayley Kiyoko
  • likes to cook. sometimes if the parents aren’t home for dinner when babysitting a kid she’ll cook dinner for the kid herself
  • lives solo in her own apartment, pays the bills with babysitting
  • friends with Peri and Alex. she went to school with them
  • she also knows Lars and Steven
  • she’s generally very quiet, and only really talkative around close friends
  • she more often than not enjoys dealing with kids. Audrey is one of the few kids she babysits that she actually hates

Blue Zircon

Name: Franziska Norma Cline (often referred to as “Ziska”)

Born: December 10, 1952 (65 years old)

Family: Zella Dietrich (wife), Helga Cline (mother, deceased), Oswald Cline (father, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Lawyer

  • currently in the hospital due to a severe anxious breakdown
  • just tired and wants a nap, she’s too old for this shit
  • friends with Pearl and Greg, and that’s how she knows Steven, because they’ve both introduced him to her
  • always seen wearing a suit. literally nobody ever sees her wearing casual clothing, or even dresses. elderly dapper butch lesbian
  • she and Zella own a cat named Zircon
  • she overworks herself a lot. she does all the cleaning in the house, all the taxes. she also does that on top of being a lawyer, which, from my understanding, can be a pretty busy job a lot of the time
  • she and Zella have known each other since their childhood. back then they were friendly rivals
  • after they graduated high school, they got separated. Ziska went off to law school and Zella went off to wherever the heck you go to become a news reporter
  • they met again in their 40s at a highschool reunion and there they rekindled their friendship, which grew to romantic love. then they got married in 2007
  • her overworking was one of the main factors that led to her breakdown
  • other factors that led to it were the recent death of her parents and the attempted murder of her wife

Yellow Zircon

Name: Marcella Regula Dietrich (often referred to as “Zella”)

Born: December 21, 1954 (63 years old)

Family: Ziska Cline (wife), Harald Dietrich Jr. (brother, deceased), Lauren Dietrich (mother, deceased), Harald Dietrich Sr. (father, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: News Reporter (because when I first heard her voice, I thought she was a news reporter, and now I can’t get the idea out of my head)

  • currently in the hospital because someone tried to kill her
  • that “someone” was actually Yelena Dimitrov, after Zella had done a not-so-nice report on an outburst Yelena had had in class, in which she attacked a student for “talking back” to her.
  • she’s a smoker, and she gets a lot of shit from Ziska about her smoking habit
  • doesn’t do much work around the house, she mostly just sits around in her undies and watches soap operas while eating ramen noodles
  • she does all of the shopping and cooking though. and she takes a large part in helping take care of the cat
  • she fuckin loves soap operas. they are literally all she ever watches on TV. she Lives For The Drama
  • she and Ziska have known each other since their childhood. back then they were friendly rivals
  • after they graduated high school, they got separated. Ziska went off to law school and Zella went off to wherever the heck you go to become a news reporter
  • they met again in their 40s at a highschool reunion and there they rekindled their friendship, which grew to romantic love. then they got married in 2007


Name: Priscilla Pascale Roux

Born: September 4, 2004 (12 years old)

Family: Sapphire Roux (sister), Frances Rousseau (adoptive mother), Ellen Roux (grandma, deceased)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring teacher

  • She was diagnosed with autism and dyslexia when she was in 2nd grade
  • She has big processing issues, and is slow with observations and vocalizing her thoughts
  • She likes to go to the park with Sapphire because it’s one of the quieter places in town, and things that happen there normally happen very slowly
  • She often points out the little things she sees around her minutes after they’ve left or she’s noticed them. Like, if she first spots a butterfly flying down near the grass and then out of sight, about a minute after the butterfly has left, she’d poke Sapphire and say “Sapphire! Look at the pretty butterfly!”
  • She’s been held back a few grades in school because of her severe learning issues. She’s supposed to be in 7th grade, but because she’s been held back, she is still in 5th grade.
  • She really wants to become a teacher when she’s an adult. Sometimes in her room, she practices teaching lessons to a bunch of her dolls.

Rutile twins

Names: Ru Tan and Shu Tan

Born: May 29, 1996 (both are 20 years old)

Family: Mei Tan (mother, single)

Jobs/Hobbies: Aspiring nurses

  • Conjoined twins
  • College students
  • Their anatomical appearance is similar to that of famous conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel
  • They are college students, both pursuing a job as a nurse
  • Although Ru and Shu share the same body, they do come off as two people with distinct personalities
  • that’s all i have for now


Name: Frances Rousseau

Born: May 29, 1947 (70 years old)

Family: Sapphire Roux (adoptive daughter), Priscilla Roux (adoptive daughter)

Jobs/Hobbies: Retired

  • big sweet grandmother
  • polyamorous
  • in a big poly relationship with 5 other people (names will be revealed if we ever find out what gems make up Fluorite)
  • that’s all i have for now


Name: Rhonda Darlene Lister

Born: May 7, 1977 (40 years old)

Family: Unknown

Jobs/Hobbies: Elementary School Guidance Counselor

  • very sweet but also very anxious
  • all of the kids love her
  • she’s best friends with Garnet
  • She is, in a way, related to the Ruby and Pearl that compose her, but I can’t give any information regarding that unless we get more backstory regarding her

The Ruby Squad

Eyeball - Eva Ruiz (born on July 10, 1996, 20 years old)

Doc - Donna Ruiz (born on June 30, 1993, 23 years old)

Navy - Noelle Russo (born on July 20, 1999, 17 years old)

Army - Armida Ruiz (born on July 5, 1997, 19 years old)

Leggy - Leela Russo (born on July 15, 2001, 15 years old)

Shoulder Ruby from The Answer - Robyn Ruiz (born January 2, 1970, 47 years old)

Backhand Ruby from The Answer - Randy Russo (born February 20, 1974, 41 years old)


Opal - Opal Amélie Perrot (born October 9, 1984, 32 years old)

Sugilite - Su-Jin Moon (born December 8, 1985, 31 years old)

Sardonyx - Saundra Patterson (born August 19, 1975, 42 years old)

Alexandrite - Alexandra Grahn (born June 25, 1953, 63 years old)

Malachite - Malaika Bousaid (born March 12, 1976, 41 years old)

Smokey Quartz - Sam “Smokey” Quinn (born August 8, 1998, 18 years old)

Stevonnie - Stevonnie (born January 15, 1990, 27 years old)

Sorry this is so long, I want to include as many characters as possible

I Don’t Like You, Remember?

Chapter one of a bellarke high school au

Clarke’s mom had been remarried for close to four years now, but it was still the first time that her dad didn’t drop her off at the front of the school on her first day back. That alone was enough to ruin Clarke’s day, but it was her dread of seeing the one responsible that was already beginning to make her blood boil.

“Clarke.” Jasper waving his hand outside her window drew her out of her head. His voice was muffled by the glass between them. “Are you going to get out of the car or are you going to sit in there all day?”

Sit in here all day, she thought. Anything to keep her from facing Wells. She was afraid she might punch him too hard if they crossed paths, and it wasn’t out of pity for him either–she didn’t want to be held accountable if she did any damage to his head from impact.

Still, Clarke knew that holing herself away from the world wasn’t going to get her into med-school, so she opened the door against better judgement. “Jasper?” Her stepbrother was sitting crisscrossed on the parking-lot pavement, leaning with his back to the car and his messenger bag in his lap. “Why are you on the ground?”

He scrambled to his feet, taking care to wipe gravel from the back of his jeans. “I wasn’t sure when, or if, you were going to come out.”

“You didn’t have to wait for me, you know.” Clarke pressed a button on her keychain and the vehicle locked behind her.

Jasper shrugged. “Maybe not, but it didn’t feel right to leave you behind.”

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High School Marching Band AU because I’m a band geek!!

-Jasper is a football jock playing in the band to get closer to Peridot. The sousaphone is like the only instrument she can tolerate. Plus she actually likes the low notes.

-Peridot is a division leader that can play multiple instruments from the woodwinds and brass sections. Mainly helps Jasper with notes and rhythm difficulties.

-Lapis is part of the color guard and hangs out with Peridot most of time in and out of band.

English Class

Here is something I don’t understand about English. Teachers will say that books are open to interpretation which is why authors won’t come out and directly say what a book is about. But then, as you read they tell you how to interpret symbols and things of that nature, and if you disagree, you are wrong. If I don’t see any symbols in the book, I am wrong. What if I dont think that simple object represents a whatever. Don’t say it is up to interpretation, then tell me how to interpret.


Chief Editor Zoe Monroe takes to twitter in an attempt to garner the general attitude about Lexa’s transfer and discovers three things:

  1. Monty Green is the kindest person on the planet
  2. Jasper Jordan is the epitome of a straight white male
  3. Clarke Griffin is salty

anonymous asked:

ello~~ 8D how 'bout some jasper/lapis? high school au in the locker *waggles eyebrow*

I’m super bad with coming up with cool AUs though, so this one’s inspired by xxxubbles football AU (link is #nsfw)

Jasper wants some motivation for the next big upcoming game, but Lapis thinks she should make her win first!